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I fetch a card from my deck of a love tarot
that showed me the lovers and I was reckoned
Like a crumpled paper my heart was shrunk
I restored my senses and stimulate my mind
How this has happened in this miserable life?
He is no more with me and there is no love inside
It is the irony of daily reading with the cards
It makes my wish truthful and covers my scars
Moeshfiekah Aug 18
I seek what I lack to give myself , and I seek it with my heart , not my head.
And I feel it with my emotions not logic . So I allow another to take my most valuable possession and I allow them to brake it.

So many can relate , but we hide because we are afraid they will think less of us
Chris Jul 3
Sitting still upon the throne,
Beauty never fades away,
But the utter dark can leave a mark,
That calls chaos back to play.

Rotting one, the one below,
reflects the unseen side of glowing,
And the eternal snake is ever awake,
On the burnt side of that coin.

We know the price of death so far,
As the ferry man is rowing,
But not as much as a glimpse to nature of simpler things
The future, and the price of knowing.
Basically, to know that much and be praised as she is, you gotta be rotten.
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i ate a plum today
the deep purple hue
and melting red juice
dribbled over my chin
it wasnt quite ripe
and this is how my poem begins
you arent really my type
standing all akin
mind all a luce
but im drawn to you
what might the knights forsay?
when they see me run
for fun
into your arms
might their ears shriek in alarm?

i ate a plum yesterday
might it have been ripe this day?
leaving my mouth dry and bitter
i would like another bite
my poem is not over
men do not think me polite
i cause their knees to jitter
and this is what the knights forsay
when i ran to your arms that day

"he is a reminder, that looks deceive, a ripe plum is not ripe at all, the act is clear, shouldnt the juice be sweet? shouldnt the corners of your mouth lay sticky? you are instead left bitter, running to an unsavory fruit that longs for your tongue. you do not eat unripe fruit, you throw it aside. this fruit will quake and die quietly where you have left it... do not be a fruit fly, they crave lifeless desperate sweets."
how might you interpret such a poem?
sara Jun 8
the strangely corners
arouse and welcome us
the curious mulberries
of soft psychic guts
Chelsea Rae Feb 7
They talk about manifestation
And the power is in me, always,
But they're full of ****.
Just a straight up liar
Because otherwise the world would already be on fire
And burning me down to the ground
With it.
I'm more confused than ever. My gift has been put on hold. **** everything and everyone.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
Déjà vu
meaning "already seen"
is a sense of familiarity
like you've done something before
even though it doesn't seem like it
i get it all the time
i've been told i'm a little psychic
which sounds fairly crazy
but déjà vu
is a sign of being psychic
and it happens to me sometimes once a week
it's not every so often
it happens all the time
now it only happens with people
like i've known them in another life
and i get that feeling with him
i've experienced déjà vu
at least three times this week
more times than i ever have
and it's happened ever since we got together
i also get these feelings
like gut feelings
like instinct
but it's something deeper
i can feel when something important is going to happen
and if it's good or bad
like i can tell the future
and every time i get that feeling
something always happens
i get those feelings with him
like i'll love him forever
maybe we really are meant to be
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
There once was a king, a prince and a Queen

Who lived in the time of man.

The king could not hear the cries of his land

for he just did not understand.

So the queen took his throne with the cast of a stone

and devoured all the gold in the land.

But the prince wanted peace, so he took on this beast

without a sword in his hand.

The battle went on, no victor was named

for that was the time of man.
james m nordlund Jul 2018
Words, while being paths of study,
Can't lead to oneself, for the intellect
Can't lead, as life doesn't follow.  
The corporate structure's convolution's
Devolutionary direction differs.  Stray
Not from your heart path: you being who,
What, where, when, how, and sometimes
Why, forever asked, and unanswered.
Viva la Evolucion, viva la Green Party.
To walk in seasons is to question,
A flower is opening.

win Feb 2018
aquarius rising
age of the future
brotherhood of man
beginning with psychic
compelled creative
created to follow a perfect plan

discovering the essence of
emotions of the higher mind
ephemeris pointing true
for illustration that is me
forget me not as is my ascendant sign
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