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Josh Jul 6
You're beautiful
The sun agrees
Anthropological wonder
Space-Time light rider
Careless to be careful
Just because I'm under
Magenta minds eye
Deep intent
Majestic tight bright
I would lick the floor where you stand
clever Jun 12
i wish the child-locks on medicine bottles
worked on people that don't have that childlike innocence
Ian Mar 6
Walking through the store,
Surrounded by racks of other lived world's,
Given to be shared with someone else,
My hands brushing across jackets and shoes,
Feeling where someone tripped,
Or where a moth found it's way.

My thoughts meander to my own world,
The scuffs decorating my shoes,
The fraying strings of this jacket,
The torn pocket of these jeans,
All part of me here, and wondering,
Just how much you'd see of me in them.

I'm passing the time all the while,
My search idling between,
The articles of lives, and the ones moving around me,
Waiting for the certain one that led me here,
Leaving me to fend alone for just a moment,
A slight grin my only clue to run on.

Wandering back down, my mind was a flutter,
Before me, radiant and glowing,
The magnificence of your presence
Breathing a whole new meaning,
To a prismatic dress,
And a perfect black jacket,
Captured so brilliantly,
In my enamored mind.
Johnny walker Feb 22
Oh never say never again
for you'll never know what will come you
Oh never say never again for something may happen to change your
So never say never again you may find another love or a new love may find
Oh never say never again
you may wake one day to
find every thing
so different
Oh never say never again
In this ever changing and dangerous world we now live Oh never ever say never again
Never dismiss everything without stepping back a bit
looking at your situation things may have changed
DG Feb 11
It smells just like her
It smells just like the woman who taught my mother to raise me
The woman who comforted me when it stormed
The woman who taught me to appreciate my German heritage
I miss her . . .
Gucci bloom smells just like my great-grandmother guys it’s freaky
Flow of fabrics
Screech of hanger on rod

Roughness of wool
Flicking through one sweater
To the next
Butterfly fingers
Jeff S Feb 2
We all go grocery shopping on Saturday at 4pm, and that’s America for you, but do you have to buy the last demi-loaf of artisan rice flour sourdough and swoop in to get the only carton of organic, local, grass-fed, 2% milk that I like, then have the tenacity to take the final gold foil-wrapped bar of imported Belgian dark chocolate and, for that matter, give me a Christ-save-your-soul stare when I spend a good five minutes debating the respective virtues of KY and Astroglide?

Thank god, at least, America sells liquor with its bread and milk and ****.
Bryce Nov 2018
The tick of toothed gear
Gives handfuls of a surprise
Mike & Ike tasters.
sunprincess Jul 2018
First time ever in my whole life
I saw someone go dumpster diving

Was more than a little weird
seeing those two women
diving in the dumster at Ulta!
Ulta is a beauty  supply store
Wonder what they were searching for
Eye Shadow?
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