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Jun 2017 · 611
Who are you?
To the world that was once nothing to me,
How and when will I ever see
Who or what you are meant to be?
Is this some kind of special deception?
Some special intervention
To some unknown connection
Why do you have an innocent face?
That seems to put up an act of not knowing your place
A naivete not knowing how to act with grace
I thought I already knew everything by now
Yet you left me with my mouth agape asking "How?"
Now I'm thinking you have lesser thinking capacity than a cow
May 2017 · 529
*What choice do I have?*
Stuck between two worlds
I've ran out of audible words
I'm speechless . . . . . . .
All I remember is being caressed
By someone important to me
But I can no longer see
Indeed, there's no black or white
All that there is is a reason to fight
Be it, a lover or a mother
All I could say is "We're not different from one another."
Our diet is different
Our status is different
Our way of living is different
Yet you're just being indifferent
Because you failed to see how alike we are
We also have emotions that you can see from afar
But this harsh reality can never be altered
There's always someone who'll say "I've faltered."
It's just how the chain goes
We have no power to control how a river flows
*So, what choice do I have?
This piece was inspired by Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Inspirations can really come from anywhere cant they?
May 2017 · 1.1k
A mother like no other
Dearest Mother like no other
You always make me wonder
I don't know where I'd be without thee
Cause obviously without you, there'd be no me
Despite our different tastes and views
You always know what to choose
Irresponsible, stubborn or childish as I may seem
At the end of the day, a smile you'd beam
Melting away all my mistakes
Telling me it's part of what it takes
I know you're struggling a lot
Yet I'm too weak (maybe even too stupid) to give it a shot
To try to help you out
Sometimes I'd like to shout
To the wind, hoping it'll answer
All I can do is include you in my prayers
A simple act of gratitude wont suffice
For everything you've sacrificed
Someday I'll repay all your efforts
But for now I can be the one you can go to for comfort
Thank you for your unconditional love
You're the closest to an angel that we have
Late post... A piece dedicated to my mother ♡ HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE... :)
Apr 2017 · 608
as I get a whiff
a sense of relief
overwhelms my entirety
and calms my body
I've always loved the rain... <3
Apr 2017 · 385
Where are you hiding?
It felt like it was just yesterday
Remember what we used to play?
It was called "Hide and seek"
You always hid as I seek
As we ran all over the place
Sweat covered our entire face
Kids filled with glee
A feeling like you're about to flee

But... But why? *
As time went by
My role stayed the same
But yours didn't and it drove me insane
It seemed harder than before
I couldn't find you in any floor
Although when I do
To all my sadness I say "shoo"
We converse just like before
And end up in a laughing galore

But still... why?
Tell me the reason why now I cry
Again, I remained the same
Oh, what a shame
I'm ok with it as long as it's you
I'm certain, as always, that I'll find you
No matter where you go
No matter how far you go
No matter how skilled you are
No matter how wise you are
I'm sure
Oh, I'm really sure
I'm going to find you
Yes... I am going to find you...

But where are you now?
I have no idea how
How am I going to find you?
You left with not a single clue
It was indeed gradual
Yet I can't tell if it was intentional
I can't understand your reason
Was this an act of treason?
I wish to find you soon
Are you hiding behind the moon?
Where are you, dear?
Speak up, your voice isn't clear
Or perhaps it is mine
**Because since that day, I've never been fine
It feels painful when your best friend starts to drift away. You'll find yourself somehow feeling lost and all. But I guess that's life. It all goes on and waits for no one. How sad...
Apr 2017 · 434
What are you hiding there?
I wonder about the lies
The lies hiding within your eyes
Maybe somewhere there
You have something you'd wish to share
Or perhaps you wish to tear
Papers, writings, inked journals
All those that contain all your denials

Correct me if I'm wrong
But "Is there something wrong?"
I can't seem to shut it
The curiosity that you lit
So here I am, the stupid girl that I am
Asking you the question
I swear, I have good intentions

Yet I know... I know...
You're going to shut the door
I'm going to end up sniffling on the floor
So, I didn't continue
I no longer pursue
I don't want to be sorry
Just because I worry

So I'm going to stare at the moon
For you, I'll no longer swoon
I'll just ponder upon your secrets
Maybe I'll soon find your outlets
In a small memo, a spiral notebook, or maybe even on a piece of paper
I'll wait for the day I see you without a filter
One of those "Im gonna pour everything I feel" type of poems. It's good to have it off my chest. Aye :)
Mar 2017 · 211
Sparked up
I need a spark, spark, spark
in order to create a wonderful mark
let it all flow out of me
shall let it all out, let it all be
it shouts nothing but gurgles
don't worry bout my mumbles
there's organization in this mess
there's always an explanation to the madness
all they've known is entropy
all I knew was the one inside of me

inscribed in a small box
let me ink away like a fox
within seconds you'll understand
this world that I somehow could withstand
from my miseries, I'll be freed
once I plant the truth's seed

this was finally it
wishing it's going to be lit
feels like a long time since I've gone out of my grave
what a heavy sigh I heaved
the heck with it
I'll just publish, wait, and sit
This is bout me trying to find my lost "spark" / inspiration in writing. I can't seem to put my stressed state into words but anyway, I guess this'll do. I've released some of my stress through this so... I'm ok now... :)
Feb 2017 · 6.3k
Paalam, sa ngayon...
Nang ako'y napatingala sa mga tala
ang naalala ko'y si Bathala
kaya nama'y humingi nalang ako ng gabay
para sa aking napipintong paglalakbay

malayo man ang paroroonan
alam kong ika'y hindi malilimutan
saan man ako magpunta
ikaw pari'y makikita

sa aking mga mata'y
ikaw ang nasasalamin sa twina'y
ako'y magagalak
hanggang sa aking pag halakhak

gaano man kalayo
tayo ri'y muling magkakatagpo
hindi man bukas o sa makalawa
alam ko'y makikita ko rin ang iyong tawa

ani nga nila'y
magkalayo man, magkaibigan pa ring tunay
alam kong di ka bibitaw
dahil yan ang lagi kong hiling sa bulalakaw

paalam, sa ngayon
ang ating muling pagkikita'y sa Mayon
dahil pagdating ng panahong iyon
alam kong sa tuktok na tayo naroroon
kahit di halata... Oo mamimiss ko kayo... naniniwala pa din ako sa forever kahit bitter kayo HAHAHAH #ION5EVER ♡ ♡ ♡
Feb 2017 · 3.1k
Sa pagkagat ng dilim
Ibinulong ko sa iyo ang nililihim
Patagong ipinaaalam sayo
Dahil gustuhin ko man isigaw kahit malayo
Hindi ako pwedeng magpadalos dalos
Dahil kagay nga ng sinabi ni Rommel Pamaos
Ang pusong ito na akin
Mahirap na kung ito lamang ay iyong pisil pislin
Lalo na't di mo naman bibilhin
At wala kang balak mahalin
Kaya hanggang dito na lamang
Ang puso kong nagaabang
Naibunyag ko na naman na sayo
Mula man sa malayo
Ang mga sikretong itinatago
Ng aking mumunting puso
Post-Valentine's poetry? I miss posting stuff here... ;-; I was running low on inspiration mehe... but anyway... MALIGAYANG ARAW NG MGA PUSO! :) ♡
Dec 2016 · 374
Puzzling favorite~
In this sea of words
You're my favorite catch phrase
Just seeing you makes me end up in a daze
Your face reminds me of a wonderful yet confusing maze
Puzzling yet so endearing
It leaves my face beaming
A little something I thought of as I was studying calculus for it is our quarterly test tomorrow... wish me luck guys! :)
Dec 2016 · 236
Dream away~☆☆☆
Everytime I dream of you
I always wonder whether it's true
In those dreams of mine
We both seem to get along so fine
In my dreams
We were both inseparable, it seems
In those dreams
Your smiles were mine to keep
They all make me want to continue my every sleep

For only in my dreams is where I can talk to you...
For only in my dreams is where I can be with you...
For only in my dreams is where I can hold you tight...

Cause in reality,
I know this may sound funny
But none of those exist
Believe me, cause I too want to feel the actuality
*Even for a small fraction in time...
"Your smiles were mine to keep..."
Dec 2016 · 244
That disease called 'You'
Gazing upon a masterpiece
"Give it back to me, please?"
Talking to my ol' trusty fate
Hoping to start with a clean slate

Though under a different roof
These feelings just can't go ****
Unlike a bubble that pops in mid-air
These stay like a disease that I can't bear
Inspired by and dedicated to my lovesick cousin and bro hahahaha...
Behold my ****** beating heart
deranged from the day we became apart
It longs for your twinkling eyes
mirroring your vulnerable soul, I heave heavy sighs

In a dim-lit chamber
through the stairs, I clamber
I clasp my chest
melancholy runs over me the best
witnessing the past along the corridors
my eyes seek for the one my heart adores

Remembering the constellations upon your eyes
I whisper to myself, wonderful lies
Beaming with tears, I fondly held your portrait
pondering upon the thought that i can never be your mate
a little something i made for English class which was inspired by Petrarch's way of writing his poetry. I dont know if I actually captured his style but this is the best that I could do so far.
Aug 2016 · 299
To my almost twin
Dearest pineapple,
Often times you mumble
Yet I know how much you like to talk
Specially when it's just the two of us who walks
Like me, you have millions of stories
As well as numerous worries
But worry no more
I'll join you and together we shall explore
Today, your special day
I wish for luck to always come your way
I know there are more storms to come
But for you a lullaby, I shall hum
To lull you to sleep to let you rest
And to remind you that it's just one of God's tests
Otanjoubi omedeto tomodachi.... hihihi... :3
Aug 2016 · 708
I reach out and touch the glass
I see you safely in it
naive to the world's harsh reality
then I think to myself
"What a beautiful gem. So near yet so far."
Aug 2016 · 186
A daytime nightmare
enough to make me cry
My beating heart you'd daringly tear
leaving me bawling and wondering *why?
got addicted to a series and boom inspiration came YAY!
Jun 2016 · 435
Twisted Beauty~
Smile, my dear
There's nothing to fear
Come on now
Go up there and take a bow
Everybody's screaming
It must be a dream
I feel like I wanna scream
It all feels absurd
But I feel as free as a bird
It all started last Friday the 3rd

Swung my sharp metallic blade
Watched the color in their eyes fade
Saw their blood dance
As my feet started to prance
With every slash upon their throats
It makes me want to sing a note

Now, there there
It's not too much to bear
Soon you'll doze off in an eternal bliss
You'll arise no more
Not even with a kiss

Cause darlin, this ain't a fantasy
It's the harsh and brutal reality
Watch me fly
As you lie there sniffling a cry

So I suggest
for you to rest
That's for the best
Ogle at my perfect crime
Sorry it's already your time
After this, honey, I'm gonna sip some lime
Inspired by the creepy side of Disney ahehehe...
Apr 2016 · 328
My heart starts to race
whenever I see your face
This feeling that I can't contain
and my composure I can't maintain
For whenever you come near
redness on my cheeks start to appear
Just a glimpse of your entirety
leaves a smile on my face for eternity
>\\\\\\< *blush*
Apr 2016 · 582
and so I left...
In you, I trust
but leave you, I must
this is all just too much
you left me with my heart to clutch
My insides tumble
your name, I mumble
You left me like a wreck
and got me like what the heck?
Expectations, *expectations
, expectations
You were supposed to be my inspiration
but all you ever was my expectation
Now leave you, I must
In you, I no longer trust
You broke it with your own hands
for you only show up with demands
I was never a friend to you
because you're only here when YOU feel blue
You kept trying to convince me that it's true
that you actually care
but here I am saying "It's not fair."
because I can't say no to that look on your face
You always change the pace
I guess it's time
I no longer believe that this will ever sublime

Leave you, I must
*In you, I no longer trust
Apr 2016 · 269
Broken you
Just promise me
You'll never forget
The stitches I've sewn over you bare chest
Because I was the only one who knew
I was the only one who saw
That void you were hiding underneath your white shirt
All they ever saw was the false reflection upon your face
All I ever saw in you was your shattered entirety whom dreams to float along the clouds
And so there I was
Trying to mend your broken wings
But I never thought I'd get broken in the process
Why can't I say no to that look on your face?
I just stayed
Apr 2016 · 414
Prince from the evil domain
In my sleep, your name I mutter
I wonder still, how you made it flutter
I refuse to acknowledge it
For I know it'll whisper to me my defeat
My heart doesn't believe
What my eyes perceive
I know your hidden shenanigans
I know your every move
But I let my guard down every now and then
Wishing I never knew how you work
Wishing I never knew how you think
Wishing I could just enjoy the feeling you're making me feel
But I knew, you'll be the source of my heart break
It was my second losing streak
As you left me with a teriffying stare
It was so far my worst nightmare
Apr 2016 · 342
Let me ink away your entirety
Explain every detail of you in a poetry
State the wonders of your personality
And let me bid you goodbye
As I let that paper with my poetry fly
I'll finally set you free as I cry
I hope one day we'll pass by each other
In some other place at a different time
When the pain finally decided to sublime
Mar 2016 · 208
You're a live fire
Burning me from the inside
Feb 2016 · 852
At 3 AM
Give me some coffee
Talk to me at Three
Lend me a pen and a paper
Let me write all about it in a letter
It's something to make me feel better
Make my heart explode
Make my thoughts wander wondrously
Like i'm losing myself in a fantasy
I'll lose it all and explode my thoughts like ink on a paper
writing all about my wildest dreams and imaginative travels,
all my irrational thoughts, my greatest memories, the habits of mine, the things that remind me of you and the stars that I've seen each night too
Just let me write about all of it including you
Never have I thought that piecing you together could leave me so *broken
meh... midnight thoughts are taking over
Feb 2016 · 1000
Into the woods
Come with me into the woods
Let's jump on leaves
unleash our catapults of feathers
Swing on vines and climb on tree tops
run around nature's maze
and *live our youth
Gazing upon a beautiful picture with smiles painted upon the faces of people who're bound to be together
With my fingers, I caressed and picked up the picture
Slowly sinking it into my memory
Making me remember each genuine smile
Till my hands went numb and the frame went out of my grasp
Shards of broken glass scattered on the floor
A broken image of a strong bond is now weeping in front of my face
With my hands, I picked up each broken glass and they ended up cutting through my skin
It hurts to pick up the broken pieces of such a master piece made by emotions and relationships

That tragic story still hasn't healed and it didn't only leave cut marks upon my hands but also on my heart
Whenever my memory replays that uneventful moment
It strikes a heart string and makes my heart weep
Jan 2016 · 298
Your own personal lamp
To me, you're a wonderful tapestry
However patchy you can be
You're what I've been trying to seek
A beautiful master piece that's unique

Don't worry
When your vision turns blurry
I'll lend you my glasses
To see the different faces

Lost as you may seem
I'll let my light beam
To let you see your way through
We'll make it through the maze too
Out of the night that covers thee
From your misery, I'll set you free
A mere stella from the void
Even though i'm almost dead
May my luminosity light your way ahead
Jan 2016 · 244
Let it
Let your mouth speak the unspoken
Let your eyes explain the un-explainable
Let your mind think the unthinkable
Let your heart love the unlovable
Let your gentle hands cure the incurable
And let your faith make you result a *miracle
Jan 2016 · 263
Tell me, What do you think?
Whenever I surrender
You suddenly come to make me remember
It's like you come back from the dead
Making it hard for me to make a step further
I decide to go forth
Then you'll reach out and grab my ankle
I'm like a chained dog who thinks she could run away
Then a chain will stop me from going on my own way
You're a coward who can never really keep me
A hinder is what you are
To my dreams that would take me far
I've given too many chances
But I'll see you like a reindeer who prances
To my very existence
Thus creating such a distance
That eventually made me drift away

Now tell me one last time
Do you really wish for me to stay?
Or would you rather let me go and walk away?

*But first, remove your cowardly mask and face me with the question you wanted to ask
Ugh... just be straight forward even for once... your actions are the opposite of what you're telling me... it would make me think you're a fraud... so please set things clearly... or all else is gonna be blurry...
Jan 2016 · 339
A talk with thin air
I always wondered how amazing it was that I could tell how you feel...
But I knew you can never say the same
I always wondered how you were
But I knew you wont ask the same...
I always knew you needed me
But I also knew you never knew...
You're like an open book who's trying hard to be encrypted yet i'm an experienced cryptographer
With just one look through your eyes, I could already tell but you refuse to spill the beans

I knew it was a mistake...
I knew you won't be there if I needed a shoulder...
I knew it...

Yet I thought you'd let go...
Why are you making things hard for me?
I was giving you a trustworthy ally but you never showed you can be one as well
Now im leaving for hell
Then you'll ring the bell
Asking me to come back
It's gonna be hard to go back
I hope you actually realized what you lack
And drop your cowardly act

I just hope i'm not talking to thin air
This is so hard to bear...

*If only you could open your eyes and see the truth that lies within
Ugh... you're too weird... never honest... and is also too numb... I forgive you but your trust wont be given back without a price... You have to work hard to earn it back... But I think you'll still be stupid as heck...
Jan 2016 · 671
Just a "what if"
What if our brains are just huge memory cards?
What if the reason why you're forgetful is because it is deleting stuff to make up space for other stuff?
What if you're brainy and the reason why you're forgetful of memories and blissful times is because your brain deleted them to make up space for memorizing academic related things?
Isn't that just so sad?
Dec 2015 · 3.0k
Di ko na alam...
Sa mga tala hihingi ako ng paunawa
Mga bagay na di ko na dapat ginawa
Pero sabi nga
Baka naman daw masyado lang akong walang tiwala
Sa sarili kong balisang balisa
Mga bagay na di ko na maipaliwanag
Kaya bang linawin ng ng mga talang aking laging tinatawag?
Sabi ko gusto ko nang lumayo ngunit sabi ko din "wag"
Di ko lubos maintindihan
Kung ano ang dahilan
Paano na ba iyan?                                
Maipaliliwanag mo ba kung bakit ngayon wala nang laman?
Kasi nung huli kong tinignan
Lahat tayo'y masaya laging nandyan
Ngayon... bakit?
Bakit wala nang laman???            
Pati puso ko di ko na maramdaman
Sobrang sakit na hindi maipaliliwanag nino man
Ayokong umalis nang hindi ito ayos
Pero di ko talaga alam kung anong gagawin kong kilos        
Dahil sa tuwing ika'y kaharap na
Lahat ng aking mga tanong ay biglang nawawala nang parang bula
Di ko alam kung paano ka kakausapin tungkol dyan sa sitwasyong di kaunaunawa
Kalagayan natin ngayo'y kaawa awa...

Di ko na talaga alam...
Sa tingin ko'y ako na'y naging mangmang
Kaya isang kudos na lamang
Para sa ating lahat
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
sabihin mo sakin KELAN?
Nakakapagod mag kunwari
Na parang kala mo lahat walang mali
Ayoko kasing malaman nila
Na minsan ako ri'y nababalisa
Kasi sa pananaw ko
Ito ang estado ng sarili ko
Na kung saan maraming may oportunidad saking manloko
Pero ewan ko
Yung mga taong inaasahan kong makakaintindi
Ni isang beses sa tingin ko'y wala namang ****
Ang mga salitang hinihintay ko
Ni isa walang nakapagsabi
Kelan mo ba matututunan yung salitang "Ok ka lang? Maayos ka pa ba?"
Kelan kaya yan maiuukit ng iyong mga labi?
Woop woop ... tagalog poem...
To the moon and stars above
Would you gladly listen to my plea?
I badly want to flee
To the mountain top I shall go
And scream to my heart's content
Cause I no longer know
Up to when I shall endure
This unspeakable feeling
It's been following me everywhere
I dont know how to put it into phrases
What more into sentences
Not even a word could express it
Too much thought is taking up my tired and restless brain
There's just so much pain and confusion
I can't even come up with a single conclusion
Everything ended up like a convulsion
But I know there was a root to the problem
Now we need it to be uprooted
Because the bigger it grows
It might soon become a tree and bear
Unbearable fruits      
These fruits look delish but you'll never know that it'll make you perish...

Tell me when... When will this end?
Cause it's gnawing at my chest cavity and it's making the floorboard shriek
It scares me to the bone
And it has made my soul unconscious...
Idk man... idk... ;-; I dont know how to solve this weird mystery that has been tearing me apart limb from limb... Too much drama... ***... I want this to end... so I could also stop this foolishness...
Dec 2015 · 509
You're seen as somebody who is unexpectedly soft
In fact, your persona was described as tough
I wasn't that certain yet when I saw that pure innocence upon your eyes
little did I know that you really were deception
yet I still saw your true reflection
Now I can never look at you the same way
I look at you now with so much care
I painstakingly want to be your very own bubble wrap

An encrypted note on a papyrus
An ancient mystery that refuses to be solved
But I saw through your wall
Now I could sense the tears wanting to come out like a water fall

*I finally deciphered your intriguing paradox
I finally solved you... now a connection has been made... never thought it was possible but I didn't say it was impossible...
Dec 2015 · 884
Mystery solved~
Now I see the cracks
All your soft parts and misshapen heart
Your broken wings
that are truly a beauty
Once impossible to decode
Now I see your most vulnerable self
Your sensitive persona
The actual you that you've been hiding under a snake's skin

So fragile that every time I touch you, I feel like I might break you
To lessen the pain you feel, I badly want to hug you tight and may that be enough to put you back in one piece

*I wont leave. I promise.
A commitment I made... through poem... Now this shall remind me not to give up... :3
Dec 2015 · 246
Standing still dazed
Unable to process completely the whole thought
Waking up since that day makes you want to slap yourself awake
Away from this bad dream if ever it was one
That pain slowly eating away the insides of your chest cavity
Makes you harder to speak about that day
The day everything suddenly gave away
It's hard I guess
It's unbearable
Weeping is currently impossible
Because the whole thing refuses to sink in to me
This is the first time in history that I've felt like I kinda died because of a misunderstanding in our circle of friends... but I don't know, maybe it's also because this same thing has happened to me already before and experiencing it for the second time is just ugh... *sigh
Dec 2015 · 176
"United we stand, Divided we fall"
Can't it be "United we stand, United we fall"?
I wish I'd just bawl
I wish I'd just cry out loud
I wish to just scream it all out
I wish to just let it pour like a waterfall

But maybe it's too much that not even a single drop comes out...
It's too much for my soul to bear that it can't produce a liquid called tear drop to clean my broken heart
Dec 2015 · 700
More than just a friend
~Friends are like a family
So don't tell me to take our problems ever so lightly ~
;;-;; please... stay strong... don't tell me you want to get unhinged... we aren't complete... but I guess we were both looking for only real people...
Dec 2015 · 839
To Courage the cowardly
To my asleep conscience
To my ever lasting cowardice
To my low self esteem
And to my doubtful self

I wonder when
When will courage rise up
When will it surface my very face...
When will it ever come at my door

But i'll just wait
Wait a little bit more
Wait a minute or so
Wait a week or two
Wait a decade or a year

I'll keep on stand by
I'll be here obediently waiting for your grand arrival
Dec 2015 · 145
All my twisted dreams started to break
When you told me you just don't care~
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Dapat nga ba?
Di ko alam kung tama ba na ika'y ipaglaban
Kasi di pa kita nakikilala ng husto
At sa ngayo'y di ko pa masasabi na parehas tayo ng pinagdaanan
Marami pa akong dapat malaman
Para masabi kong ikaw at ako'y iisa lamang

Pero di pa kita susukuuan kasi alam kong ang panahong to'y di pa sapat
Marami pang mga oras na bubunuin
Para matanto ang sagot sa mga tanong  na aking tatanungin

Sana nga mahanap ko ang aking gustong matarok
upang di masayang tong di ko pag tulog at nagpatongpatong na sobrang antok
I have been battling insecurity
Just to make sure you stay with me
It all just sounds like insanity
But it's all just to keep it "we"

I remember the day we all became one
The day I got accepted into your clan
Each day was filled with glee
It was the happiest I can be

Seeing us in the picture
Lost pieces of the puzzle
now scattered around the floor
No one dares to move
I don't know anymore

How long will we stay like a mishap?
How long will we misunderstand?
How long will we stay numb?
How long?

I don't wanna know how long...
but please don't make it so long...
Ang sabi niya sakin "Bat ka pa maghahanap kung nandito lang naman ako?"

Edi syempre sumagot ako "Ikaw ba ang hinahanap ko?"
Ehe... :P
I think I almost ran out of words
But maybe you're just one stubborn child
To whom I need to repeat everything to get it all into your hard knuckle head

Maybe it's gonna be worth it
Im still not giving up so why are you?
Neither you or I have found our answers
so why are you telling me everything's gonna be up to no use?
Why are you telling me you're useless?

I myself have thought almost the same telling myself "You can never be like them..." but I found my own voice speaking back to me telling me "One day you'll see... One day you'll gleam with glee..."

And now here I am... Not much achievements but I sure am quite satisfied
Dec 2015 · 435
Moody? No. It's hormones.
These hormones inside my teenage body
They make me go crazy
Makes my life a lil' bit more messy
Nov 2015 · 424
I'm sure I was certain
Since when did I think I was a burden
Could it be? That I didn't see?
What's happening to me?

Slowly getting unhinged
All these stuff
They're driving me nuts
Maybe I was just a klutz

But oh please
take me away from this unbearable cage
called my thoughts
where doubt is certain all over the four walls

I no longer know where I fit
Feeling like a splat of dirt in the middle of a picture
Like an unwanted dust over a highly expensive vase
That feeling of being a trash in such a clean place

It's driving me crazy
It's utterly familiar to me
I guess it's called *insecurity
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