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Anastasia Jun 2019
Dragging bodies
Against the concrete ground
Is not nearly as much fun
Without you
To lick the blood
From your fingers
And smile
Your crooked grin
Maria Etre Apr 2019
Dragging a bad situation
is like being stabbed in the middle of your collar bones
and slowly sliding it down your chest...
You’re not the only one,
A broken record playing those few words,
My thoughts dragging in circles, overrun.

All the late nights,
Watching all the flashing lights,
Nights filled with lust turned to rage.

Thinking of you,
Back when we felt the same,
Before you started disappearing.

Guess what, she rang today,
Boasting about your new family,
You don’t even know about the one you left behind.

A brand new life,
Torn to pieces by your inability to sit still,
You cut yourself out like a serrated knife.

My little sunflower,
With all the faith of Peter Pan,
Your absence won’t ever drown her.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2018
Memory is an anchor
Dragging down my heart
This weight is slowly sinking me
I'm just not ready to part
Sometimes the very thing we are holding onto is what is holding us back
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Therapist: How are you feeling?

My answer: Currently experiencing hell on earth.
                      But nothing major, just a slight reaction
                      to the misery my thoughts
                      are dragging me though.

Therapist: That must be hard
Gale L Mccoy Apr 2018
you see it crawling to you
reaching out and dragging you down
you let it
and you love it
till the claws dig in and the sun disappears
and you know what happens next
a bit of drunk poetry i forgot i wrote last night
Poetic T Dec 2017
People forget that
                         love rhymes
only carry you so long,
                    along a reparative flow..
            But I venture on the
waves of varied flow..

Do I care if you get ******
                       below my riptide..  
never connecting upon my
                 differential flow of wording.
Drowning  within my varied view of a world
                           that isn't flowers they
fell into my ocean and got dragged into
       oblivion long before you learnt to swim.

The moods of others are fickle,
                      but I'm not a trend,
I'm a tsunami of reality...
That's not constricted to the lullabies of others as
they drown within my words....
                others fade
                   but I'm still here dragging you out...
Asonna Oct 2017
Feeling something that was once happiness
is now nothing but a memory.
Wretched with grief and anxiety,
Pain in my chest swallows me whole.

Caverns of black and purple,
my heart lies deep within
expelling inks in tones of red,
yet my body feels no lighter still.

I close my eyes, there's darkness there.
But there's darkness everywhere.

Water pours over head,
steam fills up the room.
Crossed legs upon the floor,
tears fall down my face.
difference to water is between my sobs,
the salt lays thick on my tongue.

Fatigued in life, not just my breath
each day begins to drag.
Challenge myself to leave it still,
because harming helps no one.
I exist far beneath the floor boards
I'm an apparition
Dragging my way through halls
Carrying the weight of the world
And the weight of nothing
I feel nothing
I recollect nothing
I'm not sure I even am
I'm not even sure where it came from. Sometimes it's true, though
Amanda Lee Oct 2014
I reached across the table in hopes her hand would too.
But the blank stare on her face and my depression both grew.
The thunder roared at itself as the lights flickered.
The smell of coffee filled the little coffee shop.
Her, a coat and 5 days of unspoken words crushed my mind.
I glanced at the floor in hopes she would speak but she didn't.
She couldn't, and for that I lay my head on the table top,
whispering love songs in my head.
I could feel the sway of unkindness taunt me.
Her eyes spoke of emptiness and questions even I couldn't answer.
She laughed, holding a long sigh at the end.
I brushed my hair out of my face, glancing at the perfection in her smirk.
I had done nothing, therefore my head pounded with nonsense assumptions as to why she laughed.
Her laugh was like a symphony that only gets better on repeat.
Her hand dragged across the table, clinging to mine, our fingers intertwined and in that moment i felt what it was like to love.
In that moment, we  were  infinite.
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