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Colm Aug 2020
In August a breeze 
You are enraptured and free
Like hills clouded skies
Like stars in deepest oceans
And like rain in Auburn eyes
So refreshing and light. Yes plesse.
Andy May 2020
I always hated the scorching heat
Summer always brought
I could never escape it

The undesirable feeling
That came along
Was the kind of warmth

That was too warm
And uncomfortable
As the heat engulfed my body

In an embrace
I could not free myself from
Not allowing me to function

Travelling the span of my entire body
Like critters all over my skin
Leaving me soaked in sweat

You were the cool breeze
That pressed against my forehead
An angel passing through

In this free trial of hell
I don’t know if you’ll leave
Seconds after arrival

But I thank you
All the same
For the comfort you bring

At least
For a little while
I had a taste of heaven
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
It is a brand new year
Time refreshing once more
I wonder what changes lie ahead
What 2020 has in store
I wrote this at the beginning of the year obvs haha
Tulip Mar 2020
Slowly, the seasons change
Flowers blooming, birds chirping
The season where nature shows off it's beauty
Sweets from spring is always fruity
Animals appear in their environment, just to keep it living
When midnight strikes, insects are always singing
The calming wind gives us chills
But also yet, it's always refreshing
Take another step into the grass
Remind yourself of where you are
Always remember to bring your compass
There you you go, playing on your guitar.
Rainy Days Sep 2019
Rain on me.
Wash away my doughts
And insecurities
Lace Sep 2019
You got my zodiac wrong.
Your inhibitions were down;
you came off headstrong.

I can't even picture what you look like.
I just notice when your energy is gone.
It's as if there is this magnetic pull
and it's overwhelming strong.

The fear of having no fear
is quite a mysterious conundrum.
Over time my heart had grown cold
and for you, I believe, it has longed.

I've never felt anything quite like this
and I'm starting to sing along
to all of the words in the songs.
I'm starting to feel myself coming alive.

Suddenly I am seeing things
from a different perspective,
through the rose colored glasses
that I took off when I was a little kid.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Small talks are refreshing,
Intellectual talks are mind stimulating
and deep talks are soul enriching.
Steve Evans Jun 2019
Some people would say,
Are you Mad, Bad, Depraved or perverted?
He's so much younger than you.
I would say to some people, if that's what you think you have never known true love.
Age is just a number and only matters for fine wine and cheese
Young wine is sweet, bright and refreshing.
I'm in love, and refreshed, some people.
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