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memoona kazmi Jan 27
And when my guardians failed to protect me,
I left myself
On the mercy of these vultures,
I can feel them,
Tangling their beaks
In my warm flesh,
Piercing it,
Feasting on it,
I hear my blood spill
Drop after drop
Sanctifying every grain of Earth,
I can smell,
The sweet metallic smell,
Blending in the air
I hear *****
***** of their wings
Drenched in my blood,
I watch blood dripping from their beaks,
I can see the fibres of my blood
Stuck inside those nefarious nails,
As they tear my carcass
I watch my guardians
The silent spectators
Oh I Want them to make it stop,
To step forward,
Oh I do want them to...........
Troy Oct 2018
Destruction is coming
Though many choose to ignore
The call of beings
You can not yet comprehend

We bare no ill will
For we are humanities last hope
We have chosen our contacts
But will you heed our warnings

We lie in wait for you
Be sure to heed our beckon call
For if you chose to ignore
You will all surely fall

The darkness that follows
Will devour this plane
For you must answer the call
In order to save you all

Fear not the voices
That appear from no where
For this is just us
Pleading for you to hear

These warnings are true
Though most just shrug it off
For those who hear us
We beg for you to help

Your people are naive
They lack trust and humility
For you were not created for war
But created for peace and love

We bestowed upon you the knowledge
To save yourselves from damnation
Though all that followed
Was war and greed

Your ignorance has shown us
That you are far from complete
So heed our words
Do not retreat

We ask of you
Who hear our voice
To speak up and find
Those willing to listen

For those who refuse
Or call you insane
Do not get angry
For they are but children

We seek the ones who lived for millennia
Those who’s souls have lived
From life to life
We ask of you to listen

Seek out the salvation
In which we gave you
And once you do
Spread it to all who will receive it

Worry not about those who reject
For they are too young
Too foolish to acknowledge
That time is almost out
We Are
Of The
We are images/selfies of the invisible God!
Rob Sandman Jun 2017
Trip Sitter Poem by Rob Sandman

We’ve all got a friend like this of course,
Istabraq, Seabiscuit the ould warhorse,
Snortin like a whale inhaling at the surface,
Smokes til just lookin’ at them makes your lungs hurt its-
Amazing grace while you’re off your face messed up,
They’re in the corner laughin' - not a hair mussed up,
Not out of place in the place to be,
The opposite in fact a life saver to see,
Always at your back with a friendly shoulder,
A spliff, skins smokes-well timed glass of water

Not immune or a ******- just seasoned,
When you’re lost-beyond all reason,
Lost the end of your sentence?-they’ve got it,
a well tuned part in the heart of the party chaotic,
The calm center of the whirlpool, Deadpool-
Quick with a line, not too cuttin’ but nobodies fool,
trip sitter, designated brain at the sesh,
A little OCD maybe, but  nonetheless,

We’re all thankful with a full tankful
Its gas havin' a laugh knowin' you can bank full-
Confidence in your mates if you trip,

But no mercy with the quips,  quick! zip your lips
If you’re not in full control of the tongue,
They’ll be followin’ the slips and zip down your lungs
You’re a wounded gazelle on the plains and they’ll lunge,
Like a cheetah once you’ve taken the plunge

I’m not talkin of only one person of course,
We all take turns as the tour de force-
goes round
Like a Merry go round sound friends abound
While you’re bewildered the wildebeest takes the crown,
Don’t know about you, but I’m blessed with a few true-
Trip sitters babysitters life fitters diametrically opposed to bullshitters

*Sideplitters with one liners that leave you gaspin’
For air beyond compare got the grasp and flavor
Best savour the moments-they’re all too few ,
Best friends are saviours  who help you pull through,
So lets all give thanks to the big hitters,
Thanks lads and lasses I’m always grateful for me trip sitters!
This is a poem for my Mates, we all have each others backs,
we've all been the "Calm at the Center of the Storm" for one another,
I hope you're all blessed in the same way,
Watch this Space for an E.C. Podcast featuring Music, Laughs, and (more than) Occasional over the top Language and abuse!

— The End —