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It’s days like this where I really start to question everything:

Because im either slipping,
Heated one too many times
Without being given time
To cool down—

Or maybe the pills aren’t working?
I saw you last night
How Ive missed you

You brought with you a gift
Of breeze: powerful gentle and free.

You wrap me in your embrace and lead me through a maze

How I’ve missed you
(and am thankful for when)
I saw you last night
I’m not great at letting myself feel this:

I’m not okay.

I feel like a burden - like a lead weight.

I have very little to offer except a smile and some company.

Whenever I get like this I run away - because its better than killing myself.

I run away so I don’t **** myself.

‘Please dont **** yourself.’
Snipes Dec 2021
Give it your all
Give it your all
Give it your all
Give it your all
Give it your all

I fell
I rose
I fell
I rose

I’m not going to stop
I don’t mean to lose focus
But my eyes sought off

Pieces patchwork the puzzle
Jean jacket stapled den Im-pressed  
Magicians coat so called miracles code

Find meaning in your sentences
My eyes are locked on
I’ll find me in my own sentences
I’m locked here, for life's on
Might as well stare my own lights stance

Mortal searching for no mortality
Life looking for life with a smile totality

Does the sky fall
Does the rain dry
Does the heat cool
Does the wind talk
Does the sound walk
Does our life end
Do our dead live

I gave it my all
I was emptied out
I sailed
I sunk
I died
I drank
I fell off
I recovered
Just too go back to it all
I gave it my all
This world is beyond
A broken heart
An empty soul
A wasted body
So I’ll send it off
Zoe Mae May 2021
I am a comedy
A walking calamity
Just miscellaneously here

I have a tragedy
Living inside of me
Always in paralyzing fear

I am a mystery
Already history
And I just want out of here
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
Ever closer your cooties approach my fabric, multiplying like maggots.

Can I even muster the courage
to peek under the sheets?


Too afraid of what I'll see...
Perhaps a mushroom shaped like me?

Nowadays your dead skin cells are my pillow.


You're warmer dead than alive,
and your cooties still thrive.
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
Can I chop off your head so I can pick your brain?
You look kind of inspired and somewhat sane
Perhaps you have something clever to say?
An original metaphor that isn't cliche
Some snappy line that ropes people in
And gets them to scroll all the way to the end?
If you're reading this, we must have succeeded
Sorry everyone for feeling cheated
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
If you want to lead
miscellaneous me
until eternity
I'm in...
Påłpëbŕå Jun 2021
you being right

doesn't prove me wrong

me being away doesn't

change where i belong

i maybe a result

of a rough ride

but that doesn't say

that i've got no pride

i am and will always be

better when dealt with bitter

i am different

cuz i am a trend-setter
i am who i am
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