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  6d Chloe
BR Dragos
she kept texting me links
to posts on her
law of attraction blog

Find Your Soulmate In Six
Easy Steps

Meditations For Prosperity

Meditations For Prosperity
Enhanced Edition

14 Visualization Techniques That Will
Manifest The Perfect Life

How To Show Gratitude To The Universe
In Order To Get More Of What You Want

Find Your Dream Job Using This
3 Step Meditation Formula
Works 100%

Grab God’s Hand And Let It Pull
You Out Of Debt. Here’s How

How To Listen To The Correct
Inner Voice And Let It Guide You

How To Befriend And Make Love To
Your Higher Self. A Step By Step Guide

“Leave me a like. Comment too.

“I need an account to do that,” I said.
“I don’t have an account.”

“Well, make one.”

“I need an e-mail address to make
an account.”

“Are you telling me you don’t have
an e-mail address?”

“I forgot the password.”

“Oh, why do you have to be like that?
You wouldn’t move a finger
to help anyone. Ever! How can you
live like that? You’re… uh, horrible!”

“Okay, listen. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll make
an e-mail address and give you the password
so you can make an account for me
and leave likes and comments on every
post. How about that?”

She didn’t answer.

And didn’t text me for a while

A few months later she sent me an
invitation to her wedding.

I didn’t go.

After she got married she stopped
posting on her blog
Her husband was ten years older than her
and they moved to the UK

A few months later a common friend mentioned
she was having a baby
and showed me pictures of it
on the various social media sites that
portrayed life at its absolute perfection

The account was full of pictures of
quotes from self-help books

‘It’s never too late to be what you
might have been.’

‘Dream positive or wake up!’

‘Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss
you’ll still land among the stars.’

‘When things aren’t going well in your life
scream to yourself STOP! and think
of all the ways things can go right from
then on.’

‘Remember that what you think
and feel now creates your future!’

‘Doing it badly is infinity times
better than not doing it.’

‘HOPE is the best medicine.’

‘Always ask yourself, what would the best
version of myself do?’

‘Actions first, feelings later. Act on your values.’

And on and on.

And a few months later she divorced and left
the UK
Her girlfriends said the husband was
The girls who weren’t so close to her
said that she cheated on him

the truth was probably somewhere
in the middle

Now she was living on child support
and returned to writing her
Only this time the posts weren’t so much
about the law of attraction and more
about her life and what she’d been through
and what d’ you know,
they were actually good
they were worth reading.

It worked!

the law of attraction worked

Her blog was finally popular
it was getting likes
and comments and followers

I read the latest post titled
“When you’re going through hell, keep going”
and it was good
there was some real feeling behind
each paragraph
each word

She made it

and now I sit back and wait for the post
“Nothing comes without a price”
or something like that.
Chloe 6d
I never thought a body could feel like home
and it never appealed to me to ever know
But now that my heart is wide open
it appears that I’ve broken in

I never thought this would be what I’ve become-
let someone in once I come undone
But now that my head is in the clouds
it appears I may never come down

You never thought this would be us-
a loss of faith, deconstructed love
But now that I have found desire
it appears I have caught this house on fire
I never thought a body could be a broken home.
Chloe 7d
A storm was brewing
He thought it was winter
where he stood
until a wave of heat
hit him and knocked
him over;
never to stand again.
It was the call of the wind
that caused her to hurry
on her way
to somewhere new
She ceased where she stood
on the yellow lines
of a road, unknown
for she saw a man lying there
buried in the snow
A fire burned
between these two strangers
One- a lost cause
and one in danger
Ignited by the same flame-
a bond eternal
for she ceased where she stood
on the yellow lines
of a road, unknown
never to walk any further.
Chloe Feb 12
I don’t want to face
the mess I’ve made-
don’t make me claim it
The writing, now,
so soft, pure,
and faded
I don’t want to face
the bed I’ve made-
don’t lie me in it
The linens, once
so gentle and warm
now desecrated
I don’t want to face
the pain again-
don’t hurt me
My skin, once
untouched and clean,
now *****
I don’t want to face it
I don’t want to face it
Don’t let it in
Chloe Feb 11
There is an apple
lying in the street
pure in color,
bitter in taste.
I want to find
what lies beneath the poison.
There is a sky
just above our heads.
Acid rain
burns skin.
I want to feel
the purer water.
Chloe Feb 10
I am torn
The dark abyss calls me by name,
body worn
and fragile
I am afraid
that I can resist no longer
despite this cage
and your love
I am crying
Happiness- a foreign stranger,
leaves me forlorn
and in danger
It is time
The child is born
She lights the darkness
then fades
so far away.
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