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Blue Flame Feb 2019
Life is all about choices
Voices in your head
Visions in your mind
And chances

What if you die today?
What will you leave behind?
A legacy?
Or broken hearts?

Small decisions
Big consequences
Such is life
Live it right

At the end of the day
The end doesn't justify the means
It becomes it
You become what you do

And the ones around you
Hate everything that might harm you
Like drugs killing you slowly
Depression taking you hostage

They don't hate you
They hate what you do
Be the best of you
Before you breath your last
life is about grabbing it by the horns and not relinquish
All the chaos in our tiny world
Is a product
Of our Emotions gone wrong
An Outer Manifestation
Of the hate inside the hurt
of the Heart!

All the pain,
hate and suffering
In this fading world
Is just an outburst
Of what lies
The bar less prison
Of a human mind!
The sum of your thoughts Adds up to you Peace inside will bring peace to the world
I was once
Like a tadpole
I saw nothing
And heard nothing
I had a sole goal
I needed to reach the ****
Before all of them
Only the first one
Could Become
A Man.
I can tell
This tale today
I am alive!
Once a victor
Always a victor
If you made it
To the ****
Let nothing
Bring you down
That victory
Made you!
Love hurts and Pain teaches
Fire burns and the Wind blows
Love grows and Life glows
It shines like Light showing you Love isn’t blind
But soul kind it ignores all your imperfections
Because love doesn’t mind
It binds, it unites
It makes one out of two
It perfects yet it also can infect your heart
It enslaves, But in a good way.
Falling in love is fooling your heart
Making it vulnerable
But growing in love
Is taking one step at a time
Not rushing to spill the seed
For it might **** your speed, and cut your steed
When you realize you need
Something you shouldn’t need
All you need is love, The Beatles sang
They just forgot to say
Unconditional love…
Love is what you make it
To stay in the dark
Will give you a fright
U should be a light
Shining through the night
Like the statue of liberty
Let nothing bring you down
Winners never quit
They fight till they win
The crown and the town
You mustn’t sit around
Because you’re a child
Show them you’re wise
Because you’re wild
Go be a big surprise
And always think twice!
It's a rap for my new tv show for kids.
The hate is unbelievable
It taints the walls like blood stains
If love is red and adorable
What paint is hate
For it stains
Our lovely canvass
The hate is visible
Crawling on my skin
Like insects
It's *******
The last drop of love I had.
Hate is a product of people, if we love the world will be better. Hate makes good bad and love makes evil good. It starts with you.
I try, yes I've tried.

I try to see the good in everything.

I've tried to see the good in everyone.

I've tried, yes I try...

to care but none seems to care.

to be there but none is really there.

Often I'm left alone

To fight my misery on my own

I try, Yes I've tried...

To be insensitive, heartless and inconsiderate.

To be cold as this world is,

So cold making anguish freeze.

So cold like the Indian ocean's breeze.

My heart is a prison with frozen rotten carcasses.

A mortuary where the dead have none to claim their forgotten corpses
I wrote this two years ago
Many say we learn from our mistakes

But mine are more than I can take.

They spoke a joke that threatened my fragile heart.

When threatened I retaliate.

When I retaliate, they call me a racist..

How great is this feeling called hate...

I can't seem to make people enjoy my presence

Because I am never present, always absent lost in my mind.

How can I find true joy when I lack the confidence?

The confidence to show true defiance and a face so radiant.

All the questions I have are answered painfuly so I never ask.

All the pain within me is held prisoner by my strong heart,..

The smile on my face is just a good mask I wear hiding the devil inside.

The miles I run are cycles with no end, circles have no end.

Imagine reliving this pain, over and over again.

Afraid to tell any for none ever will understand.
Pain is master

— The End —