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Kora Sani Jun 20

27 drafts of unfinished thoughts

27 times I couldn't get the words right

27  visits to compartmentalized sectors of the brain

27 emotions much too painful to feel all at once

at least 100 more times i will revisit


Nylee May 28
All the five hundred drafts and counting
I am so bad at finishing
Each line lyric rhyme
Hoping for a masterpiece
Or a mirror to my mind
Nothing is certain till it ends
And it twists all the thought.

A surprise for few lines
An emotion to hide
Many people to confide
Some memories to write
A few to ignite
Each word to choose
and another to bind.

Inert satisfaction
a final completion
First to last transition
Inking blues
And curves in precision
An unknown outcome
Likesome to troublesome
to be posted on a wall
Talis Ren Mar 13
Of all the things I’ve written,
I could never look straight
at the scores of drafts
that lay like stiff corpses.

A secret in trio with
two lying dead -
I fancied myself a
mystery novel and
found the shelves filled
with blood.

Someone left the
wine uncorked again.
what a shame
that it was drained.

And then library
turned to morgue.
PJ Oct 2018
A thousand story
to a thousand journey
a thousand pens
to the thousand poems
a thousand drafts
that leaves no mark
a thousand words
that no one hears
cause the other thousand
you wrote
will cover them
I leave no mark to my drafts, Im sorry fallen ones
AnActualToaster Aug 2018
13 drafts that I won't finish
12 insecurities, writing is worthless
11 full stories that I could've posted

10 minutes to write, rewrite each line

9 different feelings I just can't describe
8 hours a night I find ways to hide
7 little things that impacted my life
6 pieces of me that I've yet to find

5 o'clock they call, I've slept in all day
4 times I checked, I still feel this way
3 years ago, and I still won't say
2 more, I asked, caught in the sway
1 just for me. Just once won't you stay?
Remember that? I don't.
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