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Chloe Jul 20
Now you got what you wanted
My life is a waste
You got what you ******* wanted
I threw it away
You have what I gave you
I gave you my faith
Now where is my end of the deal?
Take me away

You have someone special
What did you do?
You took something from me
What have I done to you?
You just couldn’t leave me alone
I was okay!
I was fine until you took him away

You are pathetic
I hate being alive
What is so perfect
and holy about you, Christ?
Why did you save me?
I would rather die in sin
than in your vanity, you forsaking

Why did you take him?
Now he can’t breathe
Why would you take him
instead of me?
I would give up my soul,
I would give up with haste
I would give you my flesh
if you just let him stay

The smell, relentless,
it swallows the air
The smell of death is disgusting
and remains in my eyes, I swear
Why would you do this?
Death, like life, is unfair
I cannot understand,
to death, I declare.
Chloe Feb 1
Sometimes I feel like a body-
sentience too hard to comprehend
Sometimes I feel like an animal-
and, after all, I am

Toes curling in the shower
It is amazing what we do for pleasure
The line is fine as death is final
All I want is to try again

Sometimes I feel uncomfortably aware-
subjected to overanalyze everything
Sometimes I feel helpless and infantile-
all I ever do is cry

Legs shaking in the shower
It is amazing how it kills the hour
The line is permanent as misery is terminal
Nothing ever pacifies

All I need is a second chance
Chloe Jan 28
It devours my soul
I leave it hungry
Chloe Jan 23
It makes me sweaty
I’m so wet
I want to remember
But I forget

It makes me comfortable
Fills me with blissful ignorance
I don’t want to be
But I am and that’s okay

Is it raining?
Or did I do too much?
I want to remember
how to touch

It makes me remember
But I don’t want to this way
Nothing will ever
make it okay

It is hard to wake up
Because I don’t want to
if I cannot feel you
Chloe Jan 19
How could you have taken me there?
I was just a little girl
in every possible way

You knew you loved me
but I didn’t know
Would it have mattered either way?

I spent my life chasing betrayal
because it is all I’ve ever known
of you

You can live with it in your own way
but I cannot
It eats away
Chloe Jan 17
Are you taking the pill?
Is that your only question?
Did you even ask?
I don’t remember

Are my requests
only a suggestion?
Why is it that I never demand?
I don’t remember the last time

Is it because I resisted
that you restrained me?
Did you even need to?
I was empty
And I don’t remember
having ever felt love

Is it because it was easy?
Is it because of something I said
the night we met?
You have tainted everything
I cannot stop revisiting
and now I don’t remember
how to feel love
Chloe Jan 15
You said, “how do you do that… with the words?”
I said, “well, I know the English language…”
You said, “but the way you use it, I mean.”
I said, “Everything is poetry.”

So, you sat down with your mom
and you had a tough conversation
At the end, she asked you-
“how did you say all that to me?”
to which you answered-
“well, I know the English language.”
She said, “but the way you said it.”
and you replied, “Everything is poetry.”

Your mom went to bed early that night
and thought deeply about the end of that exchange
She pulled paper out of her printer the next morning
and she started writing
Nothing in particular- a stream of consciousness
A friend at work found this paper
and she read it out of concern for your mom-
she had been acting off
She went to your mom and she said,
“I love what you have written here.”
to which your mom replied-
“well, I know the English language.”
The friend continued,
“Yes, but what you say with it…”
Your mother’s response was, of course,
“Everything is poetry.”

The friend from work mentioned that conversation to her struggling artist boyfriend
He scoffed, feeling belittled in his craft, yet newly inspired.
There was an open mic that night
and he unveiled a new poem he’d been working on all week
At the end, an audience member called out-
“That ******!”
to which he responded-
“Everything *****.”
Short story
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