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Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
Some people want change
Others want to be the change
While you just destroy
LLillis Nov 2019
Green leaves lay surprised
Hurried out so frostily–
With no chance to change!
The first snow hit Toronto and many of the trees weren’t prepared for it. A thick blanket of green leaves dotted with ice now covers most of the parks and lawns. It reminded me of being rushed out by a fire alarm in the middle of the night.
Denny C Aug 2018
A burst of lightning
Thunder rolls in the distance
The rainbow is you

Shine through the storm.
Irina BBota Jun 2018
Waiting for a smile,
Don’t care if today I die!
Trust me, that’s a lie.
Irina BBota Jun 2018
With one foot in Hell
And other one in Heaven,
We’re trapped on this Earth.
Irina BBota Jun 2018
My famous first words:
Mommy, daddy, family.
For eternity!
Irina BBota Jun 2018
Time is passing by
I am here against my will
Who invented me?
Irina BBota Jun 2018
On the unknown path
Life brings you many hazards
You become wiser.
Irina BBota Jun 2018
Silent traveller
Swallowed so much bitterness
The night covered him
Irina BBota Jun 2018
Colors in the air
Breathing them deeply
I am a rainbow
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