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Mar 2017
I need a spark, spark, spark
in order to create a wonderful mark
let it all flow out of me
shall let it all out, let it all be
it shouts nothing but gurgles
don't worry bout my mumbles
there's organization in this mess
there's always an explanation to the madness
all they've known is entropy
all I knew was the one inside of me

inscribed in a small box
let me ink away like a fox
within seconds you'll understand
this world that I somehow could withstand
from my miseries, I'll be freed
once I plant the truth's seed

this was finally it
wishing it's going to be lit
feels like a long time since I've gone out of my grave
what a heavy sigh I heaved
the heck with it
I'll just publish, wait, and sit
This is bout me trying to find my lost "spark" / inspiration in writing. I can't seem to put my stressed state into words but anyway, I guess this'll do. I've released some of my stress through this so... I'm ok now... :)
Marshie The Mellow
Written by
Marshie The Mellow  along the cosmos~♡
(along the cosmos~♡)   
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