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Arcassin B Jul 2017
By Arcassin B & Alex G

AB : Mother earth , look what they did to you,
You were beautiful back in your day of being pampered
In those seven days.
**** heads that act like jerks that don't have nothing to do,
You were clean once in this universe and they uncleaned you
With their harmful plays.
In this country and this cold world lingering and going through
Like a regular human being with funds and accusations,
Life's a pretty blonde ***** with Daddy issues,
I guess that's where father time comes in , deaths happen,
Get some tissues,
I've had a lot and I've lost a lot where heaven and hell will forget you not,
Better choose the right slot,
Cause the women out here getting plastic surgery,
And the men , some enlargement pills,
Why don't you just be happy with yourself and let time heal?

AG : Now that I know what I know,
I had to let go for the sake of my soul,

I was turning into a person I didn't even know,
I had to tell my heart it's alright to be cold,

Nobody gives a ****,
That's the truth,
This is your road,
You didn't have a choice but you gotta learn to grow,

You only live one life,
Better focus on your goals,
The clock is ticking and there ain't nothing you can hold,
That you won't lose in the end,
You gotta keep control,
So I'm here with my pen letting the ink explode,

Exposing myself to everyone that I know,
This **** is 100,
I keep it real for the foes.
Äŧül Oct 2016
But a really dire bitter resentment still stays,
Languishing in my memory are those days,
When she was directionless I guided her,
When she felt loveless I pampered her,
It was when she felt physically unfit,
Then I instilled confidence in her,
My social work's she is an heir.
HP Poem #1204
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —