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Love me like a wolf
Cheetahs are out there
Wolves are monogamous creatures, they inspired to write this piece about the remarkable fealty of the wild dogs.
My heart,
When I see the word love
You the first thing that comes into my head
Your beauty has made me blind
Like the light that blinded Saul
Any prince would fall for such beauty,
And the gods of men would trip over such beauty
Deserving truest fealty

I can gaze at your pretty face for countless hours
Fathoming you better than all the flowers
In this Garden, I'd buy only you
To keep your seeds
So that I can have more pretty flowers
In my garden...
If the world was ours
We would be King and Queen
And if the sky was ours
I'd be the sun
You the full moon
With our kids as the stars
Decorating our nights
In the absence of light
If we didn't die
We wouldn't care
About ceasing the moment
Making every second count
Till we out.

You're so tender and  jovial as December
When they dance like in the rain without thunder...
The air around you has a pleasing scent
One would think you're a blossoming lavender
With a well structured temple designed for summer
And a smile worth a thousand miles

Sometimes ...
Sometimes you **** my vibe
And I think you ain't my type
But Where is my type
In this world full of stereotypes
Followers and not leaders
Path destroyers instead of path finders.
A world that choses to believe in nothing
Instead of being humble before the One thing
That even time can not change?
They watch all wondrous designs
And strong signs that can be heard in all languages.
J Jan 2018
No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
My armour is bent and dented and
cracked, and underneath it are cuts
and bruises and scars from the horrors
of the countless battles I've seen, and
some of them almost did break me.

No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
But if you'll have me,
I'm prepared to take a vow and swear
an oath of fealty and devotion and love.

You need only ask.
You need only ask.

— The End —