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Nigdaw Feb 2022
you dream the dream
of what's in their head
lost to the living
sacrificed to the dead
spirits rise within you
Ouija magic Ouija curse
they walk among us
hidden faces a veiled darkness
they walk among us
secrets half learnt
I am scared for my Life and
Our Oath will keep both of us
Safe till I build orphanages,
old people's homes and
till our songs gets Grammies, B.E.Tz and
a special place on the internet!

I decree
All Poets, Musicians, Artists and Listeners are Prophets if not Prophetic!
Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Our souls crossed
And told the lies
We’d be together
But then the cries
Wailed from hearts
Breaking in denial
Who thought
They’d withstand the
Trial of
Turns out souls don’t wait
They dissipate
And leave the wreckage

Larissa Frost Nov 2020
Despite my desire
To not think about
The caged bird
Inside me
Still sings

Larissa Frost Nov 2020
I long for you
To touch me
And set my skin on fire
Inhale my soul
And spread my
With your desire
Take your lips
And part my sins
And dance around
The flames
That have waited
Patiently forever
To be screaming
Out your name.

The Dybbuk Sep 2020
In a world of my own construction,
reality bends to my will.
Ancient secrets of ancestral blood
transmute to its inheritor.
The voice of eternity whispers my name,
carried on winds of rolling laughter
to my ear, waiting.
Naive enchantment behind child eyes
is transformed into something magic,
but real; second sight becomes
second nature.
Soon, the joy behind my eyes will return,
forged in inner fire and whetted with love.
le fey Dec 2019
Darling bright, o’ earthly child,
I see thy mind a burden wild.
This day, certes, thee did thy best,
Wherefore t's time to take a rest.
Each day the sun breaks a new dawn.
We’re all in some way reborn.
Darling bright, o’ earthly child,
Take here my blessings for the night.
le fey Dec 2019
O' which seals from me
The torment of thy thoughts –
Thoughts not meant to enter me
But sensed in mists of spheres.

In solitude
I'm dwelling hence
For'a hermit doth not lure the cold –
The thrusting cold o'that which
Is plaguing the foresaken.

Solitude, then to me
Is to radiate that ease –
That ease swaning circular and gracefully
on the calms of the Hydriads' waters.
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