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You are not who you think you are.
Nor are you who you say you are.

Rather, you are
who you prove yourself to be

by the actions you take
and the choices you make.
Sam Feb 24
I grew up as a weak person,
not even smart.
I am someone who always get bullied
and judged
by the way I speak and the way I move.
"Be a man" they said.
I didn't try, because I know I already am.
"Say stone" they said.
Then my 8 years old self tried in a stiff voice – I nearly cried.
Because I knew they were having fun
Humiliating me and my guts.
I live every single day trying to define myself
not someone which people think I am
but someone who I should be.
still now I know,
most of the people around me –
strangers, friends and family
have doubts of what I am.
REBEL, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Amanda Dec 2019
Bad ones build character
Demolish hope

Days that define are also the days that leave you damaged and dented

I slept to escape pain but in doing so also avoided change
Bad days are necessary
Decent for dessent
That’s how it’s rhythm went
As the conflict came to rise like the spark inside a fire
Intrepid since creation
We’ve been walking many wires
Feigning fear to To try and feel
A discernment of what is real but what’s disregarded is the fact you even have to question
Ignorance is bliss? Or strength in your intention?
Thought cannot be the only thing to exist
However a zombie is a waste if it doesn’t eat
Have a little taste of a musing ride
That brings the flavor, you’ll need a guide
Clear it
Hear it and run
Takin’ a century can it be done?
The meeting as one
Secret salvation the secret is done
Are they telling in whispers and walking like drifters
They’re  tripping on papers it’s time to re gift it
explain in due time ya never could fake this
Always trying to break us
But the music is strong and it’s beat  will make us
The beings that we are
the worlds we are
The birth of the universe from another’s dying star
We are the afterlife of another existence
Brand new creation looking for witness
Billions of years  to finally have it here and now it could easily disappear
Reality is what?
Desire and emptiness?
Why’s the door shut every time I vent through this
Aging agitation
Buried vegetation
It’s time to find the faults within and bless it all with love so that the veil may fall and the world may hear it’s original name, but for now it shall be a very long game
Allie Dotson Dec 2018
Death isn't dark
It does not have a cloak
or a gender of some sort
It is neither Tall or short
and It doesn't cater towards one
over another
It effects all
but it affects all differently
Yet as Deaths form changes
The destination never shifts
Each person
Each thing
Experiences something different then the person before
and The infected are becoming more
Yet isn't death just death?
A word given to
an idea
An experience
Which reaches beyond our gasp
stretches long out of sight
With no captain or map
for a ship to sail on the sea of infinite possibilities
we try to seek safety
A closure of having no control
but we have yet to achieve it
Instead creating A Defense mechanism
for not having a awnser to an unsolvable riddle
we try to grasp the idea
give a word to it
define it
Death is Death
but is Death really Death?
October Dec 2018
I had a different name
It was "Undiscovered"
Now this name, no longer my cover
There's a darker truth as to why it's updated to "October"
Tears of joy, tears of sadness
They all share this amber month of blackness
A deep history of sight
The pain and origin of why I write

Her name was Erin
She was beautiful
She was young
Erin, was special
and Rhett's, without doubt, the devil
The disease rendered her without brain function
Resulted in physical mutation
Erin, had an expiration
The day came
In the same month born
She would, from this life, be torn
I love you Erin
MacKenzie Warren Aug 2018
you claim i am unkind
swearing it by the dullness of my eyes
the sharpness of my tongue
the coldness of my hands

you swore it by the way i lunged
at anything that threatened me
anything that would protrude the barrier
i had built around myself

but where were you
when my eyes were
their bright blue hue
when my tongue wasn’t sharp
but soft and sweet
and i didn’t flinch
at the harshness of others

where were you
before the world got to me
and made me cold
where were you
when i warmed myself back up
finding everything light in the world
learning to love again

you claim i am unkind
which is fine
nobody is nice all of the time
but you only saw one moment
you didn’t see yesterday
you didn’t see tomorrow
you saw me battling the darkness
when i let the rotting, define me

where were you
when i stopped
letting the world define, me
and i began to define myself
Richard Martin Apr 2018
Defining Lego Moment? What is that, I don’t own one!
Life growing up was unacceptable – it was chemical and dispensable
My life has never been a bed-and-breakfast - early childhood memories got me ill and susceptible
Tryin’ to find a good early childhood memory is like NOT passing “the test”, because I wasn’t in class. So I ask, what’s next?
Defining moments were replaced by worries and doubts, fears and shouts
My, oh my, why couldn’t I have been brought up in someone else’s house?  
I’m just me. So why can’t anyone see I’ve got dreams I want to turn into reality?
I know, maybe I’m adopted! Oh, I could only wish that I belonged to a different home
So who knows, maybe I’m supposed to grow old in a world where survival is at the core of my bones
Future me, I hope that you see, I’m not like them, nor do I ever want to be “like them”

-----------------Fast forward to today ---------------------

I thank GOD for the life I was given and the road that was driven
I’m here because of those dreams which started out as fears - I’m what I am because of those years
I know that I wouldn’t’ be here if it wasn’t for those days of dysfunction and tears
I’m at a junction in my life - I’ve realized that my unction in life is an exponential function that shines like a bright light
My tears have been replaced with people who are sincere and true
I no longer have to worry about the black and blue, now I can simply wave ado…
So I chose to become not what I saw, but what I knew was right in my heart. I leaned on God and learned from stressful nights that choosing the road less taken was all part of this plight
And here we are today….
Now, what does this say, about me?
It says that I’m a child of Destiny, not a child of Disney
It says that I’m a child of God not a child of the Devil
It says that I am…
Predestined presently, sensibly created even though I didn’t come from the best pedigree...
Slam Poetry
Caroline Roche Dec 2017
Perhaps a knot of muscle or
a face to wear.
Or the bartender's hand slipped.

Maybe a shattered glass orb or
a note about to break.
Or our egos.

Like Edgar Allen Poe or
the center of a black hole.
Or 5:00 in winter.

"Let there be" or
something that perforates the night.
Or just the pillows,
shedding feathers through
tiny linen holes
that float down near the heating vent
then explode upward in the gust.
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