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I envy to understand how some people can cry
Be happy
Or even mad
But instead, the only thing I feel is nothing from the numbness in my heart
What I learned in life
Is that sometimes pain
Is the only way I know I am alive
My favorite canvas to paint on is myself
And my favorite color to use is red
Sticking up for yourself
Does not make you mean or rude

It just shows that you have been through

Therefore, don’t call me mean or rude
I just decided to stick up for myself
When everyone else wanted to watch me
A heart so pure
That helps another
Although I when I need someone
My screams aren’t heard

Trying to fix others heartache
Even though my heart is breaking

Why when it feels I am on the brink
Its as if others want to watch me sink
She lights up the night
Silver rays shine down
Her glowing essence reflecting  the ground  

She spins and she twirls
Feeling free in the world

Nobody can touch her
Her spirit is free

She looks at me and says
"Come to the moon with me"
Society and people say
Losing someone you love
Is the worst pain

From my experience
Hating yourself and feeling lost
Is a whole new type of torture
Hating what you are inside is the worst pain someone can feel to me personally. When you cannot love yourself, it's a new level of pain when the only person who can love you unconditionally is yourself. So be kind to yourself and be your own best friend. The key to your happiness is within you and only you can reach it.
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