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He is unlike anything I've ever come across before
A beautiful fascinating specimen
His body, strong and ****, I can't help but admire, broad shoulders and warm hugs, so comforting.
His hair, thick and soft, short curls and tangles when I run fingers through them.
His eyes, absolutely gorgeous. The colour of wild honey, I get lost in them everytime.
His smile when he looks at me, so beautiful, I fall in love all over again.
His skin, tough yet soft, my fingertips always craving for it.
His voice, deep and seductive. I could listen to him for hours.
His scent, sweet yet musky. He's got me addicted.
And his love, like nothing I've ever felt before.
He is like a gem. One so rare and beautiful beyond measure.
To love him, to be his... It's a privilege.
Awake all night listening to him and admiring him... I just had to show him what I see and feel when I look at him. How he so effortlessly arouses and appeals all my senses
The gentle Amber light of dawn
My legs entwined in yours
A mess of unmade bedsheets
And sweat soaked kisses

The birds chirp their morning melody
My face buried in your chest
A deep breath as I hold you tighter
And take in your scent.

Waking up to your face, everyday.
This will be our mornings, one day.
I wrote this when I missed waking up next to him.. In his arms... This is a memory I was able to put into words
TheRhymeRenegade Mar 2018
You're always asking me if I'm okay
And I always keep my answers vague
two thumbs way up, I hide my face
eyes cemented shut, just another day

stumble down the stairway
eating out gourmet
don't need a lifejacket in a sea of cabernet,
(You okay?, Hey Rach?)
been a few days since I've had a taste
indentations in the blankets traced

so I sit around, I don't mind the wait
daydream until I leave this place
Always chasing sensations and feelings
sedation isn't quite the same as healing
so I head to the gas station freewheeling
fading and melting into silent sightseeing

You're so special, a wild flame meeting petrol
you don't love me, you love everyone
I'm accidental, not fundamental
so I watch it burn until it's overdone

You're explosive, and I'm corrosive
we probably shouldn't do this
but when has anything interesting
happened from doing what we should've

Skip through the lushest meadow
hope and pray I don't get stung
I tiptoe, I tiptoe
I'm afraid of bees and bugs
TheRhymeRenegade Jul 2018
Can't talk about, can't write about, a single thing but loving you
Don't mean to schmooze, my shameless muse, always down for aimless cruise
stare through window glass at tunnel lights that zoom straight past our heads
I walk on air, dodge solar flares, ignites my mind when I'm in bed

I can't stop, cotton to moth
brushstrokes swirl upon the backdrop
slumping over center console
dream about centaurs and scary monsters
shake me awake and tell me its okay
I know it is but it feels better that way

And I feel a nostalgia a sense of old security
the same I got when I was young and fell asleep to the TV
underneath the afghan with unwravled threads and fraying ends
hold onto me while I nitpick the same old **** inside my head

I can't stop, cotton to moth
brushstrokes swirl upon the backdrop
slumping over center console
dream about centaurs and scary monsters
shake me awake and tell me its okay
I know it is but it feels better that way

Tell me baby is it true?
Should I ride or die for you?
can I be your passenger?
or do you find me lackluster?
I can't let it be the thought of you and me
scared that our future is tragic history
and every time I find myself ready to shift gears
something holds me back, some aching type of fear

I can't stop, cotton to moth
brushstrokes swirl upon the backdrop
slumping over center console
dream about centaurs and scary monsters
shake me awake and tell me its okay
I know it is but it feels better that way
BAE Sep 2019
Something for you to remember me by,
Maybe you’ll look at it everyday,
Maybe you’ll store it away,

Maybe someday you stumble across this,
And maybe you’ll reminisce

That there was one a ‘BAE’.
This is written for a gift that was given for a relationship which had no happy ending.
Bhawna Jun 2019
Maybe its not about understanding
But about realizing
That who always pearched
"Never leave me"
Doesn't even bother
To leave you
Sometimes you just feel and keep silent even you have thousands thoughts
Naveen Tiwari Mar 2019
I am not good enough for you
I know that
Why do you know that too ?

You hide behind your glasses
I know that
I am not what you see
Do you know that too?

You're pretty
You know that
I like you for you
I hope you know that too!

You wish, I was better
I know that
I Could be, for you
I wish , you knew that too!

I know
I am not good enough for you
But why do you know that too!
Akwana Wa Odera Jan 2019
Twists and turns
Life shifts and stuns
Memories we once created
We evade and shun
Heart breaks
Bae I'm sorry we reached this side
If only there was an anti clockwise turn
I'll ease your pain
Give you happiness in return
I'm sorry your feelings i hurt
Gave you a reason for you to despise
All the lies
For a while
Felt like by you i was doing right
The tears in your eyes
The anger in your replies
How could i not see how deep you were deprived
I'm sorry that i wasn't enough
All i need is another chance
To prove to you
That I'm the suitable guy
To call your better half
I'll promise to do you right
And with you we'll make solid plans
And fascinating memories
That would surely last
For a life time to come
I'm truly sorry baby girl

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2019
I wrote this for a friend in need...
Anji Sep 2018
In my darkness, you are a shining beacon of light.
A lamp post, street side in the darkest night.
When all of the stars, and even the moon
Decide to depart from the sky -
I’m still drawn to your fire.
Seeking warmth and comfort like a moth
Against the soft-framed glass panes of your life.

Because - MY GOD!  -
In deep darkness, how brilliantly you shine! And
In the crucible of my life
When all things burnt out, blackened, and
All I loved had withered and died -
There in the ashes, among the wreckage
I saw a diamond sparkling, so these hesitant fingers pried it apart
And now...

Here you are. Standing by my side,
Singing back to me my very own pain.
Killing me, so softly
With the way that you sing.

Oh, my darling. For you,
I would burn down anything.
And only for You...
Beautiful Diamond Of Mine.
poetry, *******.
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