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No matter how cruel Fate may be
or how slow time may tick

Go on as you should
And pretend those things do not exist
and think it just a dream

No matter how strained the gait
or dim the planes may be —
Sail through the waves
Be the flame through the harrowing shadows
And you will make it through
the punishments that lines the scrolls

All is indomitable,
go on and conquer your fate,
Dear captain!
Bhill Nov 2019
I am in a dimension of unconquerable elements
How do I decide
If I can not win or lose
What does it mean

Brian Hill - 2019 # 287
I was once
Like a tadpole
I saw nothing
And heard nothing
I had a sole goal
I needed to reach the ****
Before all of them
Only the first one
Could Become
A Man.
I can tell
This tale today
I am alive!
Once a victor
Always a victor
If you made it
To the ****
Let nothing
Bring you down
That victory
Made you!

— The End —