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Jan 2023 · 313
To you...
Bhawna Jan 2023
how's this feeling?
I wish I knew
My everything is fine with you

Let's leave all the crazy talk..
Looks, attraction and attachment
Just be mine for this moment

Weird isn't it?
I Won't repeat this line again
"You are my Paris in Rain"

Hope you get this
Coz I'm not outgoing girl
So handle this pearl.
I wonder how..
My everything ends up onto you.
Apr 2022 · 1.4k
Bhawna Apr 2022
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
Jul 2020 · 135
Bhawna Jul 2020
Is it the matter of priorities
Cause I guess they change

Is it the matter  of time
Cause I guess it flows

Is it about the people
Well I guess maybe
Jun 2020 · 110
Mirror image
Bhawna Jun 2020
Hey! I see you through this glass wall
And yes you are truly amazin ;)
May 2020 · 111
Dear Diary <3
Bhawna May 2020
Life was great
When I was immature
It turned gloomy and dark
With maturity's spark

I didn't had questions back then
Now I have millions
No one bothered me much
Now everyone *****

I was in my own world
Ans now I'm lost in emotional spur
I had no friends to call mine
When I had, they lost with time

It was just one thing that never changed
My bond with pen and diary
That very thing which stayed
Neither hurt me nor played....
It always that beautiful pages stack we call by name diary which is always present as a bright optimism n supports u....
Feb 2020 · 260
Bhawna Feb 2020
I have lost the hold of me
Wanna shout so so so high...

It's been really long when I heard my voice
Now it feels so chocked...

Wanna cuddle coz I hate this feeling
Not able to make out or in...

Hope I get out of this mess quick
Cause it ****..
Hate to be lonely but what's worst is to be wid one you don't want to see...
Dec 2019 · 202
I don't know ...
Bhawna Dec 2019
I don't know how to behave
While others are watching

I don't know how to hide
While others are seeking

I don't know how to express
While others are listening

I don't know how to sit
While others are staring

What I know is...
I don't need these 'others' anymore...
Life is way more interesting when u listen to yourself..
Nov 2019 · 171
Bhawna Nov 2019
All I want is a voice
To give my song a meaning
express same emotion
my soul is feeling
Wanna have someone to stare
With a couple of thoughts raising
Disturbing my mind
Make my heart pacing
Someone invisible to world
Someone transparent
Ofcourse it's a fantasy
Cause I can't go against them

Wish you knew
That even after me seen with everyone
I can't see anyone with me
At times it's the best feeling
But I don't just know how is it going
Time like tide is flowing
N I can't stop it , don't want to stop it
Wish I find ☮️...
Nov 2019 · 480
He says...
Bhawna Nov 2019
He says I should stop being kiddish...
What he doesn't know is
That I love this innocence of us

He says go for it ...
Either say or make him do it
N I m here waiting for exact time

He says u both r noob
Well he is right
Maybe that's what makes us stupid enough
to know each other

He says get mature
Take desicions
N I m just pondering
Not to get hurt
Thanks rags u always advice me good ...this one is for u geeky guy I know u ll find alot of mistakes in this too
Jul 2019 · 136
Not today
Bhawna Jul 2019
Not today
I just can't relate
With whatever you say

Not today
I can't hear
All your emotional blackmail

Not today
I can't see
Honesty in your play

Not today
I can't pretend
That fake smile of everyday

Not today
Just don't pass by
Those feelings slayed
Sometimes your dearest soul makes you feel so weak that you start questioning your existence....
Jun 2019 · 414
Bhawna Jun 2019
Maybe its not about understanding
But about realizing
That who always pearched
"Never leave me"
Doesn't even bother
To leave you
Sometimes you just feel and keep silent even you have thousands thoughts
May 2019 · 388
Bhawna May 2019
Silence is sword
But I'm slayed by a word
May 2019 · 237
It's said...
Bhawna May 2019
" understanding someone
before them speaking
is a sign of genious"
But look at the misery
If I speak I know the result and
If I don't then this pain will eat me up
Fed up with understanding everyone when the heck will they understand me...-_-
May 2019 · 182
To you.
Bhawna May 2019
Everytime I make my mind
To talk to you
But then those days
those faces rewind
I had a lot to tell
But there wasn't a word I spell
I couldn't ,just couldn't
Neither to you nor to myself
I blamed my hormones
Everytime for everything
Trying to ignore you
With every blink
I feared just a thing
What other's ll think
And even now I do
Coz, they'll judge me
Without being in my shoe
I just wanna let you know
That it was just amazing
To ignore you with eyes open
And think of you with closed

Well I know
I'm the only egoistic
In your fb friend list
But today I wanna tell you
Something which was only for you
I liked you
It took me really long to know what was going on in real with me
Mar 2019 · 278
Bhawna Mar 2019
Holding a pen
And writing your fortune
Isn't a piece of cake
But not rocket science either

You get choices
You get opportunities
You grab some
Some are like missed trains
But you are
Accompanied by your soul
Which is waiting, wishing, and dying
For you to explore & explore & explore

So don't panic over failure
Step on it like a ladder
**** your fear
Kidnap your ego
****** your temptations
Just believe inner self
Mar 2019 · 517
Bhawna Mar 2019
               |@@@@   I believe I can, what
               |  ------      is hindering me then
              /                       is ego?,that I feel
            /                          myself so low
           /                          or is it fear?, that
           ===                     I won't able to
               /                      clear.  Or just an
               ==                       over thinking
               \                              that I am
                |                        sinking. I feel
                 =======          so gloomy that
                                |        everything
        ­                        |          appears
                      ­                   dark being
                                  Bloomy, evytime      
                             I stand I fall , criticizin
               Myself believing I am small
       I believe that ending will be fortunate, Coz what worst can occur in my fate. Maybe its just rough time and
Once again I will shine, maybe its just
My test,that will lead me to my success nest, maybe its just a blessing to complete me from what's lacking.
Do turn phone on the landscpe mode pictorial poetry deb.  Just feel and join the flow
Mar 2019 · 164
At times...
Bhawna Mar 2019
At times it do feels
That I have lost me...

I used to be a free bird
Always busy to improve me
and now I am just wondering...
Over and over and over
To get back that carefree attitude,

Pondering over others opinion
Nevva letting me shout
Maybe I have shut me up so much
That Now I have lost my voice!
Feb 2019 · 415
Bhawna Feb 2019
I :   Dance...,jump...,roar...and enjoy ME!!!
THEY : Stand...,sit...,stare...and judge ME!!!
Jan 2019 · 127
Bhawna Jan 2019
The world appears hollow
Even while walking around in crowd
The sky becomes dull
Even with bright sunlight
The walls become dark
Even with beautiful patterns
The fake appears beautiful
Even after knowing the real...
Jan 2019 · 286
My wishes...
Bhawna Jan 2019
I wish you could
Get back to me
As I always admired
you to be

I wish you could
Act in my favour
And defeat my ego
Which says he's a liar

I wish you could
Understand me better
If I am immature
You could apply your wit

I wish you could
Be the person of my dreams
But my past encounters
Doesn't let me follow that stream
I wish you could know my soul
Jan 2019 · 803
Bhawna Jan 2019
Don't be a prisoner
Of past
If you do
Only pain will last

Don't be a over thinker
Of present
If you do
It'll be malignant

Don't be a liability
Of future
If you do
You'll be left alone creature
...such is life
Jan 2019 · 214
Its me
Bhawna Jan 2019
Its me,
I was the one
Who allowed you
I was the one
Who is hurt

Its me,
I am the one
Who cared
I am the one
Who is blurred

Its me,
I will be the one
Who will be searched
I will be the one
Who will be missed
Jan 2019 · 186
Bhawna Jan 2019
a person who,

apply feelings instead of brain
though the ending result is same
always that unending pain

i love enjoying rain
the tears of heaven
that only shower
relief my pain

i smile at the sky
i converse with it
it replies
with those beautiful shapes of clouds

i criticise myself,
my life, my fate
knowing everything
still unknown

always thinking
an unsung song
which always wanna come out of me
but is hidden somewhere
like a lava of volcano
i wish i find it
to know who am i

i always wish to be a good person
so that even after worst
i still come up the best
but then some incidents
proves me rude from the rest...
i cant completely know who am i, still searching , finding ways to make myself respect me
Dec 2018 · 233
Who am i?
Bhawna Dec 2018
An illustration of fear?,
Or poem of query?
A book of problems?
Or a blank diary?

An unsung song?
Or a bubble of word?
An unstable atom?
Or just a nerd?......
On the path to find me
Dec 2018 · 238
Bhawna Dec 2018
I always admire things
when they are gone
leaning on the past
with a fantasy song

sitting alone
doesn't mean i 'm lonely
coz, its my time
to revive my past strongly

i knew importance of them
but never knew
i was important too
coz, they never claimed

they moved out
they moved ahead
and i 'm still there
with my heart shred

i was crying once
but no one heard
i criticised myself
made myself blurred

then one voice
came out of ashes
it fired and burned
all doubts and dark forest places

i stood up, started moving
now there is no looking back
coz, i have a task
to fill my pride stack

though i criticised this moment
but it let cat out of the bag
now i need to
wash and wipe my 'MISS FRAGILE' tag

now my soul knows what to do
i gotta have my mind in my team
i promise
i will not be inclined
thanks to my dear life
Nov 2018 · 186
no words to say...
Bhawna Nov 2018
Whenever I was sad and depressed
You were always along
You had a spell,
a magical tone

you made me rejuvenate
you told me there is life good and bad
but ending will be fortunate

you told me
“there will be obstacles your way ,
But remember! Something great
Will be waiting  someday”

You say you cannot,
That things don’t go your way
I could not believe my eyes
My soul’s supporter
Says this way

What happened you today?
I have no words to say
Like a dumb I ‘m writing my feelings
Coz' today you made negative thoughts inlay

You know you are elder to me
But I have an advice
Please don’t think this way
Coz' If you will lose faith in you
I will not be able to stand again on my foot
its really hard when you see your loving and supporting brother break, i really cant depict in words my state i am really **** hurt
Nov 2018 · 5.7k
Devil ( inside out)
Bhawna Nov 2018
You know what
You don't have guts
To face me up

The more you ignore me
More you ll think of me

I thought you to be strong
But thanks
You proved me wrong
Nov 2018 · 429
Bhawna Nov 2018
you say i am not strong
coz, you're afraid to accept
that you're weak
Nov 2018 · 175
Bhawna Nov 2018
the best part about life is
and about dreaming is
living in them
living with so many dreams in my life all i have is honesty and determination

— The End —