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If you feel hopeless and lost
Don't panic
Anxiety disorders can pass
They love you
I wish you could see it
Since you can't feel it
Look at the Bright Side
And never lose sight
If you're insomniac
Count your days
You can't count them all
Like the stars of heaven
Make some for me on the comment section.
She drains my energy and enthrones my hurt...
When it rains I feel pains inside my frame.

She craves love but knows not
how to preserve it
She weaves wants and calls them lovers

When she is
Heart broke
She only needs
A rebound
That only deepens the wound
Of the heart
Bleeds as it hurts
It pleads afraid to love again.

But foolishly
She gives in to lies
Wide open thighs & wide shut eyes
She tries to moan
But he groans as she mourns
In the morning
He takes off like a raven
For true love only lasts one night if not an hour

Now she shudders recalling when he shuddered
Oh God she is shuttered and severed the slipknot...
True Love Is Real n Rare!
Man from a worm
And the egg without a shell
Weak and feeble at the start
Yet mighty and smart at heart

He subdues all he sees
And sadly succumbs to all he can't see
Man mighty and glorious
But still plagued by the invisible

Who created life,
And filled it with strife?
Eat today to be eaten tomorrow
Lose today only to win tomorrow

Who thought of an eye
And all the things that surprise?
Or the tongue and the good food?
And the skin, which feels good?

I stand in awe
Because life is full
All the creatures
Are unique
And posses a great technique

Who thought of a man
And gave him this form?
Two firm legs
And two strong arms
Eyes above all
A mouth that speaks
And a mind that imagines

Imagine how easy it is to breath
Think, or to make a conversation
Who gave us words
Numbers, colors and what we own?

Who gave him this mind
One of a kind
He settles not
And searches everything

He finds meaning in the stars
And his mind runs wild
He finds meaning in the sounds
And makes decisions

Man from a worm
And the egg without a shell
Weak and feeble at the start
Yet mighty and smart at heart

Man from a worm
Made by the unseen
From the seen
A biological machine
And a house for ghosts
Unscathed I stand
Against the impetus
Of life with strife
Is rife but understand
That by every stride
You leave behind
The man you used to be...

To be ripe
Is to be ready
Like a serpent
Shed your skin
Let me chelate your doubts
Maybe you might make it out
I diagnosed your problems
I suggest you fix them
You follow no rhythm
No Wonder why you boring
Like waves in the ocean
Clearly you're flawless
No wonder I am careless
When minds I carass
With subtle gentleness
For the fun of writting.
How lost was I
till you came and found me
And how lone was I
till you came for me

I destroy everything I touch
And I ask for too much
I am afraid to admit what we are
For it might change who we are

Everything happened so fast
And I wish I could go back to the past
To that fest moment I laid my eyes on you
Then I would set you free
Because you deserve more than I can give
I can steal you
And take you far beyond pain and misery...

I will bring you the gold in the sun
And the silver in the moon
Cause you flawless like a rose in full bloom
Inspired by a *****
Blue Flame Feb 2019
By the time we begin
I fear the intense spark between us
Will set the house on fire...
As we collide and glide in unison

Ignite the house my spouse
Let it explode as we implode
With consuming desire
You will burst with my single touch

Yea sip by sip till I reach that tip
then you slip that magic stick...
Promise you'll pin me down
and never relinquish

Before we recede crushing down
into a weakening ******
By the time we done
You will be numb
What if poetry is just an escape from loneliness?

What if most poets if not all are loners

Who find comfort in speaking with themselves?

These poems are feelings unheard

Sadness outweighing happiness
Blue Flame Feb 2019
Life is all about choices
Voices in your head
Visions in your mind
And chances

What if you die today?
What will you leave behind?
A legacy?
Or broken hearts?

Small decisions
Big consequences
Such is life
Live it right

At the end of the day
The end doesn't justify the means
It becomes it
You become what you do

And the ones around you
Hate everything that might harm you
Like drugs killing you slowly
Depression taking you hostage

They don't hate you
They hate what you do
Be the best of you
Before you breath your last
life is about grabbing it by the horns and not relinquish
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