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Michael Ryan Mar 2023
I would have really liked
just doing laundry and taxes with you.

We're near the avocados
and I can't help but tease you
"when are you going to make the avocado dish"
it's with a sly smile I ask this.

I can't resist,
seeing your little dance
your face scrunched
and you're flustered -
"we'll get them right now, so I can make it this time"

"No, no."
"We'll get them next time"
but really I don't like avocados
it's just part of the fun.

You drop some blueberries into the cart
"they're good for the heart".
Loving someone and being loved can be easier and more difficult than anything else in life.  One month past breakup and in a complicated space of will it come back or is it gone forever.
leeaaun Dec 2022
disney was a store
who packed me gifts
labelled with
a happy ever after
but they forgot
such spells doesn't work
in reality anymore
it becomes a curse
who force me
to give up
my rights
to be a
than their traditional ones
Elise Jackson Dec 2021
"time for the quarterly internet rabbit-hole of your early life.

are you going to spend the next hour looking for pictures of an old mall?

or by finding out the real reason why the first movie theater burned down eleven years ago?

or perhaps look at how your favorite grocery store has changed?

how about we look at the once empty fields that are now occupied by mattress stores?

then will you end it by crying yourself to sleep?
wondering why you cannot remember any of it all?
why you cannot make sense of being a child?
did you ever become conscious before 2012?
are all these hazy memories just dreams?
did you even exist in any of it?

what are you even searching for?"

i want to see it all again.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2020
Sky is a roof
we can never touch.
Our feet stuck
on the ground
can't get rid off the dust.

Neither can we breath
without drowning
into the air.

Then we can say
every morning we can
scoop up a new sunrise!

Then there is an expiration
date set for each of us.

Gained all that in store
in the world?
But which way
is the way out?
Can anyone find
the exit time
before it comes?
Daisy Hemlock Aug 2020
My mind is like a pawn shop.

Most people wouldn't care about all the odds and ends in there.

But if you do, and you can make a fair exchange, anything in there is yours.

So shop around any time,

You never know what you may find
alexa Jul 2020
i never felt the need to say it
but it’s time to bid aideu.

you made me feel things
almost as if you unleashed a zoo

i miss you sometimes
but then i remember what you turned into

you treat me
as if i’m a shoe

you wear me out until you can’t anymore
but you can’t return me to the store

as much as you try,
i’ll never be who i was before.

with this,
i say goodbye and thank you

i hope one day
you stop acting how you do
i’ll miss you. ring me when you’re ready.
Unpolished Ink Mar 2020
Twirl and sidestep

Sidestep twirl

A solemn dance

Over the abyss

Among the tins

And the discount bread

Partners weave

From afar

Marking endless time

In measured silence

A six feet waltz

Of the newly ******
I took a trip to the store-only 4 customers 6 feet apart
Josh Jul 2019
You're beautiful
The sun agrees
Anthropological wonder
Space-Time light rider
Careless to be careful
Just because I'm under
Magenta minds eye
Deep intent
Majestic tight bright
I would lick the floor where you stand
adriana Jun 2019
i wish the child-locks on medicine bottles
worked on people that don't have that childlike innocence
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