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Laura May 2020
I was a promising child
home as a war zone
I reconciled
grown men around
unknown or known
I remained
as their playground
my soul begrimed
colette alexia Jan 2020
I think this is the hardest part
For a mind wired for hardship,
Waiting, loneliness
And pain made much more sense
For a soul structured for survival
Those came more easily to me than this
Than bliss
They say if you can't live without them you know they're the one
How can that ever be the case?
When the God of the universe has so much grace
Promising to be enough in the face of any heartbreak
No matter how great
There's no one I need but Him
And that's what makes sense to me
Dylan Jones Feb 2019
You lied about that el dorado
They got me for the grand theft auto
They took my prints
They took my phone
I shouldn't love you but I still feel alone
I shouldn't love you but I still feel it all
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
Can I come a little bit closer?
Like this?
That's okay?
I know I'm such a poser.
Feeling more like a loser.

Is it alright if I say this?
Too much?
Too soon?
Can't believe I already miss
your company when I'm supposed to be in his

Arms, strong enough to hold me
but what if I need softness to be
the strength I'm holding on to; she
gives me something more to see
in darkened eyes great honesty

I'll keep your words with great pride
Show yourself to me, don't hide
Let me stay a bit longer                                                    by your side.
Flo Feb 2018
I am caught
By a net of promising words
Lured in by your luminous character
Convinced by your hollow smile

Your affection like venom
Numbing my senses of right and wrong
Unexpected actions
Turned my world upside down

You've done well...
I've been infected...

Now let me cure these feelings
Sometimes certain persons just catch you off guard and feelings emerge, where no feelings are wanted.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Every end makes a way to start with something new
Every new start promises something different,
something new,
yet something very much interesting raising the level of expectations with regards to what was set as prior.
Also otherwise expectations have always remained a part of life that has always got good,
if not great results,
despite the different inputs and many different outcomes,
which have been dealt with and faced from time to time,
since prior.
Cat Fiske Jul 2016
I went off my medication,
and went up a few sizes,
sometimes you lose the effort to try,

but when the effort returns,
maybe it will be ignored,
til a more promising day.
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