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Lilli Sutton Apr 4
Rolling down to Virginia
in a gray shuttle – the rain
cascades off the windows.
I close my eyes but I can’t sleep.
I don’t know anyone here
well enough to be that kind
of comfortable. We reach the bay bridge
but the fog is so thick it’s like we’re suspended,
or we never left the ground to begin with –
no water beneath this bridge.
It isn’t raining in Wachapreague,
for now, the wind is cold
and it blows the clouds away.
If I shield my eyes to the sun
I can see way out past the tidal creeks
and the salt grass – out to the Atlantic.
Later, rain comes in waves –
we cook dinner and joke about ghosts,
and I wonder how many of my own
I brought here with me.

What a privilege to own a boat –
to be your own captain, or even
just to know the waves. The sun is brilliant
but the wind burns cold – before the end
of the day, my nose and cheeks
are lobster-red. It’s so easy to get lost
in the tidal creeks – just acres and acres
of spartina, flat and brown now
but six feet tall in the summertime.
We dredge up creatures from the bottom –
***** and worms and sea slugs.
We eat lunch on a graveyard of shells –
I find the empty husks of horseshoe *****.
Eagles and oyster catchers watch us pass
sit tight on similar whitewashed mounds
of expired homes. The sun is low
when we reach the mudflats –
here the earth is shallow. Seven ways
to catch a clam, but I only know one –
to look for holes that bubble. I fill
my pockets with the dark misshapen
creatures. Sometimes the holes
rush full of water before I can even see
what I dug up. Soon the tide will come back
and swallow the wet sand again.
I want to stay put, watch the muddy water come
learn to filter through it
like the oysters and the clams.

Early morning on the bayside –
wind, more brutal than yesterday
beats the surface until the waves
are whitecaps, and the skiff pitches.
We go back to the tidal creeks,
where the trees block the wind
and the sun illuminates the muddy water.
We watch an osprey glide and dive for fish.
Back in the lab, isolated in white
I see strange animals. For hours
we look for answers to the simplest
of questions: what is this?
Some creatures we toss back
and some we wrap in clear plastic bags.

The long ride home –
half between sleeping and waking
drenched in sunlight. I’m small,
or trying to be – conserving space
wherever I can. I eat my fill of ****** snaps.
The bay bridge is crystal clear this morning
and it gives me a strange feeling, deep
in my stomach – somewhere between
excitement and dread, a fear
or a nod toward what’s coming –
a mystery, creeping in and unfurling
like when I was a kid, awake too late at night
feeling dumb, for hoping, for wanting,
and most of all, for not yet knowing.
Elyse Hyland Nov 2017
It's the night before an exam,
And the rhymes and rhythms,
are screaming in my head,
as the mountain of rejected paper,
grows around me.
Because as I try to voice,
my horrors and hatreds,
my love and life,
politically and emotionally,
all I can think about is that,
at thirteen I was scrawling,
pretty patterns across my skin,
and using my blood as the paint,
                                                          ­      how messed up is that?
I honestly gave up on trying to rhyme anything after the first hour of trying to voice my feelings
If in one another's chemistry
a reaction occurs and
what was once hidden
our eyes can now see
take me to your laboratory
toot suite.
needs more coffee before brain kicks in.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Every end makes a way to start with something new
Every new start promises something different,
something new,
yet something very much interesting raising the level of expectations with regards to what was set as prior.
Also otherwise expectations have always remained a part of life that has always got good,
if not great results,
despite the different inputs and many different outcomes,
which have been dealt with and faced from time to time,
since prior.
Äŧül Oct 2016
But a really dire bitter resentment still stays,
Languishing in my memory are those days,
When she was directionless I guided her,
When she felt loveless I pampered her,
It was when she felt physically unfit,
Then I instilled confidence in her,
My social work's she is an heir.
HP Poem #1204
©Atul Kaushal
aniket nikhade Dec 2015
Failure is not only a concern, but also a part of life
Ignore it,
deny the same,
defy it, however, facts never change.

Like the odds when they come along the way,
which need to be tackled,
they prove to be of use, of great benefit in enriching prior experience,
in the same way,
failure is the first step towards success.

Never get disappointed, don’t give up,
since prevention has always remained better than cure
One wrong step never meant it's end of the world
One wrong step never meant to be a full stop
One wrong step, however, definitely means not to repeat the same mistake again.

Definitely failure is not only a concern, but also a part of life,
best when agreed upon and accepted,
so as to make sure that the same thing never happens again, all over again.
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Let the leaf that is dry and old enough fall off on it's own
Leave it as it is in it's place
Over a period of time it will fall off on it's own.

Let the leaf fall and touch the ground where it will meet thick, lush green grass that covers the entire ground.

The season has changed,
so let the leaf move ahead along with the wind to reach a new destination
Not much is known about this new destination,
perhaps the only thing is it's new when compared to it's old destination.

Let the lead that has turned dry,
brown and old,
let it fall off on it's own.
Leave it as it is in it's place for the time being,
since a time will come when it will fall off on it's own.

Always it's better to leave the past far behind
Since if something belongs to the past,
it's always better to let it remain in the past to where it belongs and then move ahead along with the present moment in time.

Move ahead in life with the present in mind
Think of present at the present moment in time
Think of something new,
something different when in present.

Even if the need of hour is to make a small beginning,
even then there should be no reluctance of mind in doing the same.

Definitely the present will change for better when the past is left behind
A departure from the past will add a new meaning, life and substance to the present moment in time.
A change also takes place in the present when the present has got something new to add,
something new to offer,
something different to ascertain,
something better to be done with regards to the future.

In all the aspects of life
In the different walks and ways of life
In the highs and lows of life
In the ups and downs of life
As and when a change takes place in life
In fact, whenever a change takes place in life
Let the change bring in something new to life.
some sort of a thing,
something unexpected to life.
Still further even with all these alterations taking place the changes must be refereshing enough to add new zest and zeal to life.

Always be prepared for the uncertainty that belongs to future
Accept the changes that take place in present to decide what is in store with regards to the future
Not every change that takes place in the present is a welcome change
Definitely only when a positive attitude is maintained,
only then it can be a refreshing change.
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
Something from past
Something of which still remains in the present
Somewhere in the past, something got clicked
Something positive happened
Something went right
Something for sure, definitely something
Its’ auspicious presence can still be felt in the present.

It’s always your action that speaks for itself
Action speaks louder than words
It’s not only your confidence, but also your faith in your work
It’s not only your attitude, but your trust in others
It’s not only about your professionalism, but also your expertise
It’s not all about you, but all about the way in which you work
It’s always your work, your deeds, something which always gets highlighted
Time and again, always
Your deeds, your qualities, not only in your work, but also in your life speak for what you are
It's your deeds and qualities in you as a person that make you stand apart from the rest.

Time and again it has been proved that you reap what you sow
Your deeds from the past since they are righteous they will support you all along the way
Your righteous deeds will always show you where is light in the dark.

It’s always better to be what you are
Does not matter even if you do small thing
All that matters is your actions must be positive
Not only in your thoughts, but also in your attitude, you must also be positive
Speak positively
Always do good instead of thinking negatively
Live your life on your own terms
Live life according to what you know, what you think and then plan your future accordingly.

Life is beautiful
Life has always remained beauitful
Life will always give you something, if you approach towards it in a positive way.
Maven Dorosa Sep 2015
If I was there,
I'd whisper to your ear how much you mean to me
If I was there,
I'd take you on dates so you'd be reminded of how true the first verse was
If I was there,
I'd hold you close and never let you go
If I was there,
I'd laugh with you at our silly jokes and goofiness
If I was there,
I'd show you how proud of and happy I am for you whenever you achieve
If I was there,
I'd hug you whenever you feel depressed
If I was there,
I'd wipe your tears, and comfort you whenever you cry
If I was there,
I'd be able to tell you how sorry and hurt I am for hurting you

Oh if I was there,
You'd realize I'd fall apart without you

Oh if I was there,
You'd know that you're the best **** thing that's ever happened to me

I know, its hard to believe
But one day,
I'll finally see you and be able to hug you tight, bearing the weight of those days just missing you
And I wouldn't have to say
If I was there
Dedicated to someone who loves siomai, but hates ngohiong and whose name sits on my wrist everyday :) I miss you and I love you!
aniket nikhade Aug 2015
Recall and remember everything
Remember all that you can remember
Recall, recover, and remember each and everything
Not only from the remote past, but also from the back of your mind
Remember all that you can remember

Until this moment of time, until now
Whatever has happened and all that took place
Each and everything,
Recall and remember each and everything

Past, present and also the future
Remember everything from the past and each and everything that happened in the recent present

Still further,
Also try to remember everything that you can by ascertaining the future

Everything becomes much more clear in mind when an effort is made to ascertain the future in a more concrete way,
Hence time and again efforts are always made in this direction
Consistent efforts are made to ascertain the future.

Never mind what went wrong and everything that went right
For a moment of time please keep that aside

Now that you understood and realized
Once you have acknowledged to yourself everything that you have recollected in your mind
Each and everything from your life
Then you will realize upon and also agree and accept
With regards to all the changes that took place in your life.

Furthermore you will also realize something more,
Something like
What happens in my life,
The same holds true in everyone else's life.


Ups and downs are part of my life
So are highs and lows
Happiness and sorrow are part of my life
So is success and failure.

During the process of recollection there will something more to agree and accept upon
You will realize something which has always remained true
Definitely something, which is a part of everyone's life
The fact that as you sow, so shall you reap in your life.


Mistakes from the past
Better remain in the past
When in the present,
While ascertaining the future, better remember
Always keep this in mind
A sound, secured and better future can only be attained
When the consequences of the actions taken in present fall in favor of the majority.
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