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Steve Page Jun 3
It’s early – the dominant sun rises, giving
a growing warmth as the urgent seeds dive deep
and the faithful sower dips his head,
dips his hand on repeat and sweeps his graceful arm
away from his small stomach, from his shrinking satchel,
trusting the seed to the sun
and working his way back to the feast.
See Vincent van Gogh's painting The Sower.
Man Mar 2021
you leave your home
because of oppression
and in your new country
you flourish, doing well in this life

generations on
they have forgotten your struggles
as they learned hate
they have forgotten their origins
as they learned what it is
to be the xenophobe
to be the oppressor

to see your triumphs tarnished

you begotten fortunates
taking all you have for granted
slanted views, courtesy of that you've been taught
so some say it isn't your fault
but we know better, eh?
all your wealth could not stuff the gaping maw
that your soul cries out to fill
and so this is what you reap
when seeds of suffering do you sow
Steve Page Jan 2021
Seed and soil
Water and light
Toil included  
Day and night

Time and patience
Rise and repeat
Hope is planted
And Hope is reaped
You need a seed and you need to find good soil with toil
Bullet May 2020
The sun is shinning; I can breathe

The moon is waving; I can sing

The night seems to scare me so I'm wide awake

The day claims loneliness so I'm hiding behind these shades

I want to be your favorite color

Yet I am so gray

Sing with me

Lets talk in depths

Sink into one another

Dream in our color

Live in a coloring book

But we still breathe in the loneliness

While the moon makes me dream in the view of you

I'n singing in these moon dreams

In these themes our moods are broken our hearts sowed at the seem
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2020
"she was weeping, banally, in the moonlight"

We, in some strange power’s employ, move on a rigorous line

Our thoughts broadcast in reverse of linear time

Laying down fresh electric cable so our minds can again spin webs and half-eaten threads

To stand ready for launch from
Cape Canaveral

Young astronauts, and cultural fallout, spun in exhilarating swirl of places and vividly half-described incidents

Experiments explored in zero gravity

Starlight, starbright
first time I apogee tonight

Impaled upon the high temples of Min
flowered in the sun

A collective come undone

Circumferencing quicksand
as worlds tilting badly off-center

In the death ovens  
they go spiraling down into driftglass
Let us sow in faith that we shall reap,
And reap in grace that we shall enjoy the sweat invested.
Star BG Apr 2019
Sowing seeds become
a flowing blanket
of flowers to warm eyes
like... sewing stitches becomes
a blanket of warmth for self.
inspired by Mathew P Nangolo
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