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Emm 2d
I'm learning to find my voice again
To learn that I DO have a voice,
and it's not so bad,
and it IS worth to be heard,
sans pleas,
sans promises,
you just have to believe,
I have to believe...
After all these years being silenced,
Deemed worthless,
My infantile fragile shaky volatile voice,
Now needs to
Hurry, we have an audience,
and yet, still, other voices to compete.
So help me, God.
You guided me here,
so please,
guide me all the way...
Descovia Aug 2021
We survived SARS through connection

We survived EBOLA through the defaults of connection.

The reason swine flu is still existent is because we hold animosity towards authority for over 19 centuries. Correct me if I am wrong.

Congratulations we created COVID-19.  It's not because we are unsanitary, it's our minds and hearts that is so!

The only reason this "disease" succeeds in winning because we find hope in isolation and continuous disconnection.

How you expect any system to run fluent like fluid if we are not true to ourselves or it?

We are our own system.

I am not following a corrupt regulations anymore! My children lives depends on our longevity!

There's more than 19 million to 19 billion of us living on a life source we should NOT abuse.

They want us to live in fear.

They want you to hide behind these masks like we have most of our lives.

Why are world leaders leaving from "sudden natural causes" which never prolonged as an issue before?

I am not a sheep to media or news. I am a leader in this fight, and I believe in my ability as much as I believe in you!!!

They want to mislead you with every presidential election.

The Government Cannot **** Us All off, because they are unable to feed us.

All we have is our connection.

We cannot lose this fight.

Remember to look in mirror, fill your mind with positive affirmations and stand completely firm for all you love!

You will not fail by believing in your connections!

We were all connected for a multitude of reasons.

Apart, afar or together. Regardless.

I believe in YOU.

Get out there and win!!!
Diane Apr 2021
The pigeons and bunnies come close to me now
I am rewarded for my perseverance
I know what I know
Panic must not accost my knowledge
Like a shoplifter
with arms
full of *******
at Victoria’s Secret
The greatest impact I possess
Is understanding
wrapped  in a warm blanket
KuyaMak Sep 2018
To those people
Who are afraid to change
Who are up to no good
Who are too old and useless

To those who feel worthless
To those who really are worthless
To those who bad mouth their parents
To those who think the world is cruel
To those who are cruel to the world

We all have a role in this game.
Maybe we're not able to see that,
but there is always someone who can see that.
There is always someone who believes in us.
That's Him.
Just trust Him and you'll see,
that this game isn't cruel
when you start believing.
Khaab Jul 2020
The complete universe resides in you
Your eyes shine like stars
Your smile is like the cresent moon
that brightens up someone's night!
You are strong and confident like the sun
Your mind is the place where galaxies live...
And your thoughts are gracefully spread like
millions of solar systems
Still you love to live in your
earth like heart
which is filled with clouds and
waterfalls of love
You are gorgeous!
You are your own heaven...believe me!
Nothing can make you better than you. Believe me! you are precious. Love yourself for that soul that resides inside you not for what others believe or have got this!
Khaab Jul 2020
There were many doubts about what she could do. She smiled and said," Even the sound of my heels when they meet the floor, is a sign of my power!"
And then she walked away with pride...leaving the toxic world behind.
When she flips her hair...the world sees her shine.
JCabanilla Jun 2020
Dreams will make us fly.
It's nice we could reach the sky
We will soar so high.
Day10!! June 27, 2020.
It's about how our lives will be on track on having dreams and goals. Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching your goals. If someone said it's imposible for you then prove them all wrong 😊
Aurianna May 2020
mind that,
its okay
to be scared
to be better
even when
you're crying
stop running
from the storm
just embrace it
feel everything
fight all you
want, and then
face it
believe in you
trust yourself
free because
you need not know
where you're going
but because
you don't
need to know
let go
im free because i just let it go, fly with the wind baby
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
It hurts
I know

The times when it feels like your whole body is shattered
Or the times you feel like you can’t breathe

Sit back and remember your worth
And rise higher than you ever did before
MSunspoken Mar 2020
Voicing fervent beliefs
As hard as stone
Carry your legacy on-
Or simply create your own
strut the halls
With perfect posture-
Never forgotten,
Is that confidence
Swing your gait-
A daring sashay,
And lead the weak-
make them tough as bone
Yet never forget
In which you came-
So speak your name
Scream it to be remembered
The name in which
leads people together
This isn't for my "challenge"...
BUT! Somehow, this isolation is feeding into a new writing block.
Being surrounded by people sheds a light on my writing, giving me near endless possibilities. Though-I no longer have that.
So, here I am, trying to recover (of course, it had to be an inspirational poem).
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