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Apporva Arya Jun 2019
I was Victim in life,
Throughout my life.
Hence knows the pain,
Has dealt with pain.
Don't like to hurt.
That's why always get hurt.
Growing among abusing parents,break down one's self confidence. Thats why only I know is how to defend but no counter attack. And that's why at each round of life I just barely survive.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Every end makes a way to start with something new
Every new start promises something different,
something new,
yet something very much interesting raising the level of expectations with regards to what was set as prior.
Also otherwise expectations have always remained a part of life that has always got good,
if not great results,
despite the different inputs and many different outcomes,
which have been dealt with and faced from time to time,
since prior.
Death-throws Aug 2015
Add me to the list of show horses who've kissed a gun

I'm tired of beeing the beaten one.
No fun.

Sick of beeing the last man to run
I feel like eventually I'll amount to someone
But till that day I'm just a body.
My sports have become  hobies
Sleeping in hotel lobies.
Giving gobbies for coins
There is no fruit in my *****
Just an ache that lies in the wake of my discrimination.
Acting alongside my procrastination
No longer will my forehead bead with

I have become a man that could disappoint a nation
Lady Bird Jan 2015
some cards hold secrets
joker's are wild
throwing things backwards
yet life's game still goes on
behind every hand dealt

— The End —