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Yanamari Sep 17
"There's this dance
That I've memorised"
Whispers a voice by my side
Pulling me along
Twirling me to her foreside

"Should I show you it?"
Fingers smoothing
The crease between my brows,
Fingers tracing my cheek
Down to my hand

Eyes closed, she pulls me forward
Steps not unfamiliar,


The warmth on my skin
Slowly fades, no more than
A distant memory

"Of course,

The words echo in my ears
Dimming to a loud buzz

"Thank you for the dance."
Yanamari Sep 15
My Past and I
Walk hand in hand
Every day
That I come to stand,
Grip adjusting
From a gentle caress
To a tugging demand.

And in
Laying in molten tar
And stroking frozen walls
I forget that hand; to mar
My skin invisibly to the core.

I am yet to understand
The warmth of that hand
How to hold it and
Be gentle without reprimand-
For the crumbling
It causes and the
Constant fluctuating
Pushes and pulls
A lull-
Laying me down to sleep.
Yanamari Sep 10
I like it when you
Call out to me
Catch up with me
So casually gentle

I like it when you
Smile at me
And redirect my focus
An aura of gentle
Ambiguous clarity

I like it when you
Take your time with me
Talk to me
Even when you're
Running late

Thanks for listening to me
Even when my words
Are exaggeratedly outspoken

It's not all the time,
But in the moments that
You do
I cherish
And I appreciate
Thank you
The Aura series:
Yanamari Sep 3
Running my fingers
Along the frozen walls,
A feeling that lingers;
To a house, its doors.
I stare out at the melting
Burning Sun
A fire too intense;
At its distance,
On my skin, a warmth almost a hum.

The Sun is too close, too close

Foreign is the feeling of the hum,
Dancing on my skin,
Never delving deeper some.
My mind can only wonder,
Sunlust echoing in my gaze as I
Cross my legs and enjoy
The cold while basking in the Sun.
Neither overly warm
Nor am I frozen to the touch;
I have faded into the cold
And currently, I have no plan
Nor rush.
Yanamari Aug 16
Just like life,
Always a mess.
A pleasant mess

Eyes like the moon,
The light reflected off of
Its surface
Always reaching my eyes
When the world allows.
And the light of the moon
At night
Is possibly the most pleasant
Had I had the chance...

And the darkness
Always evident,
Because, void of light,
The moon still exists
And the veil of emptiness
Speaks volumes.

A mess partly smoothed
Is still a mess;
Why not just
Throw your head back
Into the wind like usual?

Another person to thank,
Thank you
For making me smile.
Thank you
For the genuine gazes.
That's all I need.
Pers Ref: AcknOE
The Aura series: VI
Yanamari Aug 5
And there's a
A smile
After you
Always evaporating, cheeks


A yell,

No turn
Words churned
In the instability
I am floating in
Unable to earn
The desires that I
Locked in my frozen

Floating in
Uncontrollable colour changing tar
The one thing I expected
To remain constant
Was the lack of equilibrium
And I .... Why is it you're looking...
Looking at me?
Pers Ref: WA 2Aug (Butter). Is it really the beginning of equilibration?
Yanamari Jul 30
I never knew how many goodbyes
I'd said
Before you became distant
My friend
And looking from the distance
That has been built between
I feel a void present.

Your lack of response was a sign.
A game of checkers to bid the time.
However you can only play with two
And I...
Have always been one
And alone.

And yet you begin to replicate yourself,
Until I see you in many
Different yet the same.
Your eyes distant
Your smile not yet expressed with
All of your heart.
It's no surprise that
This wall is here.
Thank you for your time.

I don't want to look upon you from a
Distance so far.
The void can be discarded.
And yet you stand there
And my thumbs hover over you;
Not yet registering
What my mind speaks.

Can I really say
were once a friend?
An acqu~~~~~~~~
Just like most.

And am I my own acqu~~~~~~~~?

What use is the hand that reaches out
Stroking frozen walls and
Directing my gaze
Pers Ref. EMEng&FBXRep. How many voids have combined to create this rift in my heart?
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