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Irem Jan 2023
moving the ******
away like a sailor,
Zack Ripley Apr 2021
As sure as rain in the spring
or heat in the summer,
this year is looking promising
to be another ******.
But as sure as the cold in the winter and fall,
My friends will be there
To help me through it all.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2020
Someone plug in Christmas! Please!
I'm not complaining, but
Yeah, 2020's been a drag
We're in a real rut...

There's a way to bring it back
Those who are so bold
Give to those less fortunate!
Like Christmases of old!

Do you think the baby Jesus
Cried and carried on?
I think he was the sweetest babe!
I don't think I am wrong!

Do you have some grateful place
Within your saddened heart?
Has it nowhere to find joy?
Completely torn apart?

Turn the frown upside down!
To thine own self be true
Let us be like Jesus...

The cheer begins with YOU!

Catherine Jarvis
A Alexander Jan 2020
It isn’t fair, this time not promised,
this limited time we’re given;
but rest assured I’m using it to really be living.
Such beautiful things brought before me,
only to be taken away
I guess never belonged to me anyway.
Soak it all in,
breath by breath;
embedding the moments I don’t want to forget.
How is it that time won’t slow and be kind,
But it sure likes to remind me of days gone by?
Just some random deep thinking.
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
This is an Autumn year,
How does it feel, my dear?
Autumn wakes up crisp and fresh,
But soon chills creep upon her breath,'
Autumn is a grey old dame,
Clouds and rain here again,
Autumn looks back on youthful summer,
Golden glow all gone, total ******!
Get ya giggles, aging is not for wussies. Feedback welcome.
Ithaca Aug 2019
I don’t know you like you know yourself
All I know is what you write, because we never really talk, and that’s my problem

It makes me sad to hear that you’ve experienced death in your life
Death is a ***** ***** **** waffle ****
And there’s my **** nonsense of humor

I don’t think you’re crazy like you say
I’ve heard rumors
**** em

I was a fool for thinking anyone could be perfect
I’m sorry for putting you on that pedestal
I realize now that you are, in fact, human and have weaknesses and flaws as such

God, this sounds ridiculous

I want to delete every word of this, and sew the mask of a quiet loner back on my face, and that is exactly why I am posting this. To work to overcome my own biggest fear. Rejection.
Sydney Victoria Jun 2019
There Are Now Green Leaves,
There Are Flowers,
There Are Bees,
There Is Sunshine,
There Is Breeze,
There Is You,
And Then There’s Me.

You Are The Dew,
And I Am The Freeze
You Are The Beach,
And I Am The Seas,
I Am The Grit,
And You Are The Ease.

How Could Someone Like You,
Love Something Like Me?
I Am The Winter,
You Are The Summer,
Why Do You Love Me
When I Am Such A ******?
Dara Slick Jul 2018
How can we get a cold in the summer?
90 degrees isn't warm enough to prevent it?
I know the logistics, heat doesn't cure a cold,
and yet there is something odd about getting a cold in the midst of July.

It may be worse in the summer.
The shivers matched with heat waves,
from either the illness or a faulty AC unit.
I don't want to miss the beach, but the thought of wearing anything less than my sweatsuit is nauseating.

How can we get a cold in the summer?
The sun is filled with vitamin D,
the vitamin of illness prevention.
Why am I buying tissues and cough drops,
and not margaritas and shrimp.
I can't even eat shrimp,
I'm allergic.
Although, that may be better than a cold in the midst of July.
I have never had a summer cold before, and it is the worst. Morally and physically.
R Arora May 2018
"Please don't be so kind-",
In August I used to say,
"You'll spoil me wild",
Oh look, it's already May.
"All humans behave the same; selfishly",
I told you that's what I thought.
But for you, sheepishly,
Several angels on my shoulder I fought.

Now you know me well,
And you seem quite bored.
You are compelled,
To look at the next best name on the board.
I am forced to ponder
Are you bluffing now, man?
My thoughts wander,
Looks like your concern was only a sham.

Is being warm to people not a nice thing to do?
For me, you have been such a ******.
Perhaps like everyone else and you,
My selflessness should have been slimmer.
While this royally consumes me from within,
Now I am convinced that my kindness is a sin.
"No one is too busy in this world. It is all about priorities."
Sometimes we slip down someone's list of them.
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