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Stephanie Dec 2018
i almost want to laugh at how much i wanted you
sleepless nights. countless.
wondering if I was even a thought on your mind.
if ever the possibility of us fluttered with one beat.
544 days
even if it was for a split second, in a prayer or a curse
you were there. marring everything that i'd built

it's funny. He always gives us what we need.
all i needed was something to sully this fabricated sustenance that i wanted so badly to believe in
here it is.
Rone Selim Feb 2018
We get so lost in this another world,
that is becoming our reality,
actually it has already started.
And it's scaring me.
Humankind has lost a sense of self,
nothing is real anymore
and when nothing's real,
everything feels worthless.
Everything we constantly keep aiming for...
but for what?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself;
what are you doing?
Why are you doing this and what for?
What is real?
Is it your smile or your words?

Im frightened that this other world may be the end of us.
We will reach the bottom line aiming for the; top, perfection.
There will be very little left of authenticity,
if none..
To the world that was once nothing to me,
How and when will I ever see
Who or what you are meant to be?
Is this some kind of special deception?
Some special intervention
To some unknown connection
Why do you have an innocent face?
That seems to put up an act of not knowing your place
A naivete not knowing how to act with grace
I thought I already knew everything by now
Yet you left me with my mouth agape asking "How?"
Now I'm thinking you have lesser thinking capacity than a cow
Caitlin May 2014
You with that sparkle in your eye, never let the world stamp it out.
People will try, even those you once considered friends.
Be bigger than it all. Realize that you are made of constellations.
You answer to no one. No one except yourself.
If you go to bed each night, happy with who you are then you are doing life right.
Forget those who will try and mold you in their image.
You were born an original do you best to not die a copy.

— The End —