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Big Virge Mar 2020
These Words Are Ones ...
On Which To ... " CHEW " ...

"Be careful what you do !
Be careful what you do !
If cops are in view,
and you're being pursued !"

Because ...
NOW They'll SHOOT Like ADDICTS Do ... !!!!!!!

INNOCENT YES ... Until GUILTY Is Said ...

But Be CAREFUL What You Do ...
When Dealing With The FEDS' ... !!!

Innocence CAN'T Protect Your Chest From BULLETS ... !!!
Cos' They FIRE At CHESTS Instead of At LEGS ... !?!

They SHOOT But MISS Arms ...
Instead ... They PIERCE HEARTS ... !?!

Their AIM Shuts DOWN Brains ... ?!?
In Similar Ways ... To Those Who DRUG TAKE ... !!!

But Make NO MISTAKE ...

They OVERDOSE Nowadays On EMPTYING Veins ... !!!
And Then Making CLAIMS Like ... They Were AFRAID ... !!!!

To ABSOLVE Them From Blame ...
When Juries They Face Have To Hear Them Relate ...

How ...

"Blacks made them shake, so that's why they fired !" ...

Well This AIN'T ... " The Wire " ...
Or ..... " Spenser For Hire " ..... !!!

Their Murders Are REAL And Now Phone Cams' REVEAL ...
How They FABRICATE ... Like Uniformed LIARS ... !!!!!!!!!!

From DUGGAN In London …
To US Cops FRONTIN' ...
About How Their Function …
NOW NEEDS MORE Than Truncheon ... !!!!!!

Be CAREFUL What You Do ...
Cos' Cops Now ARE Sumthin' ... !!!!!

SHOOTING Old Dudes EIGHT Times Like it's COOL ... ?!?

And THAT Is Some TRUTH …
That's RARELY Produced ...
INSIDE Their Courtrooms …
To CONVICT Feds' Accused …
of MURDEROUS Moves ... !!!

Because Their STATUTE ...
Is What Constitutes THIS Type of ABUSE ... !!!

That RUNS Institutions ...
Where RACIST Collusions …
Have LONG BEEN In Use ... !!!!!!!

BEFORE They Could CLAIM ...

.... " EQUALITY REIGNS " .... !?!

Be CAREFUL What You SAY ... !!!!!
Cos' THAT ... AIN'T The Way ... !!!!!!

Equality ISN'T Eight Shots In YOUR BACK ... !!!
Or FACING Gun Claps Just Because You're BLACK ... ?!?

Be CAREFUL What You Do When BLACKNESS Is YOU ... !!!!!
And THAT IS More TRUTH Folks SHOULDN'T Confuse ... !!!!!

This ISN'T Some Stuff Black People ... " MAKE UP " ... !?!

We HAVE To Be Cool When FACING White FOOLS ... !!!!!
Who ARE SO INSECURE That They'll FIRE Fa' SURE ...

... Just Because We're BLACK ... ?!?

So We HAVE To Be WISE When It Comes To Our Buys ...
Be CAREFUL What You DO If You're Black And Get LOOT ... !!!

DON'T PLAY That Your Cash …
Makes You GREEN and NOT Black ... ?!?

DON'T Buy A Backpack …
If Trains And Their Tracks Are How You Make Moves ...

BRAZIL Knows The Coup ...
About LONDON Cops Who LIE And Do WRONG ... !!!

Po' Po' Were The NEMESIS ...
of ... Jean Charles De Menezes' ... !!!!!

An INCREDIBLE ACT They CANNOT Take Back ... !!!

They Left That Man FLAT ... !!!
Cos' They CLAIMED That ... " He Ran ! " ...

And Was About To COMMIT A ... TERROR Attack ... !!!!!!

" BE CAREFUL " ... Should NOW ...
Become The NEW SOUND When Police Sirens HOWL .... !!!!!

Because They're Like ... WOLVES ...
Now HUNTING In PACKS To TERRORISE Blacks ... !!!!!

They NEED Terror Laws For Po' Po' ... Fa SURE ... !!!!!!!!!!

Because What's ...................... ignored .....
... IS TERROR They FLAUNT ... !!!!!

As If They Have Rights ... " Saintly and DIVINE " ... ?!?

To **** Who They Like ... UNLESS They Are WHITE ... !!!
OKAY Whites Die TOO ... But Like Asian Dudes ...

How MANY Get SHOT Just Like WALTER SCOTT ... ?!!!?

Well That's ALL I've Got For THIS ... " Mini - Play " ...

" Be Careful What You SAY " ...
PRE-DATES This ... Wordplay ... !!!

But BOTH Are In TRUTH  Poems That Give PROOF ...
That ORDERS And Moves Are REALLY NOT NEW ...

But That MODERN News ...
So We CAN'T Continue ...
To Let ... Being HUMANE ...

Or To ... EMBRACE These Sayings ...
YEAH Ones Like ... These TWO ...

" Be Careful What You Say ! " ...

And ......

" Be CAREFUL What You DO ! " ...
It is most definitely a time to do, as the poem suggests .....
Paul McSherry Sep 2013
be careful what you say
be careful what you do
be careful where you go
there’s someone watching you

a whisper in the dark
a murmur from the heart
a secret of the mind
the trails you leave behind

you thought that no one knew
that window with the view
they’ve got you on the wire
they know what you desire

be careful what you say
be careful what you do
be careful where you go
there’s someone watching you

what you say
where you go
what you do
where’s someone watching you

the satellite still spins
recording all your sins
the days when you were free
they’re ancient history

the knock at 2am
there’s no escaping then
they’ve got you in their web
they’ve got everything you said

be careful what you say
be careful what you do
be careful where you go
there’s someone watching you

what you say
where you go
what you do
there’s someone watching you
Careful child
That’s not to eat
Careful child
The stairs are steep
Listen to me child; the world’s a dangerous place

Careful child
Not everyone’s a friend
Careful child
Hearts aren’t easy to mend
Learn quickly child; the world’s a dangerous place

Careful child
It’s not yet your time
Careful child
**** them with kindness, not with crime
Take caution child; the world’s a dangerous place

Careful child
You’ve grown at last
Careful child
Learn from your past
Take care child; the world’s all yours
Madeline Bowker  Mar 2014
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
You're so fragile.
You're so easily broken.
You're so far away from here.
Right now.
You're careful.
You try not to let anyone in.
You've built walls high enough to reach Heaven.
Yet, You've been through Hell.
Careful, don't let anyone close.
Careful, don't let them in.
Careful, can't fall that hard again.
Careful, try not to break down.

I'll be careful with you.
I promise.
I can't*
You can.
No. Not again.
Let me in, I'll be careful with your heart.
I'm not like the rest; you can trust me, I swear.
Can I?
Yes! I love you.
I don't know if it's possible for me to feel that way again.
Let me help you, I'll be careful.
*I know.
She let down her walls and he kept his promise.
He was careful with her heart and helped her to love again.
They live happily with two kids in a quaint little home in the woods.
Happy and Carefree.
With what you say

With what you do

With what you think

All your life
You have to be so very careful

You must be careful what You write
Certain people may see it

And what will they think of you now?
Big Virge Apr 2015
Be CAREFUL What You Say !!!
Be CAREFUL What You Say !!!
Don't Talk About Gays In Homophobic Ways !!!!!
Don't Talk of Terrorism Unless You Seek A Vision ...
Where ... Your Form of Religion Is Locked Inside A Prison ... !!!
Don't Talk In Ways That State A Case ....
For Shutting Down ... " Guantanamo Bay " ... !!!
" I say I say ! "
"Yes, you say what !"
" Can I use my brain ? "
"Ofcourse you may,  
Just use it in a certain way !"
"A Certain Way, i'll go insane !"
"Well either way, you'll end up caged !"
"What, just for thoughts I put to page ?
Excuse me saying, but are you deranged ?"
"Don't I have a voice to express joy ?"
"Ofcourse you do, but we're watching you !"
"What, like Big Brother ?"
"A little like that, but we call it undercover"
"Like Mr. Macintrye ?"
"Don't you ever get tired !"
"Well excuse me sir, I just don't concur
with the thought that my brain, should just refrain,  
from talking of things that bring me pain !"
"Sir, your form of complaint, now requires restraint,
and if you don't, STOP, you'll be detained !"
Now I've Just Watched YES .... " I Robot " ...
And Am A Little Disturbed By Modern Plots ... !!!
Now Actors Are Seen On Stage As Machines ...
I Never Ever Would of ... DREAMED ... ?!?
But That's The Way Things Are These Days ...  
Robots Now Taking Roles In Plays ... !!?!!
It Worries Me That We May See ...
A Whole NEW BREED On Our TV's ... ?!?
X Factor Robots PLEASE ... Surely Not ... ?
IN FACT That's Wrong THAT TV Show's Already On ... !!!!
That's A JOKE I'm Sorry Folks Had To Get That In ...
In Truth I'd Really ... " LOVE TO WIN " ... !!!!!!!!
Did I Just Say THAT... ?!?
I Need A SLAP ... !!!!!!!
"Be careful what you say !" ...
Okay OKAY ... !!!
I NEED To Write NICE Poetry ....
Before I Meet The ... " Censorship POLICE " ... !!!
Those Who CLAIM I Should REFRAIN From Being A PAIN ...  
And Should Talk About LOVE And ... " SUNNY DAYS " ... !!!!!!!
WHAT World Are THEY IN ... ?!?
They're NOT In The One of My Black Skin ... !!!
Problems I Face DON'T Lie Within ... !!!
Can't I Talk About Sins of ... NEW Racists ... ?  
"Virgil son, you must resist !
You know your place, so, just accept it !"
"What do you mean, I see I see !
Hidden away from ITV, and clearly yes the BBC !
Indeed, indeed, that's the place for me !
A place where I write poetry, and do not feed deluded dreams ?"
They'll Have An End To Suit Their Means ...
But Will It PROTECT ... " Freedom of Speech " ... ?
Or Fill A Slot ... Just Because ...  
I Do Hope NOT ... Is Poetry DEAD Is Freedom LOCKED ... ?
Is The Answer In ... My head of Knots ... ?!?
I'll Do MY Thing ... Until I'm STOPPED ...  
NOT By Those Who Sit And Plot ...
But Father Time And All Our Gods ....
Who Feed Me Words To .... " Sit and Jot " ....
I Hope That They ... With NO DELAY ...  
Decide That We Have Right of Way ...
To Say The Things We WANT To Say ... !!!!!
Those Who Choose To ... " ENTERTAIN " ...
And Those Like Me of A DIFFERENT Strain ... !!!!!!
Just Like Blood Runs Through My Veins ...
So Do My Thoughts Inside My Brain ...
To Relinquish THAT Would Drive Me Mad ... !!!
Isn't That ESSENTIAL To Being ..... HUMAN ... ?!?
Sharing Views With Woman and Man ...
I'm Trying My BEST To ... " OVER-Stand " ...
Why We'd Want To Change That Plan ... ?!?
It's HARD These Days To ...  " Live In Peace " ... !!!
But It'll Be Much WORSE ...  
With NO EXPRESSION Or Use For Words ... !!!
These Plans DISTURB And Seem ABSURD ...  
And May Just HURT This Place Called ... " Earth " ... ?!?  
We NEED To EXPRESS To EASE Our Stress ...
And Communicate MORE NOT Do This Less ... !!!
That's Just MY VIEW But What About YOU ... ???
But REMEMBER These Days ...
..... "Be Careful What You Say" ..... !!!!!
Listen Here :
Suzanne S  Mar 2018
I believe Her
Suzanne S Mar 2018
My mum tells me to be careful as I close the front door
Every footstep the tick of a bomb about to go off
And I know that she will worry until she hears me return
That maybe this time I wasn’t careful enough
But I know Careful
Careful is a woman who walks in our skin when the door shuts behind us
Faceless and watchful
With keys jammed between each finger
And her honey voice is flowing through a perpetual conversation with the home screen of her phone
Her gait wide and her hood up,
hair down but tucked away
She never looks up
only shifts her eyes from left to right on a pendulum trajectory determined to read the cadence of the shadows
Like they are palms or tea leaves or a CCTV in operation sign on the front of a shop window
On the walk home
She is always moving
A waterfall rushing down the steepest drop to get back home with all her foundations in tact
Careful is always waiting for the other shoe to fall
She is texting texting texting details of her plans
Where she has been
where she is going
what is the license of the taxi she is in
Are the doors locked as soon as she shuts them?
How salty is too salty for a margarita or a tequila or a glass of water
Can anyone vouch for the milliseconds that her drink was out of her sight?
She has a  pair of earphones attached to nothing jutting from her ears
and her key clawed hands wrapped tightly around a can of pepper spray
And her car is parked right outside the building
Careful is always a woman living in a war zone
where the enemies can be the ones that she has trusted most
Or strangers that cast long shadows
She is a landmine that is always in danger of being stepped on
She is made into a three star salad that the jury reject because she was underdressed
Overexposed like the photos that Careful should never have sent
Because even she knows that she cannot exist
A woman is always careful
But never careful enough.
Careful, Love
Trust may exist but there are other obstacles at play here
And how exactly does faith compare to fate
Perhaps we'll never know
But someone's going to have to place a bet

Careful, Love
I may prove to be detrimental to your health
But I just can't seem to help myself
And there you are waiting to be that hero
Who knows maybe the cape and masked life suit you

Careful, Love
No one can support you quite like yourself
You are the key, use it
but careful, love
Don't slam the door in my face
If I am welcoming you with freshly baked cookies

Careful, Love
Move with focus and drive but not haste
I want to see you gracefully walking the tightrope
not stumbling over mere pebbles
And although I can pretend
I am not destiny
Not yours and not mine
Love, it is your choice
to live boldly
or to hold the cards close to your chest
Be careful love
but not timid

— The End —