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flamingogirl Jun 2020
Get out of my head
Get out of my heart.
It's been 2 years
but I can't think of us apart.
The two of us
were never a we.
So why do I want you
to be with me?
On paper, we looked great
I thought we'd be perfect,
but our moment was ruined
we never really clicked.
I hope you maybe see this,
you'll know who you are.
Please don't forget me
my heart is always scarred.
aniket nikhade Oct 2015
Something from past
Something of which still remains in the present
Somewhere in the past, something got clicked
Something positive happened
Something went right
Something for sure, definitely something
Its’ auspicious presence can still be felt in the present.

It’s always your action that speaks for itself
Action speaks louder than words
It’s not only your confidence, but also your faith in your work
It’s not only your attitude, but your trust in others
It’s not only about your professionalism, but also your expertise
It’s not all about you, but all about the way in which you work
It’s always your work, your deeds, something which always gets highlighted
Time and again, always
Your deeds, your qualities, not only in your work, but also in your life speak for what you are
It's your deeds and qualities in you as a person that make you stand apart from the rest.

Time and again it has been proved that you reap what you sow
Your deeds from the past since they are righteous they will support you all along the way
Your righteous deeds will always show you where is light in the dark.

It’s always better to be what you are
Does not matter even if you do small thing
All that matters is your actions must be positive
Not only in your thoughts, but also in your attitude, you must also be positive
Speak positively
Always do good instead of thinking negatively
Live your life on your own terms
Live life according to what you know, what you think and then plan your future accordingly.

Life is beautiful
Life has always remained beauitful
Life will always give you something, if you approach towards it in a positive way.

— The End —