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Oct 8 · 169
Solitude raises my altitude
But I can't deny that it alters my attitude
Being alone is therapy to the strong willed.
Sep 14 · 261
Stubborn like Life
We are infected with life and perfected by death
Unpredictable predicaments rise all over the earth
From birth to death we plagued by strife
Still we strive to cut deep like a sharp knife
Trying again and again to leave a mark
Before we lose the spark
Life Strife Death Love Pain all emotions and delusions
Dec 2020 · 156
Love is a lie to me but they say God is love...
If Love is Blind
Then I love Hate...
Dec 2020 · 190
Look at the Bright Side
If you feel hopeless and lost
Don't panic
Anxiety disorders can pass
They love you
I wish you could see it
Since you can't feel it
Look at the Bright Side
And never lose sight
If you're insomniac
Count your days
You can't count them all
Like the stars of heaven
Make some for me on the comment section.
Dec 2020 · 70
Keep In Touch
I am sorry for not keeping in touch
I get lost in the moment
I am barely there for all of you
But I truly care for you

Remember when you texted me
And I couldn't text you back

It's not your fault
We all flawed
Like a zygote

Stop trying to be perfect
Only God is
Try not to finish you self
Can you regenerate?
I feel gleeful
Nov 2020 · 223
I open the blind as eyes are wide open
When u blink u sink in my brink
I Seether around inside thy vacant dark mind
I ignite thy insides with my golden wand
My toung is gold my words are jewels
Decorate thy mind and decalciphy that first eye
We all serpents in God's clothing
Our shed skin is pure clay and dust with fine rocks.
Nov 2020 · 122
Beauty Without Brains
She drains my energy and enthrones my hurt...
When it rains I feel pains inside my frame.

She craves love but knows not
how to preserve it
She weaves wants and calls them lovers

When she is
Heart broke
She only needs
A rebound
That only deepens the wound
Of the heart
Bleeds as it hurts
It pleads afraid to love again.

But foolishly
She gives in to lies
Wide open thighs & wide shut eyes
She tries to moan
But he groans as she mourns
In the morning
He takes off like a raven
For true love only lasts one night if not an hour

Now she shudders recalling when he shuddered
Oh God she is shuttered and severed the slipknot...
True Love Is Real n Rare!
Nov 2020 · 117
Untitled 0001
I am a mist in the midst of my flesh
I love my living stone of insoluble rocks
My leather bag of skin and few strands you can pull.
I am a mystery. I am a King and a Slave
A paranoid prophet and a one eyed over seer.
I roam with ghosts at night and frolick with ladies during the day time I am a Man
At night I am a God.
All who see me can't deny me...
I am what I am.
Nov 2020 · 154
We Decree!!!
I am scared for my Life and
Our Oath will keep both of us
Safe till I build orphanages,
old people's homes and
till our songs gets Grammies, B.E.Tz and
a special place on the internet!

I decree
All Poets, Musicians, Artists and Listeners are Prophets if not Prophetic!
Sep 2020 · 121
Quick Sands of Time
Just like you
I am doing my best
Holding onto reality
by it's fragile strands
trying not to drown
in time's quicksands
I'm holding
These days I feel divine,
there is a big awakening
happening all around me.
Tonight I know I won't slip
I will sleep in the mourning
With time's finger prints
all over my skin
Beautiful scars, mother nature's tattoos....
Inspired by a simple conversation with my poetic brother from mother earth!
Sep 2020 · 138
Prose 4 The Immortal Soul
Everything is Living

Aug 9, 2016

Everything is Living
What’s dying is simply Leaving.
It’s passing, it will never be as it never was.
What’s living is unseen.
it is hidden out of sight.
Where where you when
He made the skies?
If you want to **** a man,
spill the insides.
Mankind has never been kind
To the Environment
and even to his own kind.

I saw God accused for giving us free will,
For this has brought us all our woes.
I heard Satan accused for Wickedness.
But isn’t it us misusing knowledge?

In this life.
the more foolish you are,
the wiser you can be.
The hunger you have
propels you to get more.
Unlike greed
which chokes your faith
And selfishness
which blocks your reception.
These two
will crowd your perception
Leading you
to your internal plus eternal death.

What is it that we don’t have in this life?
Is it the infinity of dollars,
Or aeons of time?

Do you know you can have it all
and still save your precious soul?
Or make a foul
and have it all to lose it all.
Including the soul
you never was worthy of...

I’m forever poor,
I’ll inherit heaven and earth.

Fair and fairer He is,
The goats will inherit the flames.
They once burned
with zealous lust full of pride.
But now
in their tormenting anguish
they can’t commiserate.
Chained to the depth
ov the ocean ov fire.
like their heinous names
With none to mislead
but their deceived and cloned children.
proses for the immortal souls
Sep 2020 · 187
My Prose
It's funny
we are made
out of dust
and we have iron,
and other minerals
in our bodies.
We are made
out of dust
and we self destruct
back to dust.
The flesh and its lust
Won't last
But the spirit
And its lusts will last...
How does it feel
when I hold you close
As I empty my remorse,
your love my comatose

If I overdose you
will I die from cardiac arrest?
Would you rush the paramedics
To try resuscitate me

I loathe love,
it makes me feel like a parasitical pest
Yet it also brings out of me,
the worst and the best!

I'd rather be alone
If I can't have you
I'd rather be forlorn
than being alone
Loves makes me whimper
like a child
When it runs wild in my weird mind

You hate nothing about me yet
And I loathe that you love him
It's not your fault, he picked u up first
And made you a guest in his wide heart

In my heart you already reign
And you call the shots in my brain
I wait for you like a train
And like much needed rain

Come wash away my loneliness
Drown my fears
And dry my tears

If I wait for you to stop loving him
How long will it take?
If I pray for him to stop needing you
Will you hate me for that?
This is a series for Emma The Immaculate!
Aug 2020 · 152
I Am, Behind the D.N.A
Man from a worm
And the egg without a shell
Weak and feeble at the start
Yet mighty and smart at heart

He subdues all he sees
And sadly succumbs to all he can't see
Man mighty and glorious
But still plagued by the invisible

Who created life,
And filled it with strife?
Eat today to be eaten tomorrow
Lose today only to win tomorrow

Who thought of an eye
And all the things that surprise?
Or the tongue and the good food?
And the skin, which feels good?

I stand in awe
Because life is full
All the creatures
Are unique
And posses a great technique

Who thought of a man
And gave him this form?
Two firm legs
And two strong arms
Eyes above all
A mouth that speaks
And a mind that imagines

Imagine how easy it is to breath
Think, or to make a conversation
Who gave us words
Numbers, colors and what we own?

Who gave him this mind
One of a kind
He settles not
And searches everything

He finds meaning in the stars
And his mind runs wild
He finds meaning in the sounds
And makes decisions

Man from a worm
And the egg without a shell
Weak and feeble at the start
Yet mighty and smart at heart

Man from a worm
Made by the unseen
From the seen
A biological machine
And a house for ghosts
Aug 2020 · 99
Corona Days
Unscathed I stand
Against the impetus
Of life with strife
Is rife but understand
That by every stride
You leave behind
The man you used to be...

To be ripe
Is to be ready
Like a serpent
Shed your skin
Aug 2020 · 298
Your Favorite Rapper!
Let me chelate your doubts
Maybe you might make it out
I diagnosed your problems
I suggest you fix them
You follow no rhythm
No Wonder why you boring
Like waves in the ocean
Clearly you're flawless
No wonder I am careless
When minds I carass
With subtle gentleness
For the fun of writting.
Jul 2020 · 55
Got no tattoos on my body
Tattoos in my heart
All your word is in my head
But living is still hard...
It's what you  want
That torments you
It's what you want
That you can't have

All you need you have
But still you crave
For what you want
Will **** you eventually
Then you will be satiated...
In your cold lonely grave?
Life is complicated... Human desire unquenchable
Apr 2020 · 78
She has broken our hearts
and turned our sunny days to gloomy nights
But in the midst of our sorrow joy is always there.
Mar 2020 · 107
Invictus Reloaded
Still i TREND, NONE I dread.
Fiend or friend, None I trust.
Still I stand, blooded yet undead
Mar 2020 · 378
Global Flatline
Apocalypse impending
Is this the beginning of the end
Confidence dissipating
As we expect the worst

The lost prophets, the forgotten sages
Left messages
Which now make sense
As we anticipate the beginning of the end

All I know is we will survive this
If we could conquer small pox
We surely will conquer corona
Because we created it.
If the world ends today, what will you do knowing there will be none to put flowers on your grave, or to remember you and the things you used to do? It's gruesome and heart rending but if you believe in God, you will survive this.
Dec 2019 · 126
There is often less danger in the things we fear than in the things we desire. - John C. Collins
Dec 2019 · 273
Dear Insomnia
Why do you love me so much
Every night you visit
Only to leave me sleepless
Turning and tossing
Till the morning birds sing
As the darkness fades
Aug 2019 · 265
Love isn't fragile,
Hearts are.
Comment with Love in your language, please.
Aug 2019 · 393
If I show you...
Will you stay?
Pieces of me
That fill me with shame
And yet some
Make me feel awesome...

I try so hard to conceal
All my flaws
When I smile
And lie,
"Everything is fine".

Slow suicide
To feel more alive
I am am mess...
Can you fix me?
Or will you leave me?
Jul 2019 · 562
Will you?
I lay out my heart
in these lines
Hoping that you'll understand
But I feel so broken
Because you fail to comprehend
The depth of the pain that I endure
Feeling lost and insecure
Where are you when I need your hand
And why Do I feel like you do not even care?
Jun 2019 · 294
Lost in You
If loving you makes me insane
Then I never wanna be sane
If loving you makes me wrong
Then I never wanna be right

I lost myself the day I found you
And I hope I stay lost in you
I doubt you love me like I love you
But I don't mind at all
Apr 2019 · 258
Love me like a wolf
Cheetahs are out there
Wolves are monogamous creatures, they inspired to write this piece about the remarkable fealty of the wild dogs.
Mar 2019 · 852
Every mistake I've made
It leaves a scar that burns everyday
Mar 2019 · 187
Now you silent
and cold like a corpse
You've vanished into the dark
like a thief in the night
Breaking each
and every promise
Robbing me
of my sleep at night
Mar 2019 · 178
The Poetic Riddler
I am invisible when I ascend
But visible when I descend

I sustain every living thing,
I am what spawned forth
The firmament

I run but I have no legs
And I clap but I have no hands

What Am I?
Leave your answers on the comments section.
Mar 2019 · 227
Strange Free Bird
How lost was I
till you came and found me
And how lone was I
till you came for me

I destroy everything I touch
And I ask for too much
I am afraid to admit what we are
For it might change who we are

Everything happened so fast
And I wish I could go back to the past
To that fest moment I laid my eyes on you
Then I would set you free
Because you deserve more than I can give
Feb 2019 · 432
I can steal you
And take you far beyond pain and misery...

I will bring you the gold in the sun
And the silver in the moon
Cause you flawless like a rose in full bloom
Inspired by a *****
Feb 2019 · 542
poets and poetry
What if poetry is just an escape from loneliness?

What if most poets if not all are loners

Who find comfort in speaking with themselves?

These poems are feelings unheard

Sadness outweighing happiness
Jan 2019 · 204
Good Ole Days
Time has eroded my perception
Life has marred my perfection
For when I was young I could believe
Easily dreaming big
My mind conceiving in innocence
Now I am scarred and scared
Fed up of life's nonsense

As a boy
I  never wanted to grow up
For life had shown me
There is little joy for the old...
For the young are ever frolicking
Then life is still finger licking good!

If time could be reversed
I'd have reversed it to the days
I was still young
For when I was young life was more fun
I looked at life through simple optimistic eyes
And I wasn't concerned about anything
But awestruck by everything
The swimming fish in a pond
The scent of summer after a drizzle
And the time mom cam back from work with candy

I ate when I felt hungry
Slept when I felt tired
Cried when upset
And laughed when tickled

Every experience was as an adventure
And life it self was a wonder
Now I am always agitated
Completing cycles of motion for the sake of it

I have made innocent mistakes
That turned into scary skeletons in my closet
I have weaned addictions that now reign over me
I now have stubborn scars
That won't fade with time
But seem to accumulate more

Some say we never grow
We are still the same children
Now trapped in adult bodies
But I prefer being an adult
In a child's body
For life is usually bliss
Jan 2019 · 153
Fear kept
Makes one inept
It's just an illusion

Feelings are fleeting like shadows
They vanish without trace
Don't be held down by them...
Jan 2019 · 1.6k
Let Go
Words are meaningless
and forgettable
Feelings are fleeting
and unreliable
Presents get old and worn out
People change
from friends to strangers
And change is inevitable
Nothing remains the same
Letting go means you're stronger than you think.
Sep 2018 · 389
All the chaos in our tiny world
Is a product
Of our Emotions gone wrong
An Outer Manifestation
Of the hate inside the hurt
of the Heart!

All the pain,
hate and suffering
In this fading world
Is just an outburst
Of what lies
The bar less prison
Of a human mind!
The sum of your thoughts Adds up to you Peace inside will bring peace to the world
Aug 2018 · 733
A Place Beyond the Eye
The truth terrifies my human mind
Beyond the ties that bind...
Time stood still
And everything became blur
I was absent but stood I right there
Lost in deep thought,
Contemplating how
Dad left first
And then you followed
A candle blown upon by the wind
Our supplication ignored
A future denied and tears shed
Dreams shuttered by a boulder of sorrow
and a flower wilting, slowly dying
Uprooted and left to dry
Dyeing our hearts with depression...
Relentless thoughts creeping in my head
Like maggots crawling on a decaying carcass
If pain was a color what would it be?
When soaked would it fade
Like darkness every dawn.
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
She Made Love The Wrong Time
Her impression of love
was nothing but...
A bar less prison
She had a hateful
Perception ov love
A dead fateful lie
Cold as a sarcophagus...

How wrong she was
To think *** was love
And love was ***...
My ex...

Her mother would die for her
But she had never
Laid her down
On a bed of pleasures of the flesH
For true love
Isn't sensually sentimental
But unconditional.

She was wrong yet so strong
With legs wide open
Weakened by desire
She gave it away...

Her perception of
love was nothing but lust
And trust which left her in the dust
And she always thought
love didn't last
Cuz she was lost
So she lost
Something he needed
on the honey moon!
Sometimes we should do *** the right way, the right time, with the right partner. Virtue is always way better than make up or the sexiest outfit.
Aug 2018 · 796
Little Invictus
I was once
Like a tadpole
I saw nothing
And heard nothing
I had a sole goal
I needed to reach the ****
Before all of them
Only the first one
Could Become
A Man.
I can tell
This tale today
I am alive!
Once a victor
Always a victor
If you made it
To the ****
Let nothing
Bring you down
That victory
Made you!
Aug 2018 · 195
A Thousand Years
What would you do?
If you had a thousand years to live?
A thousand years of peace?
A thousand years of equity?
I have heard of a time like that ahead!
When mortality puts on immortality
And immorality will be extinct.
Without death or sickness to fear!
Aug 2018 · 420
Broken Pieces {22 L}
We Are
Of The
We are images/selfies of the invisible God!
Aug 2018 · 209
When I speak I create
Even without a magic wand
When I think I create
And my environment
Thinks like I think
Magic is an illusion
But power is real
And it is not in your hands
But in your mouth
One Word changed my life
Starting with my mind
Which is a powerful biological machine
That can either instruct
Or self-destruct
If overloaded with wrong instructions.
A man utters
Out of the abundance of the heart
And as he imagines so is he
Man is a thought
And thoughts are spirits
They work like cells
Unobserved yet effective
Possess your mind
And inculcate your heart
If you don’t
They will
When they entertain your mind with their demonic fantasies…
Words are powerful. Silence is golden, and speaking is silver.
Aug 2018 · 149
The Difference Between Us
The difference between us is simple and visible
Like a face pimple, it’s invisible to you,
Cuz you lost the mirror of your soul
Now you can’t see who you truly are
And you struggle with depression
Held captive by what you can’t see
Yet you gave it the key
To your heart, a stunning mansion
Designed for spirits to dine in.
An awesome vehicle,
Spirits travel in!
My eyes saw her
And my heart longed for her
And my lips wanted a taste
Of her seething venom
She was a cup
I didn’t want to pass
Without having a sip
That opened a flesh wound
Only she could nurse
Because it could never heal
And any one I’d ****
For her to be mine and mine alone.  

On the drags ov the black wine
Brood from African matured raw dark vines
Bitter sweet and sedating like ecstasy
She anesthetized me
Leaving me numb
To the wound she had inflicted
Upon my heart of flesh,
When I let my
Shield down
And left her sizzling arrow
Piercing my heart
Like a thorn for the holy one
Her arrow inoculated a venom
That enfeebled my trembling frame
As I bled love unafraid of bleeding to death!
I looked deeply Into Her dark eyes
My vision impaired,
High from the venom
And partial hemorrhage.
I said slowly
“What is love? Tell me please…”
She smiled and replied…

“I can’t tell you,
I can only show you
Cuz you have prayed.
Love is a tourniquet
To your heart a wound
I can nurse it for you
That’s why it hurts
If you are wounded
By someone without skill
Some wounds never heal
But fear not
For my love is not lethal
And leaving you might be fatal,
Words can never be love
Only actions can be
Thoughts are useless
If never said  or expressed
So don’t be afraid
I will nurse your wound
Because mine is deeper than yours”
Leave a comment please, follow and I will follow back and go through your poetry. Why not interact with fellow poets from foreign lands?
Thank you for your collaboration.
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Thoughts Can't Be Controlled
Can't help it cry
Thinking why you had to die
Before you could fly
So young and bright...
Your life gave me hope now
Your death gives me power
To do more than I can
Knowing one can die
In the blink of an eye
But death is painful
Only to the living
The leaving are being set free
From the burdensome world
Filled with strife
And very few moments of glee
Pain is hard to ignore but it's good to know because it makes you a better version of you!

Follow me and I will follow you back. Let's interact and socialise!
Jul 2018 · 456
In Death's Embrace
It's exactly one year
Since you left
This tiring cold earth
Your death
Gave birth to something deep
A wound, now a scar
I watch and feel everynight
A stubborn scar
That deepens with time
Instead of fading
Today this time
I was in a bus
Coming to your funeral
Disappointed like a dog without a bone
And an actor without a home
It's exactly 366 days since your death
Mordecai Amos Suga Masimbira
Died at nineteen before he grabbed
What he was working for
The Nobel piece prize in physics and chemistry
Even in your death
You're unconquered
And I will make you famous
Because you were denied
A long life
Which you deserved
Because to all you were perfect.
A perfect beacon of light
Through the family's dark night.
Words will never cover your void
And only when we meet again will I rejoice.
You live in my dreams
In my art
And in my heart
Which is still moaning like a dove
Solely standing on a thorny branch
Weeping sorely
With burning hope and love
He was my lil brother, i miss him, i love him and i don't why death took him away...
Jul 2018 · 271
Morning Thoughts
I inspire
I won’t expire
I transcend
I won’t descend
Aspire to transpire
Make pages
In His Story
Make a name
That won’t fade
Through the ages
And paint your images
With full colors
That time can’t erase
Mount your fears
And they will take you far
Like a feather
Blown by the wind
Fear is the weakness
It cripples your mind
And weakens your faith
Jul 2018 · 493
Words: The Best Therapist
I write to praise my fear
I write to numb my wounds
I write to hide my shame
I write to fill my voids
I write to console my heart
Which has a cavity
I feel every night
Before sleep sedates me
I write like a fighter
I fight like a writer
Words are vines
And my hands
My winepress
Makes the best wine
That levitates me
And makes you feel fine.
You're not alone!
Through pain and misery.
Write On, Ride On And Tell your Tale
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