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Dez Mar 2020
Kissing girls is like drinking whiskey
It some times can be risky
But it warms you inside
And can fill you with pride
And after both your voice maybe a bit husky
colette alexia Mar 2020
He said I was delicate
Not in a sense of being fragile
But something he wants to handle with care
I think I'll let him
So please,
                    with care.

As your beloved
                                 a noxious
( _me_ )
Àŧùl Jan 2020
You will fall in love with me soon,
Haziness will be in your thoughts.
You may then enjoy that swoon,
Sweetness will be in my plots.

You would love my expression,
Kindness is on top of my virtues.
You might not realize my real lies,
Strangeness lies in the truth of my life.

There might come an important time,
Truthfulness of mine will be so banal.
You might seek stability in your life,
With someone that has a better base.

Will you leave me alone then,
Or will you seek respite inside?
Will you forever faithfully be mine,
Or will you pursue infidelity outside?
My HP Poem #1823
©Atul Kaushal
Eli Dec 2019
if i touch you, will i break you?
if i blink, will it all fall away?
if i space out, will this place fade back to what i once knew?
if i dare look away, will the sun fade?
Nylee Oct 2019
The pain shoots through
lives beneath the surface
touch me not, it will start again
being careful enough is not helpful
Weighs you down, you think only  .

The bright world continues life,
the feeling and thoughts distracted.
The bones feel weak, cracked up
Less pressure to the area
I close my eyes before the pain begins.

There is no right position,
It hurts and hurts more every time
It edges over a fine line.
You get through with the blurred vision
With pain a lasting companion
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
The flower you hold,
Too tight and it will crumple,
No growth if too loose.
Makenzie Marie Sep 2019
I trust you so deeply to respect me.
And every day you show me in one way or another, that you really do. You don’t just tell me, you show me, too.
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