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Traveler Mar 13
The bottom has falling out
Levitation is a must
I collect my abilities
Disability was just a crutch

Retired warrior conditions
A construct of altered cognition
We all grudge the *****
Why else would we put hope
In our metaphysical
Poetic encryption's
I assure you
It is all merely mind over matter
Surely a little bit older
And of course a bit fatter
But levitation, I'll have at her!!
Traveler Tim
Ylzm May 2019
The Book of Lies
The One and Only
Divinely Uttered
Written in Stone
Inerrant and Irrefutable
Proclaimed and Enforced
Guardians in Flesh and Blood
Unsheathed Swords
Dripping Blood.

The Books of Truth
Man’s Handiwork
Divinely Inspired
Copied and Re-copied
Encrypted with
Error Correction Coding
Trampled and Desecrated
Consuming Fire Descends
To Reveal not Destroy.
Darryl M May 2019
I shall bow not to a woman.
But one knee to your Love,
Isn’t enough.

Millions behold your beauty and halt.
They probably see what I saw, before what I’m currently seeing.
I saw, but a Princess deservant of a Thrown in My Heart.
Now I see, a Queen in standing for my Soul.

Amnesia on your Love comes not,
Not even by legend.

My heart won’t let me use you.
My Love won’t let me cheat on you.
Coz your love is security,
Your feel, is on backup,
Encrypted is the word.
Now I see the cracks
All your soft parts and misshapen heart
Your broken wings
that are truly a beauty
Once impossible to decode
Now I see your most vulnerable self
Your sensitive persona
The actual you that you've been hiding under a snake's skin

So fragile that every time I touch you, I feel like I might break you
To lessen the pain you feel, I badly want to hug you tight and may that be enough to put you back in one piece

*I wont leave. I promise.
A commitment I made... through poem... Now this shall remind me not to give up... :3

— The End —