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Jan 2016
Whenever I surrender
You suddenly come to make me remember
It's like you come back from the dead
Making it hard for me to make a step further
I decide to go forth
Then you'll reach out and grab my ankle
I'm like a chained dog who thinks she could run away
Then a chain will stop me from going on my own way
You're a coward who can never really keep me
A hinder is what you are
To my dreams that would take me far
I've given too many chances
But I'll see you like a reindeer who prances
To my very existence
Thus creating such a distance
That eventually made me drift away

Now tell me one last time
Do you really wish for me to stay?
Or would you rather let me go and walk away?

*But first, remove your cowardly mask and face me with the question you wanted to ask
Ugh... just be straight forward even for once... your actions are the opposite of what you're telling me... it would make me think you're a fraud... so please set things clearly... or all else is gonna be blurry...
Marshie The Mellow
Written by
Marshie The Mellow  along the cosmos~♡
(along the cosmos~♡)   
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