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STLR Oct 2016
I've been coming home,
feeling kinda lazy

Just art, just music
nothing really amazing

What I think is average
others think is blazing

I don't want to be stuck
in a fuse about what was written

I don't want to be stuck
making ******* discussion

I don't want to be the one to judge what is or what isn't

Stuck in this fiction
of making a living

Ethan hunt on the hunt
This passion is my mission

I'm so passive aggressive
I say **** my contestants
All the hate, I digest it
Check my inner intestines
They are coated with steel

What is the pursuit of happiness?
Is happiness even real?

False media & markets
items bought for apartments
***** clothes on my carpet
feeling down an exhausted
Emotions are quite toxic
All is a thought process

Rolling over in bed
I feel the dark on my eyes
Then feel the light on my head
Get up and do it again
This cycle just never ends

Penny pinching, and quarter quivering, dollar dribbling....
this Average life is for a simpleton
Never have I thought that piecing you together could leave me so *broken
meh... midnight thoughts are taking over

— The End —