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1 woman 2 women 3 women 4
get me some more

make her my ***** an do chores sore here go the chorus

slap a chick quick
Clap a demon out her
Bust on her face an *****
do discrace
put that female in her place
no case
Till death do us part
body in the river
Fresh start

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1 woman 2 women 3 women 4
get me some more
6 Feet
lucy-goosey Aug 31
same old black t shirt,
first day of school ID.

buzzed hair starting to grow in,
glimmering from lamination.

slinking slouching sliding,
stumbling betwixt the desks.

the man, the myth, the legend,
just nobody knows he exists
A cryptic poem for a cryptic man.
lucy-goosey Aug 31
her boogie woogie,
boot and scoot.
her goo bosh vibe,
so small and cute.
silly little Anju stomp,
unaware of self.
bite taken from a chocolate,
stolen from a shelf.
when we are free from this life
we will run in fields
and see the sunset and the joy
life with you yields.
for my love ♥️😳😻💀🍀
lucy-goosey Aug 31
her bouncy run and tickled fun,
her gremlish punch and happy lunch,
her evil smirk makes me berserk,
her boo gosh falls ‘cause it’s a ****,
I don’t know what this rhyme scheme is,
but Emme is my favorite dish,
I’ll eat her every meal and day,
and don’t think in a weird way,
she’s seriously so beautiful,
so pull your pinky,

This poem came to me in a dream. A very short angel flew down on silky wings and delivered this into my heart.
lucy-goosey May 5
fizzing up like a soda pop
my love is sweet and

bottled up in the back of my mind
my love, unknown

is walking
toward me
I prepare
hold my
cards close
lucy-goosey Dec 2022
if it wasn't
for you, i'd have made so
many friends by now
lucy-goosey Dec 2022
a pocket of calm, luxuriating in the places
you've left in your wake. a sour aftertaste
burning the roof of my mouth.

my eyes trace the lines of a sunset
you, in this moment with me, would have forgotten me entirely;
dropped all else to watch.

(the same way i watch you sometimes, accidentally pausing to wonder.)

your hand curls around mine like
a frond in a forest,
quiet. filled with peace and steady promise and a certain tenderness
not easily found in a
busy sweaty world of poorly painted hallways.

whenever we play cards
i know we'll lose. your giggle gives everything away,
unveils all your secrets, even if they are just ink on paper.

(i love to listen, get lost in new distortions, new perspectives on your joy. . . sometimes i wonder if you see that i'm lost, that you recognize the way i give myself to you fully)

your chaotic, full-eyed wonder is
why i see you

platonically, of course, we both agree vehemently

denying all accusations!
for juice, my love
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