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Dec 2015
You're seen as somebody who is unexpectedly soft
In fact, your persona was described as tough
I wasn't that certain yet when I saw that pure innocence upon your eyes
little did I know that you really were deception
yet I still saw your true reflection
Now I can never look at you the same way
I look at you now with so much care
I painstakingly want to be your very own bubble wrap

An encrypted note on a papyrus
An ancient mystery that refuses to be solved
But I saw through your wall
Now I could sense the tears wanting to come out like a water fall

*I finally deciphered your intriguing paradox
I finally solved you... now a connection has been made... never thought it was possible but I didn't say it was impossible...
Marshie The Mellow
Written by
Marshie The Mellow  along the cosmos~♡
(along the cosmos~♡)   
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