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Star BG Apr 20
Sowing seeds become
a flowing blanket
of flowers to warm eyes
like... sewing stitches becomes
a blanket of warmth for self.
inspired by Mathew P Nangolo
A Sin! A Sin! Yet one i shall keep!
For whatever we sow,
Together we reap!
Mia Kuhnle Dec 2018
Our affections are resinous
By the grindstone, made

Our patience tasteful impressions
By words, sweet turpeny made
Ever-growing since.

Our laughter like camphor
Sowed by thyme, made
Love, after.

Your love is unwashed
Grown and ground, made to steep
Cherry beans, grown in their burgundy glove.
Nyx Dec 2018
When emotions well up
Annoyance and anger hits me
Recentment burns
Yearning to be set free

And reluctantly I let it
Slowly seep its way through the cracks
Waiting for the perfect moment
Where it can launch its final attack

Silently it brews
Subtly it shows it way
Be attentive and pick it up
As then we can begin our play

Where we act so innocent
Oblivious to what surrounds
Hands over our eyes
Refusing to make a sound

Let's see what you can do
Tho your actions won't go unanswered
In the end you'll reap what you sow
But until then nobody has to know

Except for me my dear

When the flames around you roar
And you scream out to the sky
There will be nobody left around
Who will listen to your cries

Its funny how things change people
Into beings they use to resent
And when their time comes
Its their turn to repent

And you hear the little whispers
Amongst the friends that you hold dear
No longer knowing the reason
They refused to keep you near

You never could see it though
You were always searching for more
Taking for granted everything you had
There is nobody left to adore

I hold no sympathy
As this was your doing

You reap what you sow

Blade Maiden Aug 2018
I'm a hopeless dreamer
A full-blown love-believer
An apologetic oversharer
Might as well give you my preprinted waiver

But I don't need anything
from this funny little human thing
you call a heart and stand tall
Non-believers can't get through my make-believe wall

And you're the biggest one of them all
Push and pull, careful, you might be the one to fall
Never heard of "we reap what we sow"?
Your love was only a glancing blow.
Danial John Feb 2018
Every weekend, I sow the seeds
And then reap my harvest.
Until death I’ll try my hardest.
The devil should be scared when we meet.
You reap what you sow they’ll say
When you’re distraught and things don’t go your way
Or perhaps bring Karma into the mix
If relationships break and aren’t able to fix
‘It was destined by fate’ you’ll hear
Said contritely from lips insincere
Words of console you’ll get face to face
But shallow words that are empty they’ll waste

Those not involved will end up picking sides
Covertly at first making efforts to hide
Initially from the break you'll feel empty
Blood stained lips cracked and chapped from the sea
Ocean's buffet but refusing to eat
Never again will you find such a treat
Became familiar with every single cliché
As if uttering words will tell me which path to take
How life transpires giving to us what’s due
Fortune tellers are shams with no clue
Soothsayers and any alike
Gain your trust; In your back get a knife

Wasted life ever searching by you
At the same time no search needed too
On a star wishing for her to stay
Unfulfilled, now that she's gone away
Sad tale of loss like needlepoint you’d weave
Sole candle’s flame defiant to bereave
A horse with blinders you ran through life’s race
By yourself so no matter what place
You take could be anywhere between first and last
Entire race ran while peering into the past
Running backwards and pointing *** first
Deftly explains the low value and self-worth
Donkey or court jester is all you are
Spelling out why in life you didn’t get far

Your perception of what’s ‘getting ahead’
Results in you falling behind instead
Not realizing the self-destruction within
Playing a game not possible to win
A headless chicken running every which way
‘Such a disappointment’ is what they will say
All this talent and capability
But the war inside they don’t see
All that is gained inevitably will be lost
Gifts and gestures have attached hidden costs
A Civil War but not North versus South
It’s you against you in this bout

So how did you ever possibly
Think love’s capability is something you’d see
In another when not found in yourself
Common sense locked away on the shelf
When self-value is equal to zero
Your fairy tale is a story without hero
Disgraceful loser and failure is what you believe
Through this lens is how you view and perceive
So if you’re someone you hate and despise
Regardless of partner or how hard you try
If you feel that you don’t deserve love
Then down your throat it could be constantly shoved
But never will you successfully share
Intimacy with another or be able to care
For another with sustained success
when you view yourself as one who’s worthless

So, I know it’s cliché but it’s true
The first step is you must learn to love you
Happiness is something found from within
When you’re okay with yourself you will win
And the grand prize at the end of it all
Is a life where you don’t feel so small
Like a spec of dust who no one would care
If you ended it all; no one’s feelings you spared
Instead filled with satisfaction and peace
A balanced space inside yourself you don’t lease
but forever forward you own
The infinite nomad no more wandering; now with home

Because no matter what’s rattling inside your head
Self-loathing thoughts or remarks that were said
I grab your face and locking eyes engage a stare
Begin to scream at top of lungs so all can hear

Written: February 6, 2018

All rights reserved
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