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Jessica Oge Feb 9
This smoke screen
A ruse to throw me off
This staunch scent
I can barely breathe
Words fail me
Paranoid and wary
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Like a sucker to the yellow kid,
I'm enthralled in this illusion
You conceal your intentions artfully,
A gracious gift
You beguile me
I'm helpless to your control
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Your front is peace-loving
Yet, i know no peace
and love has eluded me
Neither impatient nor angry
But this rod on my neck tells a different story
Still, your smile charms me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

The role naive suits you
A befitting cloak for your bland tales
An unrepentant rogue
Harmless and banal
You lure me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived.
certain humans are graced in the art of deceit
We Are Stories Dec 2020
you hear the call
you answer the call
you follow the call
you chase after the call
but after all
who is calling
who is taking the fall
who are you leaving behind
back on the wall
an empty hall
shouting empty calls-
who are you leaving
to pursue what you are believing-
who is at the back hand
of your swing-
who is carrying the burden
that you’re carrying-
who takes up your cross
as you carry a wooden symbol
claiming that you hear the call-
i sit and wonder if you heard nothing after all
except the voices inside the heart
where deception befalls-
Dylan McFadden Oct 2020
He cut off his feet...
But still wandered and strayed

Then gouged out his eyes...
But still burned for the maid

Then lopped off one hand...
But then saw an issue:

He could not complete
Sev'ring greed from his tissue

silverislandgal Aug 2020
I did my best and you barely saw me
I did my worst and you disappeared
I noticed your best and worst
You noticed the random in betweens
With unspoken words being your specialty
That deceived me into staying
And I see where I overstayed but comfort drove me in again and again
CMXIClement Jun 2020
Through the tunnel, distant voices.
Through the tunnel, I see them.
Through the tunnel, the shadows strafe.
Through the tunnel, raging noises.

Through this tunnel all danger is funneled... does this keeps me protected and safe?

The inner walls, are drab and dreary.
The inner walls, comprised of the past.
The inner walls, lined with scars and sores.
The inner walls, are tired, weary.

The tunnel is caving? Yes, from pain I was braving from words, actions, and more.

A foxhole, a foxhole, only as good as its structure.
A foxhole, a tunnel, only as good as its shelter.
A tunnel, a defense, only good when intact.
A defense, a defense, will fall when punctured.

This defense mechanism is a curse and will worsen the person it was meant to protect.

This defense, this defense, is a watery grave.
This defense, this foxhole, is filling up fast.
This foxhole, this trap, no longer has purpose.
This trap, this trap, was not meant to save.
Joey fonseca Feb 2020
I wish that she bothered me
The absence of normal emotion
Gnawing at the very foundation of sanity
I don’t understand
the incapability To care
To feel
To love
Burrowing itself
Ruining everything it touches

It’s not all bad tho
The lack of a **** given makes it easy
Its as if I have one foot out the back door
Searching for a reason
To slip out completely
Being ignored is a good reason for me

out amongst the back yard I roam
Slipping ever so swiftly out the door
through the sweet garden of deception
It’s What lured me in
But looking back now
The flowers are all dead and withered
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
Every year ends in darkness and starts in darkness.
Why does that seem like a revelation?
How long was it that I hadn't noticed?
What kept that from me?
Keiri Nov 2019
My kidneys are failing me
But I have failed them too
I tried to **** myself
Yes I'm starting on a taboo.

But I do have to admit
One very sad little fact.
I never wanted to end my life
It all was just one sick act.

I know, it's low.
But don't cheer up just yet.
If I did it for a lack of attention
that you didn't give, and I didn't get.

Then what does that make of you?
Do you feel any better?
I still managed to harm my health,
Not dying doesn't end my letter.

I need love and acception
So I happen to just ask it wrong.
People make mistakes,
And I've made them so long.

I at least care to come clean,
I have the feeling, I'm never seen.
I speak the truth when I say,
I've never chosen the wrong way.

I just needed you
And you needed me too
I'm not there, but neither are you
It's not fair, but we're not seeing through.

We're both wrong
And no ones right.
And now you're gone
And I gave up the fight.
telling the truth is really hard. If you made a mistake, you process it by taking responsability... I've never done that, and my conscious carries a loud. A loud that's keeping me from being happy
MSunspoken Nov 2019
How to be scared of the unknown
For there is nothing to see or hear;
For us to fear

Knowing a truth, but telling all lies;
Seeing a scute, saying a hide
Hearing a hoot, saying a cry
Feeling a root, saying a snipe  

What is seen behind a light
What is seen late at night
What is seen walking alone
What is seen inside a  home

Looking at nothing;
But something in truth
A dark figure
A monster askew,
A hand on the wall
A blur of blue

What is perceived to be;
Is suddenly  true
Says the fox,
With no sympathy for you;
A meal on mind,
Which  makes you food

When fear is analyzed
truth shines through,
Lies realized
A scute
A hoot
A root
A shadow, clear as day
A fan creaking as you lay
A light switch there lay, on the wall at night

The Unknown is oblivion,
For there is no end
See what you want;
Night or day
Clear as water;
Affected by a ripple
A ripple caused by you;
Unhappy with the reflection
There will always be something humans don't know or understand, and we fear that as a whole. We fear what we may never know.
pointless, but true.
Alex Gifford Sep 2019
Move the magnet from your compass
when you want to know the way.
Slay the snake inside your stomach,
it hunts truth, its only prey.

Throw a stone at self-deception
though the mirrors in your hall.
Can you feel it, breathing slowly?
None but pride before the fall.
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