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Sydney Victoria Jul 2015
Golden Light Was Poured Into My Eye,
As It Enveloped My Shaking Fingers.
It Wrapped Around My Hoarse Voice,
As Though It Were An Elegant Scarf,
Keeping Me From The Cold.
The Light Found Itself Inside Of Me,
Sweeping Away The Dust Of Despair;
Ridding Me Of The Shadows Lurking
Behind My Heart.
Beams Poured Into My Mind,
Slicing Through The Grime And Grit
Of The Moments Which Chose To
So Selfishly Define Me.
Colors Emerged From My Parted Lips,
The Hues Which Have Been Treasured
Memories Of Autumn And Evenings.
A Metamorphosis Had Occured.
I Materialized From A Gray Husk
With Brilliant, Shimmering Wings.
I Am Radiant.
I Am Jubilant.
I Am Reborn.
When Someone Passes, They Are Reborn Into Something More Beautiful Than We Can Comprehend.
Kim Yu Jun 2015
Why aren't you smiling, while the whole world is smiling?
In this lovely day why aren't you shining?
Obstacles on your way but even fowls are crossing.
Instead of smiling why are always cursing
the world and her natural ways of judgment.
Life is full of jubilance, why the resentment?
Understand that life is the most wonderful element,
Rich and nourishing, each day lived is a divine fulfilment.
Why aren't you smiling when you should be rising?
Why are you still going backwards, forward is where you should be heading,
You should be smiling even when everything seems to be falling,
Smile each day, life is awesome and worth living.

*"Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"
Live today and worry not about tomorrow.
*Inspired by Jhene Aiko - W.A.Y.S*

— The End —