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Dec 2021 · 589
Guilted Heart
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2021
I never knew
Having a heartbeat
Could make me feel guilty
Until you lost yours
Jun 2021 · 306
The Numbness
Kelsey McIntyre Jun 2021
I envy to understand how some people can cry
Be happy
Or even mad
But instead, the only thing I feel is nothing from the numbness in my heart
May 2021 · 97
Lively Pain
Kelsey McIntyre May 2021
What I learned in life
Is that sometimes pain
Is the only way I know I am alive
Mar 2021 · 233
Favorite Canvas
Kelsey McIntyre Mar 2021
My favorite canvas to paint on is myself
And my favorite color to use is red
Jan 2021 · 283
Wall of No Emotion
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2021
Sticking up for yourself
Does not make you mean or rude

It just shows that you have been through

Therefore, don’t call me mean or rude
I just decided to stick up for myself
When everyone else wanted to watch me
Jan 2021 · 133
Pure Heart
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2021
A heart so pure
That helps another
Although I when I need someone
My screams aren’t heard

Trying to fix others heartache
Even though my heart is breaking

Why when it feels I am on the brink
Its as if others want to watch me sink
Jan 2021 · 219
Twirling in the Moonlight
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2021
She lights up the night
Silver rays shine down
Her glowing essence reflecting  the ground  

She spins and she twirls
Feeling free in the world

Nobody can touch her
Her spirit is free

She looks at me and says
"Come to the moon with me"
Jan 2021 · 259
A New Torture
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2021
Society and people say
Losing someone you love
Is the worst pain

From my experience
Hating yourself and feeling lost
Is a whole new type of torture
Hating what you are inside is the worst pain someone can feel to me personally. When you cannot love yourself, it's a new level of pain when the only person who can love you unconditionally is yourself. So be kind to yourself and be your own best friend. The key to your happiness is within you and only you can reach it.
Dec 2020 · 565
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
For the first time
In a long time
I don’t feel at home
And I am truly lost....
Dec 2020 · 361
True Heartbreak
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
Numbness is all I feel
When I watched you slip away

For the first time
I cannot hold you and protect you
And make you feel safe

Even though you are gone
My love for you
Will last for eternity
Dec 2020 · 207
A Poem to My Nella
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
The tiniest little feet
Run to me on Christmas Day
A big red bow on her head
Ready to come and stay

We play all day
And snuggle all night
My love for you
Grows at great height

I’ve watched you grow
And you with me
I was given to
The best family

Though now I am tired
And as sad as you are
You must now know now
I won’t ever be far

I will watch you from up here
Free and out of pain
I’m looking forward to the day
We will meet again

You have shown me great love
I shall wait for you forever
And when your time has come
We will cross the Rainbow Bridge together
This poem is for my dog who is sadly passing. I got her as a Christmas present when I was a child. We grew up together and I will forever miss her.
Apr 2020 · 516
When You Come
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
On the nights where you come visit
And bring in the sadness

I don’t want to think
That I converted to madness

No tears can escape to roll down my cheek
Because then you would call me weak

I need to hide the feelings I have
An invisible mask that’s breaking in half

I don’t know how much longer I can hide
The pain I feel deeply inside
Apr 2020 · 150
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
Set me free
Of which these chains
In which my mind entraps
Apr 2020 · 182
Picking up the Pieces
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
It hurts
I know

The times when it feels like your whole body is shattered
Or the times you feel like you can’t breathe

Sit back and remember your worth
And rise higher than you ever did before
Apr 2020 · 933
Beautiful But Broken
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
For there are no words
That can describe you

You love so deep
And so pure

You make things so simple
Yet so beautifully complicated


Behind your shine  is a world full of dark

Long nights of you crying
Longing for a purpose

But, even though your broken
and cracked
The light still shines through the pain
From your beautiful soul
Sometimes the happiest and purest people are the most broken
Apr 2020 · 233
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
Some people want change
Others want to be the change
While you just destroy
Mar 2020 · 151
Kelsey McIntyre Mar 2020
To cut away my faults
Would be my greatest pleasure
Mar 2020 · 312
Kelsey McIntyre Mar 2020
We have a bond
You feed me energy
When at my lowest

You’re someone whom
I speak to when I need

We are connected
In a beautiful pattern
And together

You and I
Shine brighter than the sun
Jan 2020 · 114
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
As we get older
We forget when we were young

Playing pirates or house with siblings and friends become a distinct memory

We forget to remember the simple times
Like when we didn’t want to have a bed time or go to school

Now watching my family getting older
I wish I could have gone back to when I was younger

To ignite the fire in me that I use to have so long ago
Jan 2020 · 552
An Unwanted Friend
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
A mental illness does not define who you are
But it is apart of you

The days when you feel like it will finally be okay
Darkness sneaks back in and takes your wrist in a chain

Not all people feel this pain of feeling different
But maybe that’s what makes someone

Because sometimes the darkest and scariest minds
Can be the most beautiful places to get lost in
Jan 2020 · 131
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
Sometimes pain and hurt
Can make use feel alive the most

Sometimes our worst days
Can turn our next days into the best

Sometimes hurting does more healing
Than the thought of feeling whole again
Jan 2020 · 155
Your Grasp
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
There goes my hope
Slipping out of my fingers
And into your grasp

Your grasp around my neck
Unable to breathe from your lies
You knew how to make me feel warm
But other times so cold

Maybe its my fault I thought you could change
But hey, I guess we all struggle
To breathe more than others some days
Jan 2020 · 107
4 am Thoughts
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
Could I be here because I have purpose?
Or will my life have little to no meaning

Will no one remember me when I’m gone?
To the point when I’m just a faint memory

Will I be missed?
Or will I be forgotten without a second thought
Nov 2019 · 564
A Dark Place
Kelsey McIntyre Nov 2019
Sitting alone day by day
Feelings of hope slipping away
Anxiety knocking on the door
Depression bringing me down to the floor

"Everything will be fine, no need to worry now"
I hear everyday with reasonable doubt
They see my pain and notice it too
As I sit in the corner of the room

People never care
And then they dont know why
Why some of peoples biggest wishes are to die
Jan 2019 · 113
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2019
Hiding my problems under my skin
Don't even know how it began

A child who was so happy and healthy
Now an adult with a mind that's unhealthy

I thought my life would be simple and easy
Now the darkness of life has finally hit me
Oct 2018 · 254
Kelsey McIntyre Oct 2018
Long dark nights staring at the moon
Feeling of coldness creeps into the room

Wanting to run run far away
Hoping to find another place to stay

I feel like an outcast, a person with no friends
I feel like I can never fit in

I need to find a place alone
The one real place to call my own

— The End —