I crave to be strong
these sparce muscles stand for what I've been neglecting
this body I wish to strengthen
as it is the vehicle to my success
I will arrive at the goal
with nothing less then this
flesh and bones and blood
and through time
I will learn to cater it's demands
as a mother coddles her child
for I am nothing more then
me myself and my body
I think I'm afraid of being too honest
said the poet to their poetry
oh, don't worry
says the poetry
they only see a mirror
between the lines
Gale L Mccoy Jan 7
I am in the middle of a wake
a paper weight holding down
the pondering, wandering thoughts
of a man who commuted suicide

in the magrins
people write their sorrows
in a dialect I recognize
but do not fully understand
I read them
because they hand them to me

it is not my sorrow to take
I have no right to it
but it is their sorrow to share
broken off into shards
passed hand to hand
in hopes the sharp edges
may dull in time

I will hold each shard given
warm them in my hands
dull the edges on my flesh
before I return it to the teller
So that they are one step closer
to a picture that no longer
hurts to touch
Gale L Mccoy Dec 2018
It's 716 pm
I've finally put something of my own
on these 13 ft walls
dollar store pictures
in a warm floral theme
they are swallowed by the white
3,5,7 I need more pictures

there's a painting that came
with the apartment
a phoenix flying down
it fell down
and in putting it back up
now it flys up

I know this apartment is haunted
if not by it's past
then by the present mourning
Gale L Mccoy Dec 2018
I won't fight for the hollow

It won't echo in me
Gale L Mccoy Dec 2018
Little girl
I want to hand you a truth I learned
Far too late

And I'm sorry I havnt kept up with
the war you claimed against apathy
Gale L Mccoy Dec 2018
You want so much of everything
That you abandon your something
Instant gratification
Like a candy that makes you sick
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