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Yanamari Sep 5
Swimming in the waters
That were once thick
Breathing ocean air comfortably
Heart beat no longer quick
Floating in these waters
As I have never done before
Relaxing my mind from
All that was once ashore
Beneath me
Above me
Around me
No longer there
Except for the waves that sway
And give to the passing of my limbs
Except for the blue skies that reach
To pass into the ocean
Except for the sun that shines from a distance...
And maybe I can feel it's warmth again
Just realised that maybe some of my feelings metaphors may be more connected than I've realised
Yanamari Apr 2
Maybe it's easy to pity myself
In the absence of pity,
In the wake of disregard and judgement,
In the choice of abandoning my surroundings.
If love is a window,
I've been told it's broken,
Not there,
A fairytale rotted within
The clutches of time,
Unachievable by the likes of I...
My home is a frozen ice palace
My touch is destruction
My heart is darkness
My past is molten tar
Myself distancing
From everything

The world is beautiful
But filled with shadows.
Yanamari Mar 14
Rot in teeth?
Not the hole that was
Eventually going to form anyways
Life slowly decays?
Or was it that life slowly
Fades out in a way that isn't fully understood
What's in it but
Illusions basing our Perceptions
A choice?
Cold and warm
Values recycling until
Hurt becomes day- to- day
Yanamari Mar 2
My clothes flow around me
As I sit down on wet ice
Gone is the cold
For the cold is what
I've blended into,
What I discovered was
Frozen with the words
Left unspoken
Swirling in my
Buzzing mind
I'd open my mouth
But I don't find it in me
To care to speak to anyone
For the warmth I saw has
And this cold I am sat in
I trust to remain frozen
Even if fragile
And the cold has always been a comfort
Always been the sink to my turmoil
So how much could it hurt to
Let the little warmth I once
Depended upon
Dissipate away
Yanamari Nov 2020
Your gaze on mine
In this cool air
Your hand outstretched
In this blue night
My feet take me forward
There is no going back
My subconscious merges with my conscious
My desires swim in reality
A tune is playing and
My name is called
I cannot deny this one last request
Yanamari Nov 2020
Burning candle snuffed
Smoke trail rising
Wick's heat dissipating
Wax cooling slowly
Solidifying the candle again
No sparks
No flames
No heat
Just candle
Just wax
Just wick
The wick is burnt
Shorter than it used to be
The wax's mass decreased
Transformed and floating away
The heat travelling elsewhere
Away from the candle's reach

Flames light
Flames flicker
Flames fade out
Flames swirl with energy
Candles don't
Yanamari Nov 2020
White noise
Brown noise
Absorbing my voice
My soul
Heart beating
Fridge whirring
Train tracks humming
Bed sheets warming my legs beneath me
Squishy pillow overheating me
Lights on
Lights on
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