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They bring
On my face smile
They're are so talented
So intelligent
Their mental level
So high and wonderful
They make
My face smile
And hold my head
With pride
I talk of younger generation
In teen age
In twenties
This planet's
Future guarantee
They're sometimes
Frustrated and disappointed
For lack of opportunities
Lack of recognition
Lack of direction
Lack of guidance
Smugness and narrow mindedness
Of my generation
Criticizing youngsters
For not listening to us
Do we ever care
To listen them?
And let them speak
Their mind and heart
Instead of telling them
At their age
We were better than them
My generation is responsible
For most of ills
Polluting minds
Polluting air and water
Exploiting natural resources
With utmost greed
Religious not to religare
To injunctions and values
Preventing moral degeneration
But to spread hatred and crime
Give the younger generation
Love and affection
And respect too
Give them
Moral values and character
Don't make them pseudo-religious
Give them
Guidance and direction
Don't excessively criticize
They would make
This planet's
Future bright
Eight billions despite
For they're so talented
So intelligent
Their mental level
So high and wonderful
They would find solutions
To human problems
Making faces smile
They bring
On my face smile
jia Feb 28
"do you love me?" i asked with utmost uncertainty
he looked at me as he said, "sometimes."
unsettled, unsecured and in limbo, "no guarantee."
he repeated, "no guarantee... at all times."
Kym Relo Jul 2020
I'm happy.
I am happy.

You left me;
And, I thought I would be broken without you,
But I learned that I was miserable with you.

I swear,
Don't ever come back.
It was the only thing you ever did
That didn't hurt me.

If you do,
When you do,
It will tell me
You never loved me.
She left me. She ended it. Fine.
colette alexia Jan 2020
The only guarantee
If I had done things differently
Is that I wouldn't be right here
With you next to me
Jules Nov 2019
I knew for sure there was no guarantee
But what's the harm if I agree
For a few seconds
That what I see
Is more than just make believe
Eloisa Jul 2019
He loves her even on her darkest days.
His tight embrace shows her that flowers can still bloom
even  under the rain falling from a threatening storm,
and even under the pale light of the moon.
His kisses remind her that
even wildflowers blossom on a desert floor.
His words assure her that she is not alone.
This is how he shows her that
he loves her more.
Secret Whispers Jan 2019
You see
Former me
Would have done it all
For some company
And honestly
Even then
there was no guarantee.

I could never paint the perfect picture.
Our colors were breathtakingly beautiful
but they just weren’t the perfect mixture.
Our names didn’t roll off the tongue
They didn’t sound quite right in scripture.

But then there’s you
And our exotic hues were versatile
Let’s get lost in each other
Let’s stay here a while.
If there is no guarantee,
I hope you choose  to make memories with me.
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
See you tomorrow
has no

I might not see you.
And you might
not see me.
B Oct 2018
there is no guarantee
that we will ever be free
I can't tell you why
the rain pours
and the people mourn
there is no guarantee
that we will ever find peace
I can't tell you why
we go to war
and why he called you a *****
there is no guarantee
that we will ever be happy
I can't tell you why
half of us are on anti-depressants
and why we are fighting the resistance
I can't tell you why
there is no guarantee
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