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Solitude raises my altitude
But I can't deny that it alters my attitude
Being alone is therapy to the strong willed.
We are infected with life and perfected by death
Unpredictable predicaments rise all over the earth
From birth to death we plagued by strife
Still we strive to cut deep like a sharp knife
Trying again and again to leave a mark
Before we lose the spark
Life Strife Death Love Pain all emotions and delusions
Love is a lie to me but they say God is love...
If Love is Blind
Then I love Hate...
If you feel hopeless and lost
Don't panic
Anxiety disorders can pass
They love you
I wish you could see it
Since you can't feel it
Look at the Bright Side
And never lose sight
If you're insomniac
Count your days
You can't count them all
Like the stars of heaven
Make some for me on the comment section.
I am sorry for not keeping in touch
I get lost in the moment
I am barely there for all of you
But I truly care for you

Remember when you texted me
And I couldn't text you back

It's not your fault
We all flawed
Like a zygote

Stop trying to be perfect
Only God is
Try not to finish you self
Can you regenerate?
I feel gleeful
I open the blind as eyes are wide open
When u blink u sink in my brink
I Seether around inside thy vacant dark mind
I ignite thy insides with my golden wand
My toung is gold my words are jewels
Decorate thy mind and decalciphy that first eye
We all serpents in God's clothing
Our shed skin is pure clay and dust with fine rocks.
She drains my energy and enthrones my hurt...
When it rains I feel pains inside my frame.

She craves love but knows not
how to preserve it
She weaves wants and calls them lovers

When she is
Heart broke
She only needs
A rebound
That only deepens the wound
Of the heart
Bleeds as it hurts
It pleads afraid to love again.

But foolishly
She gives in to lies
Wide open thighs & wide shut eyes
She tries to moan
But he groans as she mourns
In the morning
He takes off like a raven
For true love only lasts one night if not an hour

Now she shudders recalling when he shuddered
Oh God she is shuttered and severed the slipknot...
True Love Is Real n Rare!
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