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Apr 2017
It felt like it was just yesterday
Remember what we used to play?
It was called "Hide and seek"
You always hid as I seek
As we ran all over the place
Sweat covered our entire face
Kids filled with glee
A feeling like you're about to flee

But... But why? *
As time went by
My role stayed the same
But yours didn't and it drove me insane
It seemed harder than before
I couldn't find you in any floor
Although when I do
To all my sadness I say "shoo"
We converse just like before
And end up in a laughing galore

But still... why?
Tell me the reason why now I cry
Again, I remained the same
Oh, what a shame
I'm ok with it as long as it's you
I'm certain, as always, that I'll find you
No matter where you go
No matter how far you go
No matter how skilled you are
No matter how wise you are
I'm sure
Oh, I'm really sure
I'm going to find you
Yes... I am going to find you...

But where are you now?
I have no idea how
How am I going to find you?
You left with not a single clue
It was indeed gradual
Yet I can't tell if it was intentional
I can't understand your reason
Was this an act of treason?
I wish to find you soon
Are you hiding behind the moon?
Where are you, dear?
Speak up, your voice isn't clear
Or perhaps it is mine
**Because since that day, I've never been fine
It feels painful when your best friend starts to drift away. You'll find yourself somehow feeling lost and all. But I guess that's life. It all goes on and waits for no one. How sad...
Marshie The Mellow
Written by
Marshie The Mellow  along the cosmos~♡
(along the cosmos~♡)   
     Kim Johanna Baker and Pax
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