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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Hopes and dreams
are soft and fragile
as the petals above.
Bathing and blossoming
in the radiating warmth,
love and happiness
of the sun.
But attached to these
fragrant petals
are thorny stems
the one needs to climb
to bathe and breathe
the intoxicating and enriching aura.
aniket nikhade Jan 2016
Certainly there are moments when something seems to be possible
This is then followed by moments when the same thing seems impossible

Anticipation is followed by risk,
a failure to get the required thing done,
an uncertainty, an anxiety,
all of which makes the heart beat much faster.

Important things become much more important when importance of important things is realized, understood and accepted.

Time passes by, more and more new things come up
Time is running out
Time now to think about something specific
Something definite along a definite line of action
Lot of things happened up until now,
more things will happen along in the future.
Definitely the present needs to be separated and sorted out with regards to the future. .

Something like this has happened,
something because of which the future has come into focus,
then something similar to this much have been in existence since the past.
Something like this seemed to be certain, then the next moment with regards to the same it seems as if there was no way out.
For a few moments it seems as if everything is over.

Either of the two,
one thing remains for sure,
some sort of development was happening in the direction of an inevitable thing that has happened and is in existence in the present.
Something which cannot be averted, neither ignored, nor denied or even avoided.

What happened in the past was an experience while what is taking place in the present is a lesson.
An experience is gained when lessons are learnt and revised.

Definitely when the lessons learnt in the present are revised in future,
then they will add to the experience,
which is in existence then,
enriching the experience gained from past.
Experience helps in getting an insight of what else and what more seems to be possible in the present and in doing so the future gets revealed.
aniket nikhade Dec 2015
Failure is not only a concern, but also a part of life
Ignore it,
deny the same,
defy it, however, facts never change.

Like the odds when they come along the way,
which need to be tackled,
they prove to be of use, of great benefit in enriching prior experience,
in the same way,
failure is the first step towards success.

Never get disappointed, don’t give up,
since prevention has always remained better than cure
One wrong step never meant it's end of the world
One wrong step never meant to be a full stop
One wrong step, however, definitely means not to repeat the same mistake again.

Definitely failure is not only a concern, but also a part of life,
best when agreed upon and accepted,
so as to make sure that the same thing never happens again, all over again.

— The End —