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Dec 2019 · 68
There is often less danger in the things we fear than in the things we desire. - John C. Collins
Dec 2019 · 117
Dear Insomnia
Why do you love me so much
Every night you visit
Sleepless you leave me
Till the morning birds sing
As the darkness fades
Aug 2019 · 194
Love isn't fragile,
Hearts are.
Comment with Love in your language, please.
Aug 2019 · 217
If I show you...
Will you stay?
Pieces of me
That fill me with shame
And yet some
Make me feel awesome...

I try so hard to conceal
All my flaws
When I smile
And lie,
"Everything is fine".

Slow suicide
To feel more alive
I am am mess...
Can you fix me?
Or will you leave me?
Jul 2019 · 469
Will you?
I lay out my heart
in these lines
Hoping that you'll understand
But I feel so broken
Because you fail to comprehend
The depth of the pain that I endure
Feeling lost and insecure
Where are you when I need your hand
And why Do I feel like you do not even care?
Jun 2019 · 221
Lost in You
If loving you makes me insane
Then I never wanna be sane
If loving you makes me wrong
Then I never wanna be right

I lost myself the day I found you
And I hope I stay lost in you
I doubt you love me like I love you
But I don't mind at all
Apr 2019 · 179
Love me like a wolf
Cheetahs are out there
Wolves are monogamous creatures, they inspired to write this piece about the remarkable fealty of the wild dogs.
Mar 2019 · 805
Every mistake I've made
It leaves a scar that burns everyday
Mar 2019 · 153
Now you silent
and cold like a corpse
You've vanished into the dark
like a thief in the night
Breaking each
and every promise
Robbing me
of my sleep at night
Mar 2019 · 120
The Poetic Riddler
I am invisible when I ascend
But visible when I descend

I sustain every living thing,
I am what spawned forth
The firmament

I run but I have no legs
And I clap but I have no hands

What Am I?
Leave your answers on the comments section.
Mar 2019 · 167
Strange Free Bird
How lost was I
till you came and found me
And how lone was I
till you came for me

I destroy everything I touch
And I ask for too much
I am afraid to admit what we are
For it might change who we are

Everything happened so fast
And I wish I could go back to the past
To that fest moment I laid my eyes on you
Then I would set you free
Because you deserve more than I can give
Feb 2019 · 250
I can steal you
And take you far beyond pain and misery...

I will bring you the gold in the sun
And the silver in the moon
Cause you flawless like a rose in full bloom
Inspired by a *****
Feb 2019 · 458
poets and poetry
What if poetry is just an escape from loneliness?

What if most poets if not all are loners

Who find comfort in speaking with themselves?

These poems are feelings unheard

Sadness outweighing happiness
Jan 2019 · 143
Good Ole Days
Time has eroded my perception
Life has marred my perfection
For when I was young I could believe
Easily dreaming big
My mind conceiving in innocence
Now I am scarred and scared
Fed up of life's nonsense

As a boy
I  never wanted to grow up
For life had shown me
There is little joy for the old...
For the young are ever frolicking
Then life is still finger licking good!

If time could be reversed
I'd have reversed it to the days
I was still young
For when I was young life was more fun
I looked at life through simple optimistic eyes
And I wasn't concerned about anything
But awestruck by everything
The swimming fish in a pond
The scent of summer after a drizzle
And the time mom cam back from work with candy

I ate when I felt hungry
Slept when I felt tired
Cried when upset
And laughed when tickled

Every experience was as an adventure
And life it self was a wonder
Now I am always agitated
Completing cycles of motion for the sake of it

I have made innocent mistakes
That turned into scary skeletons in my closet
I have weaned addictions that now reign over me
I now have stubborn scars
That won't fade with time
But seem to accumulate more

Some say we never grow
We are still the same children
Now trapped in adult bodies
But I prefer being an adult
In a child's body
For life is usually bliss
Jan 2019 · 103
Fear kept
Makes one inept
It's just an illusion

Feelings are fleeting like shadows
They vanish without trace
Don't be held down by them...
Jan 2019 · 713
Let Go
Words are meaningless
and forgettable
Feelings are fleeting
and unreliable
Presents get old and worn out
People change
from friends to strangers
And change is inevitable
Nothing remains the same
Letting go means you're stronger than you think.
Sep 2018 · 333
All the chaos in our tiny world
Is a product
Of our Emotions gone wrong
An Outer Manifestation
Of the hate inside the hurt
of the Heart!

All the pain,
hate and suffering
In this fading world
Is just an outburst
Of what lies
The bar less prison
Of a human mind!
The sum of your thoughts Adds up to you Peace inside will bring peace to the world
Aug 2018 · 677
A Place Beyond the Eye
The truth terrifies my human mind
Beyond the ties that bind...
Time stood still
And everything became blur
I was absent but stood I right there
Lost in deep thought,
Contemplating how
Dad left first
And then you followed
A candle blown upon by the wind
Our supplication ignored
A future denied and tears shed
Dreams shuttered by a boulder of sorrow
and a flower wilting, slowly dying
Uprooted and left to dry
Dyeing our hearts with depression...
Relentless thoughts creeping in my head
Like maggots crawling on a decaying carcass
If pain was a color what would it be?
When soaked would it fade
Like darkness every dawn.
Aug 2018 · 1.9k
She Made Love The Wrong Time
Her impression of love
was nothing but...
A bar less prison
She had a hateful
Perception ov love
A dead fateful lie
Cold as a sarcophagus...

How wrong she was
To think *** was love
And love was ***...
My ex...

Her mother would die for her
But she had never
Laid her down
On a bed of pleasures of the flesH
For true love
Isn't sensually sentimental
But unconditional.

She was wrong yet so strong
With legs wide open
Weakened by desire
She gave it away...

Her perception of
love was nothing but lust
And trust which left her in the dust
And she always thought
love didn't last
Cuz she was lost
So she lost
Something he needed
on the honey moon!
Sometimes we should do *** the right way, the right time, with the right partner. Virtue is always way better than make up or the sexiest outfit.
Aug 2018 · 650
Little Invictus
I was once
Like a tadpole
I saw nothing
And heard nothing
I had a sole goal
I needed to reach the ****
Before all of them
Only the first one
Could Become
A Man.
I can tell
This tale today
I am alive!
Once a victor
Always a victor
If you made it
To the ****
Let nothing
Bring you down
That victory
Made you!
Aug 2018 · 154
A Thousand Years
What would you do?
If you had a thousand years to live?
A thousand years of peace?
A thousand years of equity?
I have heard of a time like that ahead!
When mortality puts on immortality
And immorality will be extinct.
Without death or sickness to fear!
Aug 2018 · 276
Broken Pieces {22 L}
We Are
Of The
We are images/selfies of the invisible God!
Aug 2018 · 161
When I speak I create
Even without a magic wand
When I think I create
And my environment
Thinks like I think
Magic is an illusion
But power is real
And it is not in your hands
But in your mouth
One Word changed my life
Starting with my mind
Which is a powerful biological machine
That can either instruct
Or self-destruct
If overloaded with wrong instructions.
A man utters
Out of the abundance of the heart
And as he imagines so is he
Man is a thought
And thoughts are spirits
They work like cells
Unobserved yet effective
Possess your mind
And inculcate your heart
If you don’t
They will
When they entertain your mind with their demonic fantasies…
Words are powerful. Silence is golden, and speaking is silver.
Aug 2018 · 115
The Difference Between Us
The difference between us is simple and visible
Like a face pimple, it’s invisible to you,
Cuz you lost the mirror of your soul
Now you can’t see who you truly are
And you struggle with depression
Held captive by what you can’t see
Yet you gave it the key
To your heart, a stunning mansion
Designed for spirits to dine in.
An awesome vehicle,
Spirits travel in!
My eyes saw her
And my heart longed for her
And my lips wanted a taste
Of her seething venom
She was a cup
I didn’t want to pass
Without having a sip
That opened a flesh wound
Only she could nurse
Because it could never heal
And any one I’d ****
For her to be mine and mine alone.  

On the drags ov the black wine
Brood from African matured raw dark vines
Bitter sweet and sedating like ecstasy
She anesthetized me
Leaving me numb
To the wound she had inflicted
Upon my heart of flesh,
When I let my
Shield down
And left her sizzling arrow
Piercing my heart
Like a thorn for the holy one
Her arrow inoculated a venom
That enfeebled my trembling frame
As I bled love unafraid of bleeding to death!
I looked deeply Into Her dark eyes
My vision impaired,
High from the venom
And partial hemorrhage.
I said slowly
“What is love? Tell me please…”
She smiled and replied…

“I can’t tell you,
I can only show you
Cuz you have prayed.
Love is a tourniquet
To your heart a wound
I can nurse it for you
That’s why it hurts
If you are wounded
By someone without skill
Some wounds never heal
But fear not
For my love is not lethal
And leaving you might be fatal,
Words can never be love
Only actions can be
Thoughts are useless
If never said  or expressed
So don’t be afraid
I will nurse your wound
Because mine is deeper than yours”
Leave a comment please, follow and I will follow back and go through your poetry. Why not interact with fellow poets from foreign lands?
Thank you for your collaboration.
Jul 2018 · 1.1k
Thoughts Can't Be Controlled
Can't help it cry
Thinking why you had to die
Before you could fly
So young and bright...
Your life gave me hope now
Your death gives me power
To do more than I can
Knowing one can die
In the blink of an eye
But death is painful
Only to the living
The leaving are being set free
From the burdensome world
Filled with strife
And very few moments of glee
Pain is hard to ignore but it's good to know because it makes you a better version of you!

Follow me and I will follow you back. Let's interact and socialise!
Jul 2018 · 248
In Death's Embrace
It's exactly one year
Since you left
This tiring cold earth
Your death
Gave birth to something deep
A wound, now a scar
I watch and feel everynight
A stubborn scar
That deepens with time
Instead of fading
Today this time
I was in a bus
Coming to your funeral
Disappointed like a dog without a bone
And an actor without a home
It's exactly 366 days since your death
Mordecai Amos Suga Masimbira
Died at nineteen before he grabbed
What he was working for
The Nobel piece prize in physics and chemistry
Even in your death
You're unconquered
And I will make you famous
Because you were denied
A long life
Which you deserved
Because to all you were perfect.
A perfect beacon of light
Through the family's dark night.
Words will never cover your void
And only when we meet again will I rejoice.
You live in my dreams
In my art
And in my heart
Which is still moaning like a dove
Solely standing on a thorny branch
Weeping sorely
With burning hope and love
He was my lil brother, i miss him, i love him and i don't why death took him away...
Jul 2018 · 202
Morning Thoughts
I inspire
I won’t expire
I transcend
I won’t descend
Aspire to transpire
Make pages
In His Story
Make a name
That won’t fade
Through the ages
And paint your images
With full colors
That time can’t erase
Mount your fears
And they will take you far
Like a feather
Blown by the wind
Fear is the weakness
It cripples your mind
And weakens your faith
Jul 2018 · 431
Words: The Best Therapist
I write to praise my fear
I write to numb my wounds
I write to hide my shame
I write to fill my voids
I write to console my heart
Which has a cavity
I feel every night
Before sleep sedates me
I write like a fighter
I fight like a writer
Words are vines
And my hands
My winepress
Makes the best wine
That levitates me
And makes you feel fine.
You're not alone!
Through pain and misery.
Write On, Ride On And Tell your Tale
Jul 2018 · 241
El's After Chapel Thoughts
I want to be a man above all men
So I will be beneath them all
Serving and giving
Loving and forgiving
Saving and leading
On the way
To God’s day
Of Reckoning.
I am becoming
What he made me
For all to see
Noticing the little things
Ignored by many
If you observe
You’ll see
The unseen
If you listen
You will hear
His whispers in nature
God does little
He speaks much
What he says becomes
What he imagines he loves
What he loves is a part of him
He loved us
Thought us
Spoke us
Bought us
There is no greater Love than Him.
Holy Ghost!
Jul 2018 · 280
Wolfuric The Shrewd Poet
The future is now
But some think the future is a big event looming ahead
Not knowing she comes when we're gone dead
When you get to her, she morphs while u sleep
Then you see her no more
And the now swiftly overtakes you
As you keep planning to meet her,
But she will never come
Because she is now
That’s what she will always be
So my advice is
Take one day at a time
To observe is to be wise
Fixing your eyes on now,
She is the future you can manipulate
The rest is wishful thinking
And wishes are horses for beggars riding to
Tomorrow, the biggest future swiftly overtaken
By today, the only real persistent moment
For us poets to live and leave a statement
The future, she is sand grains away.
Seconds make minutes
Minutes make hours
Hours make days
Days make weeks
Weeks make months
And months make years
The list is endless
But your human life is finite
So make every split-second worth while
Because you can die
In the blink of an eye
Before you truly and fully live your life
Many realities are inside the mind
Let them out now cuz
Every second lost
Will never be regained
And every hour gone
Should be replaced with a new design
If there is anything new down here.
Don’t forget
If you can’t do small things
You can’t do big things
And if you can’t be trusted with few
You can’t definitely be trusted with much
And our capped human life is just a demo
The author of life is testing his pieces
Before giving them the premium version of life.
Share, comment and love it.
Jul 2018 · 391
Love Hurts
Love hurts and Pain teaches
Fire burns and the Wind blows
Love grows and Life glows
It shines like Light showing you Love isn’t blind
But soul kind it ignores all your imperfections
Because love doesn’t mind
It binds, it unites
It makes one out of two
It perfects yet it also can infect your heart
It enslaves, But in a good way.
Falling in love is fooling your heart
Making it vulnerable
But growing in love
Is taking one step at a time
Not rushing to spill the seed
For it might **** your speed, and cut your steed
When you realize you need
Something you shouldn’t need
All you need is love, The Beatles sang
They just forgot to say
Unconditional love…
Love is what you make it
Jul 2018 · 222
The Dark
To stay in the dark
Will give you a fright
U should be a light
Shining through the night
Like the statue of liberty
Let nothing bring you down
Winners never quit
They fight till they win
The crown and the town
You mustn’t sit around
Because you’re a child
Show them you’re wise
Because you’re wild
Go be a big surprise
And always think twice!
It's a rap for my new tv show for kids.
Jun 2018 · 181
Why We Could Never Work…
After a protracted time
I’ve come to realize
Why you and I
Could never work.
I could feel it,
Each time I held you close,
It was all in front of me
Portrayed by your eyes
I could see it
Your eyes betrayed you
Even under an overdose,
With your comatose
I could see my loss
Floating on the waters
Like a putrefying corpse
Your stench haunted my days
And darkened my nights
But the pitch black night finally vanished
And the thick black cloud vaporized.
I realized how pulverized I was,
As I envisioned why we could never work,
What went wrong, how it went wrong and when I felt wrong… When you told me to be strong
And asked me how long I could wait for a ratchet
Only then I would have never,
Never promised you a single second of my time cuz
All you ever made me do was commit crimes in the name of love That’s why we could never work
For a dog can never be a soul mate with a wolf
A monogamous creature betrayed by a polygamous animal
What a shame for a god like me to lust after a dog like you
I should have seen it
But how could I when grief was my poison?  
The venom which took me from the height I fell
And only came to realize
I have to fly high in the sky asking none why
For eagles can’t soar with filthy vultures  
How I hate what I once soul craved
won’t adore dirt in flesh sepulchers
And death from a ***** I once hotly pursued in lust not love.
Jun 2018 · 195
The hate is unbelievable
It taints the walls like blood stains
If love is red and adorable
What paint is hate
For it stains
Our lovely canvass
The hate is visible
Crawling on my skin
Like insects
It's *******
The last drop of love I had.
Hate is a product of people, if we love the world will be better. Hate makes good bad and love makes evil good. It starts with you.
Jun 2018 · 422
This World Is A Cold Grave
I try, yes I've tried.

I try to see the good in everything.

I've tried to see the good in everyone.

I've tried, yes I try...

to care but none seems to care.

to be there but none is really there.

Often I'm left alone

To fight my misery on my own

I try, Yes I've tried...

To be insensitive, heartless and inconsiderate.

To be cold as this world is,

So cold making anguish freeze.

So cold like the Indian ocean's breeze.

My heart is a prison with frozen rotten carcasses.

A mortuary where the dead have none to claim their forgotten corpses
I wrote this two years ago
Jun 2018 · 124
Mourning Pain
Many say we learn from our mistakes

But mine are more than I can take.

They spoke a joke that threatened my fragile heart.

When threatened I retaliate.

When I retaliate, they call me a racist..

How great is this feeling called hate...

I can't seem to make people enjoy my presence

Because I am never present, always absent lost in my mind.

How can I find true joy when I lack the confidence?

The confidence to show true defiance and a face so radiant.

All the questions I have are answered painfuly so I never ask.

All the pain within me is held prisoner by my strong heart,..

The smile on my face is just a good mask I wear hiding the devil inside.

The miles I run are cycles with no end, circles have no end.

Imagine reliving this pain, over and over again.

Afraid to tell any for none ever will understand.
Pain is master
Jun 2018 · 103
10 Holy Lines
The Lord is wonderful
He has done wonders for us
We don’t stress
We bless his holy name
We praise Him
With music and poetry
We dance to the beat
Our feet well founded
In Christ our Lord!
The Pillar and ground of truth
Eye Love God
Jun 2018 · 127
We Divine
Man is a spirit,
the flesh ends like cash,
vanishes like ashes,
what’s special is what’s in it so preserve it.
If you’re ashamed,
wish to be tamed,
only the tamed are named,
if you are not named you were never made.
True spirits don’t die,
‘because they don’t lie, only tears of joy they’ll cry.
Foul false spirits lie that’s why they die and always try.
Heaven sent soul rippers whispering the echoes of heavenly truth redeeming the time that has no recycle bin.
Time is infinity but for us it’s limited,
we use it whilst we still can to crush iniquity proving we can’t sin. Nothing overrated,
only aware of the life beyond the grave but some rush where angels fear to be.
A pit so deep they dig,
a pit too deep for them alone,
a pit they all invite you to be in, they sing.
Their sin is of death a sting,
a sting in the music strings...
May 2018 · 354
Gangsters got few friends and more fiends.

Such is the nature of life.

It's rare for a gangster to find someone to confide in.

In the streets, no place for confidence.

Not a trace of the rare innocence.

''Innocence is nonsense, in the streets''

Alliances forged on territorial expedience.

Trust will give you a deadly experience

I survived one madly in all my existence

Only vagabonds and tyrants not saints

Make it here

You watch my back

I watch yours

Till comes time to shoot you in the back

Talk about family....

Your family is the one who takes the bullet for you.

Either dead or wounded alive trust such.

Owe nothing to none and walk without fear.

No justice from the police

Just another authorized gang of enemies

Who don't hesitate to shoot.

So we shoot before they do.

Get caught, if you lucky in prison you will rot.

If not, they will give the electric chair

Life is only fair

Only serves you what you deserve

Pull the trigger first or face the grim ripper first

Death is an invited guest

It's what we use to live

What we all shall use to leave

Live by the bullet

'Shall die by the bullet

Just staying alive today

Only to die someday

My life feeds on blood

My tears are wiped by death

My fears are calmed by death

At the end it will be my death

I won't miss the earth

But I will miss the streets

Guns and ammunition

My way of retribution

In the face of intimidation

Those who intrude can end up dead

In case you didn't know

We ain't rude just avoiding the death bed

It's an insatiable thirst for power

Will do anything to quench it.

If you shoot a man

Make sure he is dead

Or he will return

Saying he rose from the dead

Shoot him in the head

Between the eyes.

To seal his fate

Avoid the deadly surprise.

To be cont'd...
An old poem of mine. Thought I should share it here.
May 2018 · 156
It's Your Decision
You can't fail without trying
And you can't soar without flying
You can speak without thinking
And You can't sleep with your eyes wide open.
You can talk while sleeping
And Sleep walk while talking
To the unseen
You can look without seeing
And You can't speak without a tongue
But you can communicate without a mouth
And you can't understand without knowledge
Though you can be wise before your old age
And can't lose if you chose not to
For you can't chose your family
But you can chose to be with the ones you love
You can be heard without a voice
And you can't be a god without a choice
For you can refuse to lose
And cease to accuse
It's your own decision
To live or die
To run of fly
To laugh or cry
To do or to try
I was inspired by coeur
May 2018 · 393
Bonnie & Clyde
I want you
I need you to thirst for me
Like water
Drink me to the last drop
I want you
To crave me like a cigarette
And turn me on
Till you smoke me up
To the stub
Leaving you
Feeling numb
And turn to me
Like a *****
At night
Or a pillow
You hold so tight
When cold and incomplete
Let me perfect you
Like a Yin to a Yang
For every chalice
Must have a blade
I'm your blade
You're my  chalice
Our Progenies
Will be rebellious
Cause we make
An imperfect
Bonnie and Clyde
But a perfect
Amber & Myk
Lust is a form of energy I'm still exploring. God ave me addictions, obsessions and thorns in my flesh. But all this was to make me what the world looks for. I are Invictus Elfuric
May 2018 · 207
Obsession Beyond Words
You're my addiction,
My obsession,
My incarceration
And my escape...

If loving you
Makes me insane
I never wanna be sane.

I was born imperfect
So  that you perfect me
And I was born weak
So that you conquer me.

I can't live without you
Yet all this while
I was living without you...

What sorcery is more powerful than your love
If  your love was a weapon
It would have been an atomic bomb
If it was an element
It would have been water...

I have addicted myself to your love
Powerful than a spell
Upon which I tripped and fell
in a pit so deep and dark.

You the love I crave
And you the warmth I need in my grave
With you I feel safe
For what is Love but you?
Apr 2018 · 87
An angel saw
And it cried woe
Upon the tiny earth
For He cometh In his wrath
To take vengeance
On the Fallen...
Apr 2018 · 103
Prince of The Air
In his high vain glory
Awestruck when He enthroned Adam king over all...
The words stung like a venomous arrow
Completing the thick brew of hate stirred with shame.
Fallen he was, devious still he was
To plot his loft plot plot on El's soft spot

The Divine has concluded the story
And I feel sorry
For everyone born will suffer only to be made tougher
Through fire and Ice
The true sons of God will rise
Like before the era of technology
An era we embrace with eulogy...

An angel saw
And it cried woe
Upon the tiny earth
For he cometh In his wrath.
Apr 2018 · 292
Amber: Blinded Lost Soul
My heart,
When I see the word love
You the first thing that comes into my head
Your beauty has made me blind
Like the light that blinded Saul
Any prince would fall for such beauty,
And the gods of men would trip over such beauty
Deserving truest fealty

I can gaze at your pretty face for countless hours
Fathoming you better than all the flowers
In this Garden, I'd buy only you
To keep your seeds
So that I can have more pretty flowers
In my garden...
If the world was ours
We would be King and Queen
And if the sky was ours
I'd be the sun
You the full moon
With our kids as the stars
Decorating our nights
In the absence of light
If we didn't die
We wouldn't care
About ceasing the moment
Making every second count
Till we out.

You're so tender and  jovial as December
When they dance like in the rain without thunder...
The air around you has a pleasing scent
One would think you're a blossoming lavender
With a well structured temple designed for summer
And a smile worth a thousand miles

Sometimes ...
Sometimes you **** my vibe
And I think you ain't my type
But Where is my type
In this world full of stereotypes
Followers and not leaders
Path destroyers instead of path finders.
A world that choses to believe in nothing
Instead of being humble before the One thing
That even time can not change?
They watch all wondrous designs
And strong signs that can be heard in all languages.
Apr 2018 · 214
We Don't Care
When we started we could see
People laughed and we didn't care
Now we getting up there
We will holler that we over here
With our God our fear
We won't be afraid
For our time is not near
But our time is now and here
For us to be revered
By those who once jeered
At us when others cheered
For they could see
That we didn't care
About what people said!
When you have ideas only, it takes faith to hold on to what you believe in even when friends and family discourage you.
Apr 2018 · 166
Living but UnAlive
There is nothing inside you
You're inside this!
This over-controlling,
Hard to control suit...
Abide inside God
And let not the outside
Control the inside

Most Simpletons
Expose the inside
Destroying the mind
Impaired by the outside
Not recalling...
What's seen is passing
& what's unseen sustains what's seen

I found myself
Once I ceased from my own wisdom
And I am certain
Those who doubt will never make it out
Stay determined as a termite
And create something sweeter than honey!
This is my truth and I share it cuz there are others like me out there.
Apr 2018 · 249
My fantasy damsel

My caring confidante

What do I do without the glow of your love to lead the way

What would I listen to without the sweet words you say

When I'm with you I don't want to go I just want to stay

I need you to know that your love makes my day

Without you I will be lost in the shadows of despair

I will be facing the deadly gallows breathing without air

The depth of your love leaves me with a flair

On the earth I stand with bare feet and think Love is fair

Through death I can defeat and thank you cause Life is fair

It's only people that are cold hearted, unkind and unfair

This world is cruel I know but true love is our fuel

I am careless and grateful because you make me feel well

Yeah they don't know what love is

Let's show them

Yeah they don't know how to love

Lets teach them

They will never love to see us love

I know them

But you and me have passed the test of time

We love like children and make love like teenagers

We are immovable and superbly adorable
An old poem I wrote for my imaginary girl friend, perfect people only exist in tales...
Mar 2018 · 281
Grant me strength
To pass through this valley
My youth evaporates
In decades lost
Trying to erase
Scars of folly
Fleshly glory
The vanity of all vanities 
My dead heart
My candid mind
And make me Regurgitate
The devils inside
My mind stops
It breaks
My heart races
It crushes
By my reality
Which seems a tragedy...

Like a flower
I am wilting
Like water
I am evaporating
Like words written in ink
I am slowly fading
My sand grains wasting
And my time ending, down counting
With my heart pounding
Leading me to the very start!
I bereave
Yes, I bereave
Yet I believe
That I can receive.
Everything in Life I deserve...
Promises are easy to make just as they are easy to break.
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