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when life seems hopeless and despair
has grabbed hold and kept you there
inside the blackest places known
you feel scared and alone

search within, look deep inside
a tiny speck of hope implied
will grow so slowly then collide
with helpless thoughts that try to hide

it shimmers, swirls, burns like fire
picks you up and takes you higher
lifts you from the pits of hell
and suddenly, you can tell

your spirits brighter than the dark
you are a flash; you are a spark
that bathes the world with golden light
a lighthouse shining in the night

with your spirit that has grown
you sense a presence yet unknown
you squint to see, and you're shown
you have never been alone

a field of radiant, brilliant sparks
they glow and pulse, leave their marks
upon your tattered weary soul
they help to make you feel whole

so when the darkness has a grip
around you, helpless feelings slip
the light that's in your soul defends
the sparks are all of us, your friends
Run away with me to the
mountains; we'll find peace of mind.
Let's snuggle close together;
leave our cares behind.
Look up and see the stars shining
high above the trees.
They glisten like a billion snowflakes
alight upon the breeze.
when the world ended,
i fell to the floor,
tears rolling down,
the future tore.

heart in my throat,
my jaw felt weak,
you held me tight,
you kissed my cheek.

when the world ended,
your hand on mine,
softly caress,
fingers entwined.

no whispered words,
you let me be,
your quiet strength,
meant the world to me.

And on that day, when the world ended,
you held my hand,
you stayed with me,
you made me see,
my world could be...

— The End —