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I am the traveler
holding the
glow close,
the heart
is a lantern,
the light
through the
of my soul,  
it’s home
was once the
and through
the white
petals, I
it, and
to seek
the ones
to hold it
with me.
Like Atlas in alabaster dresses
With high collars you girls,
Hold up the almost dark.
Lanterns full of gold,
Carnation, Lily, Lily, rose.
As the sun sets eternal
You stand and will stand,
Seven and lost
In light and fragrant dew.
Your sisters nape exposed,
The same colour
As pale paper.
Juxtaposed by
Black stocking-ed feet,
In meadow grass.
Attempt at an Ekphrastic poem, inspired by John Singer Sargent 1885-6 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose'
Ron Conway Dec 2019
little shock
makes you feel so
Lantern Poem Format:
line one: one syllable
line two: two syllables
line three: three syllables
line four: four syllables
line five: one syllable (synonym of or related to the first line)
Lyra Saros Oct 2019
The fire burns through darkest night of all
A slippery wisp to bring the dull to death
The wise will tread through cold to reach a breath
Men speak of souls entrapped in nights of fall
Repeat the silent pleads of sons of Gaul
Repelling beasts of night and fiends eldreth
Who poison minds with sights of heinous death
Returning husks of man with bodies mauled

The beast will weep a tear of solemn grief
Its hunger stilled but eyes on guiltless foe
A heartless master villain; killing thief
The man no more but still his life aglow
It lays his lifeless head on fallen leaf
And waits for heaven's seed to start to grow
I've never written a sonnet before and decided to write this on a whim for a dumb Halloween prompt. It came out way better than I expected.
B D Caissie Aug 2019
The doctor said I’ve not much time to live. I cried for I had so much more to give. I walked the streets for hours lost in thought. Fate it seemed had led me to this spot. To a weathered old man with an understanding look. Holding a paper lantern he insisted that I took.

I got in my car and drove long into the night. To leave behind the drowning city lights. I found a spot that overlooked the sea. Seemed like the perfect place to set it free.

I released my paper lantern standing on my car. The cool zephyr slowly carried it to the stars. I sat on my hood and watched it float away. I knew like this paper lantern my light will slowly fade.
Star BG Jun 2019
Inside breath, lit corners of heart expand.
Pulsating with self-talk and forgiveness.
Radiate outwardly
gracefully to tickle senses.
They echo moving in rhythms that
awaken my being.

Inside breath the light becomes a ball
illuminating my consciousness.
Moving to hold loves lantern
as I shine it to the world
Inspired by TheIdleOwl Thanks
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
The festive season is here,
And shoppers busy on their feet,
Are looking for bargains
At every corner of the street.

The lantern-sellers stand,
Right outside the market square;
Trying to entice passers
To buy their curious tinsel ware.

If during this time, you chance
Upon this bustling way,
The sparkling lights and lanterns
Are sure to brighten up your day!

Some of the glittering objects,
That decorate the stalls,
Seem to mesmerize the shoppers
As they step into the malls.

Articles of myriad colours
And lanterns that disperse rainbow light
Decorate the city streets
All through the joyous night.

I rushed to the market square
To see what I should buy
And found a brilliant lantern
That caught the fancy of my eye.

I made a quick bargain
And now that lantern adorns my door,
And it really dazzles me
When it mirrors in the floor.
Like a moth to a flame
I'm attracted to his light
Darkness surrounds me
As night continuously falls
It makes me gravitate to his light even more
Like a moth to a lantern
I persistently fly around it
Trying to find a way
Through the transparent walls
That separates me from him
I try to find a way in
I try fight my way in
I want to be closer to his light
I feel the warmth through the glass
But I cannot touch it
I yearn for him through the glass
But I cannot have him
An unseen wall between us
And I cannot break it
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