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Gale L Mccoy Sep 22
how to i remove the topper
stomped on top of my head
why do i see through
lime stained goggles
no amount of elbow grease
unscrews the top
nor clears the glass

when were these
peanut butter walls built
the thoughts like gnats and flies
pile in layers to the wall
clear away one and
another grows grotesque
like an apartment
paired with depression

all i want is a clean slate
to build a new
Gale L Mccoy Sep 17
I whisper to myself
no, I write to myself
cause the clack of keys
is a sound unreadable...

                 "let me be ****"
Gale L Mccoy Sep 10
made up of wind over wind over earth fueling fire
no water to smooth the edges and clean out the soot
flow down with gravity instead of float to the head
so soak, let the lake fill cracks in the psyche
permeable skin, drink through feet
push off from banks
become the moon in the water
Gale L Mccoy Sep 8
water so still
i see my face now
like a rising moon
the water is not clear
so i must go deep
into moon basked lakes
i dive into myself
Gale L Mccoy Sep 8
built a puzzle out of my surroundings
till it makes the perfect formula
the catalysis: energy
Gale L Mccoy Jul 24
a fight, tooth and nail
fingertips on glass
snarl breathless and feral
as breath fogs the mirror
push more
till your hands wrap around
the bare throat of
whom dares take your face
Gale L Mccoy Jul 3
this is the life i want to live
I say from the ground
no it isnt
but itll be part of it
to have it to waste and wallow
the time to let myself be swallowed
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