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We live in a society

where it’s okay to shame men for crying

and it’s okay for people to continue lying

about allegations that can ruin lives

while the media continues to objectify

the parts of a female body without trying

We live in a society

where countless people must hide in the closet

for fear of loved ones who would have lost it

upon false impropriety

We live in a society

In which a woman sleeping around is labeled as such a ****

While his pals pound into his head he must man up

Upon a high body count she’s called too ******

But they say a man is great at getting girls so easy

Boys will be boys then, where are the wise men?

We live in a society

where barbies are for girls and trucks are for boys

but after all, they’re just childhood toys

so why assign them to one gender, is it all a ploy?

We live in a society

where some children don’t get to play

but have to starve on the streets all day

because they don’t have anything to pay

to make the hunger and pain go away

We live in a society

and that will never change
but one thing we can do today

is to hold ourselves accountable

for every little assumption
and judgmental mistake

Must it come back around  

that you change society

not the other way around
yes the meme may be cringe but it’s purposely stated in an ironic fashion
She appears to have.. sadness without an apparent meaning
An onlooker or two wouldn’t know the difference
Between a smile faked or a genuine one
Between a mile take without a good run

A change is hard to detect
And a compliment harder to deflect

Every hour is very much tough  
When thoughts pile and flood

It’s too much ruminating
Things such as hesitating

Clog up every single vein
Makes it hard to stay sane

It’s called anxiety
Don’t you see?
Who would I rather be than me
I’d rather be anyone across from me

Holding out for moments sacred
Anxieties spanning miles of acreage

I pick up on every crumb you drop
A never-ending trail I need to stop

Imagined memories together become scattered  
I’m still driving down the ladder

Onward, downward, seething it goes
Spellbound rivers of spiraling growth  

Pleading with tears out of this recession
An elaborate hovel of the worst depression

My realities seem such a hoax
The absence of perfection sauntered a ghost

One in which haunting is the prevalent way
Brazenly nasty it vowed to never stray

Really I’m a yearning plant
Nonetheless none will water me, it’s not in the plan

Withered and grey, forts of strength have gone under
I’m informed watching a relentless thunder

Brewing in the depths of my heart
In loving memory we’ll always be apart
I’m no longer needed so why am I here?
Lingering in this judgmental sphere

Of haughty loud whispers veiled with eloquence
Trinkets of murmuring hold me on a sequin fence

Clacking heels, dramatic spiels, alcohol flowing on staircase wheels

Jolly old folks and careless times
While my worries angle upward dives

Pivotal remembrance lies in waiting sharp turns
Hidden longing like Chardonnay burns
I can see all our little interactions
Of me hiding my faceless attraction

Cause you never would have noticed
Even if I gave the effort to show it

Why couldn’t I ever be someone to you?
To this day I’m still wondering what to do
amongst the flustering frost of winter  
a seeping in my bones lifts a splinter

of icy flurries choked in refrained regret
a spiced hushed whisper i’d never forget

with a vivid sweeping spring arrives
and the twittering birdies begin to fly

where mere mortals tromp and trod
lies an untouched flower in the sod

to uncover inside wandering conclusions
the scattered blooms lost in their confusion
my take on seasons
be kind not because you decide

but be kind without conscious applied
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