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Eloisa Jul 26
He loves her even on her darkest days.
His tight embrace shows her that flowers can still bloom
even  under the rain falling from a threatening storm,
and even under the pale light of the moon.
His kisses remind her that
even wildflowers blossom on a desert floor.
His words assure her that she is not alone.
This is how he shows her that
he loves her more.
Edith Leal Jan 20
You see
Former me
Would have done it all
For some company
And honestly
Even then
there was no guarantee.

I could never paint the perfect picture.
Our colors were breathtakingly beautiful
but they just weren’t the perfect mixture.
Our names didn’t roll off the tongue
They didn’t sound quite right in scripture.

But then there’s you
And our exotic hues were versatile
Let’s get lost in each other
Let’s stay here a while.
If there is no guarantee,
I hope you choose  to make memories with me.
See you tomorrow
has no

I might not see you.
And you might
not see me.
Blue Oct 2018
there is no guarantee
that we will ever be free
I can't tell you why
the rain pours
and the people mourn
there is no guarantee
that we will ever find peace
I can't tell you why
we go to war
and why he called you a *****
there is no guarantee
that we will ever be happy
I can't tell you why
half of us are on anti-depressants
and why we are fighting the resistance
I can't tell you why
there is no guarantee
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
I always had a sense of entitlement
when it came to dreaming of a lover.
That there would be someone
who puts me first.
But I realized with time
sometimes you have to be that someone
who puts others first.
That was such a terrifying and distressing thought.
And suddenly all these heroes
became somewhat out-of-the-world, larger-than-life
someone I can never be.

To realize the pain
it must have taken
to scrap down their lives
for the sake of a person
whose love can’t be trusted or guaranteed.
How one must endure their own foolishness.
How one must look away from our own self.
Knowing all the while
that all this, built
by sacrifices,
can be broken in no time
with one word of hers,
that can end your suffering
and renew your struggle.
That there is no way out.
To cling
or to leave.
And to suffer each minute
no matter what you choose.

It seemed so tiring
It seemed so cruel
to ask someone for that.
Kaitlin Evers Jan 2018
I get the feeling you want to leave me
In the past where you found me
But I guess that's just how life is
Never a guarantee

Funny though
How we never did disagree
Now you're gone
Like a parolee

It seems you never once looked back
I hesitate to third degree
I want to ask
But that's beneath me

I wish you well
Though I must tell
...I'll miss you on Sunday
Seanathon Mar 2017
Such a person will flatter you and charm you
And try so hard to be what you need
But then again, they’ll never be a true mirror
And they’ll never be as reflective as me
Via Promise
Kaye B Anderson Apr 2014
Tomorrow passes- Now yesterday
"Tomorrow" he says to his sons.
Tomorrow never comes.
15 word poem on holding back and waiting for tomorrow. Live today as tomorrow may never come.

— The End —