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Jun 2019 · 319
Something Like Me
Sydney Victoria Jun 2019
There Are Now Green Leaves,
There Are Flowers,
There Are Bees,
There Is Sunshine,
There Is Breeze,
There Is You,
And Then There’s Me.

You Are The Dew,
And I Am The Freeze
You Are The Beach,
And I Am The Seas,
I Am The Grit,
And You Are The Ease.

How Could Someone Like You,
Love Something Like Me?
I Am The Winter,
You Are The Summer,
Why Do You Love Me
When I Am Such A ******?
Sydney Victoria Jan 2019
Snow Flakes Drift Gently,
My Mind Is Bitterly Cold,
And Darkness Creeps In

In Peaceful Silence,
I Am Shivering No More,
For My Bed Is Warm

I Am Safe For Now,
From All The Thoughts Of Daytime,
To Sleep I Succumb
Jan 2019 · 647
Sydney Victoria Jan 2019
Break Me Into Pieces
Let My Colors Bleed
Put Me Back Together
Whichever Way You Please

I’m Not A Simple Puzzle
It Will Not Be With Ease
But, If My Heart Is Found
It’s Your Name It Will Read
A professor I am studying with has told me to keep a diary, so that I can find myself. She told me this will help me with my art, which I believe has validity. I struggle with expressing myself through my art because I keep my feelings locked up, and I need to figure out what is actually in my heart. But, I have always been able to find myself through writing poetry. I need an excuse to write again, and I hope I will see more of you. Much love always.

Aug 2018 · 12.4k
Sea, My Love
Sydney Victoria Aug 2018
I love it when she’s blue,
I love it when she’s gold,
I love it when she’s silver,
I love it when she’s cold,
I love it when she’s quiet,
I love it when she’s bold,
I love it when she’s calm,
I love it when she folds
I love her for her secrets,
I love her for her songs,
I love her for her rights,
I love her for her wrongs,
I love it when she moves me,
When she pulls me,
When she soothes me,
I love it when she’s red,
I love it when she’s gray,
I love it when she’s mine,
I love it when she strays,
I love her for her warmth,
I love her for her stare,
I love her for her depths,
I love her for her care.
I’m in love with ocean. Her beauty, her grace. The secrets she harbors, the life she gives to all creatures. I love the way she holds me & makes me feel free. I am euphoric, I can see her now. No caps because I am truly meek in her presence.
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
Colors Of Twilight
Are Quilt-Like On The Water
Pale Yellows Meet Gray

The Water Is Still
A Tranquil Night Is Welcomed
By Some Fireflies

The Moonlight Is Blurred
Wrapped In A Cotton-Like Film
Painted Violet

Colors Of Twilight
Swirl Beneath A Gentle Oar
I’m Thinking Of You
Tonight I Went Kayaking On A Glassy Lake. All Was Calm, All Was Beautiful & Still. It Was Wonderful. I Was Thinking Of You.
Jun 2018 · 418
The Pain Is Always There
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
My Body Is A Cage, A Portal,
And A Stone.
My Pain Is A Friend, A Shadow
And A Foe.
My Body Is A Host, A Mortal,
And A Home.
My Pain Is A Monster, A Hunger
In My Bones.
I Cannot Wait For The Day That The Pain Goes Away.
Jun 2018 · 418
You Are...
Sydney Victoria Jun 2018
Sweet summer rains that kiss calm seas;
The cricket’s song that travels on the breeze.
Evening and daytime, what lies in between,
Painted, still waters, in twilight you gleam.
Horizons are born and hidden by night,
Each small star unimaginably bright.
Nestled in slumber, one lies in your heart,
A beacon of light from which you won’t part.
Sounds of the earth awaken you gently as
Morning emerges offering you plenty. You are
Innocent flowers who are greeting the sun.
The mountains and canyons, cratered and dun. You are my
Home, and my forever only one
You Are My Other Half <3
May 2018 · 339
Minimalistic Insomniac
Sydney Victoria May 2018

Apr 2018 · 497
When I Think A Thought
Sydney Victoria Apr 2018
When I think of day, I think of dew,
When I think of dawn, I think of new,
When I think of sky, I think of blue,
When I think of love, I think of you!
Apr 2018 · 973
What if?
Sydney Victoria Apr 2018
What if I were to sleep?
What if I were to fly?
What if I were to leap
From the red bridge nearby?

What if I were to sleep?
What if I were to fly?
What if I were to sing
Forever from the sky?

What if I were to sleep?
What if I were to fly?
What if I were to leap
From the red bridge nearby.
What if?
Sydney Victoria Oct 2017
Silent, Solemn,
Breaking, Blinding, Barren
Wandering, Waning, Wondering, Wishing,
Battered, Broken, Bitter,
Suffocating, Sweltering,
No privacy but always alone
Oct 2017 · 691
Quiet Thoughts (2 Haikus)
Sydney Victoria Oct 2017
A hopeless gray sky
In a frozen reflection
Harbors a secret

A delicate hand
Beneath a tepid ocean
Clenches emptiness
Struggling to stay afloat in an angry sea
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
Borne From Green
Sydney Victoria Aug 2016
Waning Sunshine,
Flightless Birds,
Autumn Speaks,
Arbitrary Words.

On The Horizon,
Not Too Far,
From The Fire,
Comes A Star.

Daytime, Nighttime,
What Lies In Between,
A Flaming Skyline,
Borne From Green.
I can't wait for Autumn
May 2016 · 823
Thank You; Yeah You!
Sydney Victoria May 2016
The Freedom Of Speech Is Arbitrary Without An Audience.**

Thank You For The Constructive Criticism.
Thank You For The Inspirational Works.
Thank You For Your Support.
Most Importantly--
Thank You For Lending An Ear.
Thank You To The 222K Reads!
A Simple Hobby Transformed Into A Humble Passion :)
May 2016 · 698
For Him (Part II)
Sydney Victoria May 2016
Gullies glide gracefully over skeletal planes
Oblique sunshine withers in the gray
Obsolete, it warms no living creature
Dormant seeds lie hidden beneath gravel,
Buried beneath a sea of smothered
Yearning--awaiting rainfall which looms an
Eternity away
"Love was a country we couldn't defend." -Gregory Alan Isakov
Apr 2016 · 702
Sydney Victoria Apr 2016
I Will Still Think Of You,
When Light Fades From Day,
I Will Still Think Of You,
When "I Love You"s Drift Away,
I Will Still Think Of You,
When Time Is Stale And Tasteless,
I Will Still Think Of You,
When My Body Is Gone And Graceless
Feb 2016 · 982
For Him
Sydney Victoria Feb 2016
Lavender paints the heavens, lingering
Over an elegant array of cerulean, silk
Gossamers. Rays of sunlight dangling
Among the fringes of distorted clouds,
Nestled within the gleam of your eye.
Soft summer breeze caressing my skin;
A tune you hum fastened in my ear.
Lavish hues seep from your open lips--
Never gray. The foliage beneath you is
Evergreen. Autumn only a memory,
Raw yet fictional.
But my love, the colors are alive in you.

I did not do my all capitals in this one because I did not want to distract from his importance. <3
Jan 2016 · 744
Opus--Serenity (Triolet)
Sydney Victoria Jan 2016
Heavens Dressed In Cobalt Velour,
Snow Draped Upon A Forest's Floor.
Night Yielding Adorning Decor;
Starlight Swirling Beneath Time's Oar.
Tides Of Wonder Slosh Against Shore,
Smooth Silence Drawing An Encore.
Transparent Sun Seeps From A Spore,
Vacant Words Cease *Forevermore
The Soil, A Tablet--Upon It--The Lord Keeps His Score.

I Hope All Has Been Well

Copyright Protected (As All Poems Are).
Dec 2015 · 5.2k
Red (Lantern Poem)
Sydney Victoria Dec 2015
Nearer To
Earth's Rosy
The Starlight
With A Tender
To Bleed From
Bruised Ledges Of
Beckon Night
From Its Hiding
Thought I Should Get Back To Writing. Hope You Enjoyed This Neat Style Of Poetry! Try It Out :)
Sep 2015 · 2.1k
Sydney Victoria Sep 2015
Am I Unique Because I Am Imperfect,
Am I Imperfect Because I Am Unique?
Perfectly Imperfect.
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Sydney Victoria Aug 2015
Sound Penetrates The Ear
& Seeps To The Soul

Singing Can Make
The Broken Heart Whole
Minnesota All-State Choir Was A Blast.
Music Allows Me To Find The Beauty Within Myself
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Summer Lovin'
Sydney Victoria Jul 2015
Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Blue,
It Was Just Last Summer,
The Summer Of You

My Lips Were Red,
Your Eyes Were Blue,
It Was Love At First Sight,
For Me More Than You

My Shirt Was Red,
Your Jeans Were Blue,
You Were My Bestfriend,
And I Was Yours Too

My Hair Was Red,
Your T-Shirt Blue,
We Fell In Love,
It Was Too Good To Be True

My Nails Were Red,
While Hers Were Blue,
But You Could Not Decide,
Which Appealed To You

The Sun Was Red,
But The Sky No Longer Blue,
Autumn Had Fallen,
And I Had Lost You

The Fire Is Red,
While My Soul Is Blue,
I Feel So Lonesome,
When I Think Of You
Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast,
But There's Something Peculiar About Summer.
It Never Lasts.
Jul 2015 · 512
Sydney Victoria Jul 2015
#2 will be missed. The softball community will always remember you. Please, everyone, cherish the life you live. You never realize how valuable time is before it is gone.
Jul 2015 · 2.4k
Light & Rebirth
Sydney Victoria Jul 2015
Golden Light Was Poured Into My Eye,
As It Enveloped My Shaking Fingers.
It Wrapped Around My Hoarse Voice,
As Though It Were An Elegant Scarf,
Keeping Me From The Cold.
The Light Found Itself Inside Of Me,
Sweeping Away The Dust Of Despair;
Ridding Me Of The Shadows Lurking
Behind My Heart.
Beams Poured Into My Mind,
Slicing Through The Grime And Grit
Of The Moments Which Chose To
So Selfishly Define Me.
Colors Emerged From My Parted Lips,
The Hues Which Have Been Treasured
Memories Of Autumn And Evenings.
A Metamorphosis Had Occured.
I Materialized From A Gray Husk
With Brilliant, Shimmering Wings.
I Am Radiant.
I Am Jubilant.
I Am Reborn.
When Someone Passes, They Are Reborn Into Something More Beautiful Than We Can Comprehend.
Jun 2015 · 693
Sydney Victoria Jun 2015
Love Is A Disease,
And I Am Bound
To Illness
Anyone Know A Good Cardiologist? :)
Apr 2015 · 2.3k
Sydney Victoria Apr 2015
Has Begun
To Mask The Sun
As It Tries to Shine Upon
A Churning Stream Of Sorrow
Which Carves Steep, Sharp
Ledges Into My
       ­                      Were
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
Spring Thaw (Shaped Whimsey)
Sydney Victoria Mar 2015
The River Ice Has Begun To Vanish,
Famished, It Yeilds To The Sun,
Piece By Piece Its Body
Succumbs To Ripened
Heat; Slowly It
Is Devoured By
The Current
Until It Is
Eats Away
At The Winter's
Impending Hold
On The River's Bubbling
Laughter; Sought After Due
To Its Delightful Chattering
Which Gurgles Peacefully Within The
Tender Summer Nights Beneath The Stars
Time.. What Are Your Thoughts On The Process?
Feb 2015 · 2.0k
Aspiration of Emancipation
Sydney Victoria Feb 2015
O, My Creator, Deliver Me From These Inquisitions,
Emancipate Me From These Wretched Oppositions,
Free Me From The Chains Of My Weary Disposition,
Envelop Me Within The Folds Of Your Holy Apparition

The Sun's Light Dwindled Along The Horizon,
Darkness Bruised The Ledges Of The Sky,
Summer's Vegetation Recoiled And Fossilized,
Within The Dark Soil's Crumbling Underlie

O, Glorious Divine Being, Act On My Requisition,
Extricate My Soul From It's Appalling Malnutrition,
This Tattered Mind Is A Degenerating Composition,
Let My Spine Sprout Wings To Carry Me To Redefinition*

Stars Emerged From The Depths Of The Heavens,
Holes Filtrating The Stale Air Circulating In Slime,
Oozing From A Fatal Virus They Referred To As Time
The Beauty Within The Physical World Will Set You Free. I Find My Salvation Within Nature.

It Doesn't Matter Who Or What You Believe In... As Long As You Feel You Are Connected To A Divinity Outside Of Yourself Which Gives You Hope, Love, And Light. I've Been Struggling With This Lately, But I Need To Realize, This Is Who I Am. So Please Forgive Me, My Creator, For Succumbing To These Painful Inquisitions.

Jan 2015 · 2.1k
Sonnet XIII: Absence
Sydney Victoria Jan 2015
The Ripe Color Of My Skin Has Perished,
Along With The Wide Smile I Once Bore,
Music In My Soul Which I Once Cherished,
Has Fallen Flat And Crumbled To The Floor

The Sweet, Joyful Sun Has Dissipated,
The Flowers Within My Heart Have Withered,
My Mind Has Never Been Vindicated,
My Green Eyes Clouded With Blue Of Blizzard

The Autumn Leaves Are Ragged And Soggy,
As If They Wanted To Mimic My Lips,
The Moaning Voice Of The Breeze Is Groggy,
As It Caresses The Earth's Swinging Hips

O, I Remember The Smile I Wore,
Although, I Recall It Being A Chore
Absence of color,
Absence of inspiration,

Missed you all.
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Frigid (10w)
Sydney Victoria Dec 2014
The Winter Is Colder For Those
With No Warm
Are You Cold?
Nov 2014 · 1.6k
Sydney Victoria Nov 2014
So, How Has Everyone Been?
Sydney Victoria Aug 2014
The Earth No Longer Nests Within Summer's Clammy Palms,
But Is Suspended Upon Autumn's Chilled Fingers,
Soon To Fall Into The Chasm Where Winter Bides It's Time;
The Dwelling Place Of All Things Which Lie Dormant

The Lawn Remains Long And Untamed,
For The Carcasses Of Summer Leaves Litter The Ground,
The Summer Sparrows Have Flown Down South,
And The Pigment Of My Skin Has Faded With The Sun

The Breeze No Longer Harbors An Exquisite Song,
Only The Husk Of A Hymn Which Was Once Sung,
The Summer Leaves No Longer Whispered In The Trees,
For They Lie Speechless Upon The Frosted Forest Floor
Autumn's Arrival
Sydney Victoria Aug 2014
The Branch Bore A Bud,
It Was A Cocoon Of Life,
Soon It Would Errupt

The Young Leaf Emerged,
In Springtime's Renewed Sunlight,
Taking It's First Breath

The Leaf Grew Each Day,
Side By Side With Other Leaves,
They Would Speak Softly

Rain Would Come And Go,
And The Leaves Would Ask For Sun,
They Would Beg The Sky

The Days Grew Colder,
And Nighttime Consumed The Dawn,
The Sun Gave No Warmth

The Leaves Were Different,
They Were Red, Yellow, And Orange,
Ripened From The Cold

Slowly They Let Go,
One By One They Met The Earth,
Concealing Her Skin

The Leaf Recoils,
It's Flushed Cheeks Now Colorless,
The Branches Are Bare
Thought I'd Try My Luck At A Leaf Poem Because I've Been Seeing So Many That Are Unquestionably Marvelous! How Interesting That The Life Of A Leaf Is So Similar To Our Own.
Aug 2014 · 662
To Take It All Away
Sydney Victoria Aug 2014
Let The World Envelop Me,
And Abondon My Hollowed Body,
Let The Stars Free Me From Anguish,
And The Error Of Hesitation

Let The Sea Consume Me,
And Let My Weary Eyelids Close,
Let The Current Cast Away My Doubt,
And The Insecurities I Hold Tightly To

Let The Flowers Tickle My Skin,
And Let Them Take Away The Envy,
Tell The Sun To Nurture What Is Good,
And Let The Rest Fade Into The Breeze

Let The Soil Embrace Me,
And Extract All Which Gives Me Pain,
Let The Earth Feed Upon My Hatred,
And Convert My Remorse To Nourishment
So, It's Been A While.
Sydney Victoria May 2014
Your Gray-Blue Eyes Mimic The Sea,
For They Glimmer Beneath The Sun,
Yet When The Sky Sheds Gentle Tears,
Your Heart Churns With A Sour Rage,
Devouring Each Ray Of Light,
Therefore, Leaving None To Spare,
Which Then Turns Daytime's Brilliance,
Into A Cold And Starless Night
Can't You See What I Sea In You?

My Heart Is A Sailboat Upon Your Soul's Churning Waters.
Apr 2014 · 2.0k
Never Forget
Sydney Victoria Apr 2014
"What is your name?"

Her Dark Eyes Reminded Me Of The Ocean At Dusk. They Were Dark, Deep, And Endless; Harboring Many Secrets.

"My name is Sydney."

My Lips Pealed Back Into A Smile Even Though Her Expression Was Quite Puzzled.


She Smiled.. The Sweetest Smile I Have Ever Seen. She Turned To Her Friend Who Had The Same Dark Eyes. He Smiled Too. The Corners Of His Eyes Morphed Into Sharp Points As His Plumb Cheeks Stretched Upwards.

"We shall give you a new name."

She Turned To Him.

"What shall we name her?"

More Of Their Friends Gathered Around Them.

One Boy Approached The Group Which Had Congregated Around Me.

"Let's name her Maudie."

"Yes! That is perfect. Do you know what that means?"

She Softly Stroked My Hair As Her Dark Eyes Locked Onto Mine.

"It means Rose. Beautiful Rose."

I Smiled, My New Friends Watched As She Took My Hands.

"Maudie... Don't Ever Forget That This Is Your Name. Never Forget Who You Are."
I Do Not Know How, But She Pealed Back Every Layer Inside Of Sydney, And Managed To Find.. Me, Now, I Do Not Know The Spelling Of My Name. I Wrote It How It Was Pronounced.. I Will Never Forget..
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
5 Sences (The Sea & I)
Sydney Victoria Mar 2014
A Sky Of Melted Butter,
Harbors The Setting Sun,
Suspending It Above,
Flustered Waves Of Blue

I Smell Like The Sea

The Sails Against The Sky,
Have Turned To Silhouettes,
The Gentle Waves Caressing,
The Edge Of The Horizon  

I Taste Like The Sun

Seabirds Have Flocked Together,
And Are Now Flying Back To Shore,
Slumber Has Teased Their Eyelids,
For The Jaded Waters Are Vast

I Look Like The Stars

The Moon Has Floated Upwards,
Casting An Ivory Shadow Below,
The Wind Has Now Become Calm,
The Blue Waves Have Become Still

I Sound Like The Breeze

The Salt Encrusted Wind Cooled;
The Sky Was No Longer Gold,
Sails No Longer Dragged Their Cargo,
Across The Blackest Of Ocean Waters

If You Were To Touch My Soul,
You Would Only Grasp A Word.


*© Sydney Victoria 2014
I Have Pondered About The Word Home Many Times In My Life. I Oftentimes Grasp The Concept Of Home When I Feel As If I Have Escaped Into Another World, One Where I Truly Belong. When I Went To South Africa, I Found My Home.  At Heart, I Think I May Be African.
Mar 2014 · 1.1k
Still Alive (Tanka)
Sydney Victoria Mar 2014
The Stars Burned The Sky,
And Ate Holes Through The Darkness,
They Consumed My Eyes,
Giving Me A Little Hope,
That Beauty Is Still Alive
I'm Sorry I've Been Gone For So Long! Life Can Sure Get Busy! I'm Also Sorry That This Poem Is Not Very Good :/ I Am In The Airport Awaiting My Departure To Atlanta, And Then On To Johannasburg, South Africa. I Thought I Should Write One Poem, Even Though I Have No Inspiration.. Have A Great Day!
Sydney Victoria Feb 2014
It Is When I Think Of Summer,
You Find Your Way Inside My Mind,
It Is When I Think Of Soft Rain,
I Remember Your Sweet Blue Eyes,
It Is When I Think Of The Sun,
It Is When I See The Stars,
It Is When I Hear Birds Singing,
I Remember I Still Love You
I Still Love You.

Happy Valentines Day.
Feb 2014 · 823
Lip Locked (10w)
Sydney Victoria Feb 2014
With His Lips,
He Cast A Curse Upon My Own
Yep, It's Getting To Be That Time Of Year Again
Feb 2014 · 1.1k
The Same As Always
Sydney Victoria Feb 2014

The Young Lady's Green Eyes Looked Up From A Heap Of Homework.


Her Eyes Examined The Man Which Stood In Front Of Her. His Jet Black Hair Was Now Streaked With Small Strands Of Silver. His Gray Eyes Seemed Tired, But They Were The Same As They've Always Been.

The Man Looked At The Young Women Who Sat Before Him. Her Body Which Was Now Lean And Toned Was Supported By Long Legs. She Was Older Now: Her Heart Shaped Face Was Slightly Worn, But Her Eyes Were As Deep And Green As They'd Always Been.

"Promise Me Something."

The Man Watched The Young Lady As She Examined The Room Around Her; Just As She Had Since She Was A Child. Sometimes He Caught Her Watching A Bird Hopping In The Greenest Of Grasses On A Summer Afternoon, Or Intently Examining The Veins In A Leaf During The Fall Months.

The Young Lady Watched The Man's Thin Lips Set Back Into A Straight Line.

"Promise Me, You'll Always Stay The Same."

The Young Women Smiled As The Man Placed His Hand Upon Her Head; Gently Ruffling Her Soft Brown Hair.

"Daddy, The Only Way I'd Change Is If It Was For The Better."
I Love My Dad. If My Dad Wants You To Stay The Same, You Know You're Doing Something Right.
Sydney Victoria Feb 2014
Throughout These Seasons,
Just One Thing Has Stayed The Same,
The Love You've Given

                 Through These Winter Nights,
             Just One Thing Has Kept Me Warm,
                        Your Beautiful Words

                   Throughout All This Change,
               My Heart's Changed For The Better,
                         That's Because Of You
                                     ­      And At Each Evening,
            I've Thanked The World For One Thing,
                                          *That My Friend; Is You
Thank You So Much To Everyone For Supporting My Writing!! I Am Thanking You Because I Reached 100,500 Reads Today!! I Love You All<3
Feb 2014 · 801
Quiet & Still
Sydney Victoria Feb 2014
A Pale Pink Hovered Over The Tree Line,
As Yellow Enlived Winter's Stark Dusk,
The Wood Down Below Was Quiet And Still,
The Snow Laden Trees Firm Yet Picturesque

I Found Myself Watching From My Window,
Supervising The Skies Darkening Blue,
And As I Watched The Sun Lay Down For Rest,
I Found Myself Thinking Of Someone New

•Someone = Me
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Theft (10w)
Sydney Victoria Jan 2014
I Live For The One Thing I Love..


Lock Your Doors.. I'm Coming Home... And Don't You Ever Get In My Freaking Baseline. :)
Jan 2014 · 1.0k
At Summer's Noon (3 Tankas)
Sydney Victoria Jan 2014
Springtime Had Melted,
Within Summer's Newfound Noon,
The Crickets Had Chirped,
Though The Evening Was Faroff,
Lurking Within The Blue Sky

The Scent Of Lush Lawn,
Had Permeated The Air,
The Sparrows Had Sang,
Harmonizing With The Breeze,
And The Finches Beside Them

The White Clouds Had Crawled,
Pulling Themselves Past The Sun,
Casting Shade Upon,
The Tops Of The Greenest Trees,
Who Had Whispered Summer's Hymn
Dedicated To Everyone Who Misses Summer :)
Jan 2014 · 597
What I Hate
Sydney Victoria Jan 2014
I Hate These Human Bones,
And The Olive Skin I Wear,
I Hate My Perfect Smile,
And Every Dark Red Hair

I Hate These English Words
Which Run Through My Mind,
And I Hate Every Calendar,
Because It Reminds Me Of Time

I Hate Every Dark Memory
And This Grey Sky Above,
I Hate This Aching Feeling,
Of Needing To Be Loved

I Hate All My Hatred,
For It Makes Me So Blue,
And I Especially Hate My Heart,
Because That Thing Fell For You
Throughout Every Life I've Lived, I've Gained Enough Wisdom To Know This Species Is The Creator's Most Fragile And Faulted Creation.
Jan 2014 · 791
Star Gazer (15w)
Sydney Victoria Jan 2014
No Matter How Frigid The Air May Get,
The Stars Will Always Shine Bright
Multiple Meanings. When Things Go Awry, Look To The Stars. May You Have A Blessed 2014<3
Dec 2013 · 1.3k
A Blue Day
Sydney Victoria Dec 2013
Today Is A Quiet Pallette Of Blue Which, In Fact,
Sits Secluded From Every Yellow, Pink, And Red,
It Is Cold And Quiet--Idle As An Afternoon Rain,
Lethargic And Angry, Hard Yet So.. So Silent...

Today Is A Blue Day, It Is Bluer Than My Very Soul,
It Is A Blue Tuesday, Darker Than A Saturday Night,
The Sky Is As Gray As The Sea, But It Is Twinkling,
The Notes It Sings Turquoise As Tropic Waters

Today Is A Soft Baby Blue, Contorted By A Tough Navy,
A Harsh Golden Sunrise Has Turned To A Gray,
The Mush Colored Sky Is Tamer For The Blue Eye,
And The Blue Eye, Is A Window To A Blue Heart
Dec 2013 · 747
My Gift To You
Sydney Victoria Dec 2013
This Christmas Season,
I Have Only One Gift For You

All My Love



A Kiss

Or Two
Sydney Victoria Nov 2013
The Last Of Summer's Shriveled Leaves Held On,
A Blistering Wind Had Grasped Their Frail Stems,
And Ripped Each One Off Until They Were Gone;
They Fell Slow Between The Tree's Tangled Limbs

The Last Of Springtime's Robins Had Shivered,
The Orange On Their Bellies Now White From Snow,
Winter's Cruel Bite Seeping To Their Liver,
As Their Eyes Lost The Summer Sun's Stale Glow

The Last Of Fall's Lazy Currents Had Ceased,
And The River Creaked With White, Crispy: Ice,
Robins Scowered What The Ice Had Released,
Skittering Along The Banks Like Starved Mice

The Warmth Within The Trees Has Now Vanished,
The Robin's Song Was Now Chilled And Famished
I Took A Walk The Other Day Along The Now Frozen Mississippi. A Flock Of About 20-30 Robins Landed In A Tree On The Bank Next To Where I Was Sitting. The Bank Was Sligtly Open And They Picked Through The Frozen Dirt For Food Which Wasn't There... There Is A Condition These Robins Suffer From Which Doesn't Allow Them To Return South Because Of The Corruption Of A Gland Behind Their Eyes Which Allows Them To See The Magnetic Field Of The Earth--Which Is Their Built In GPS. This Gland Has Been "Whacked Up" Because Of The Frequenzy Emitted By Cellphone Towers... Last Year In The Middle Of December A Flock Of 9 Surived Until The First January Blizzard..
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