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  Aug 2 Bhawna
I miss you
I'll miss you forever

I miss the people I can't have
I miss the temporary places
all these fading feelings

miss my emotions
miss all the burnt pages
don't hurt me

coming down
to haunt me

miss loving you
miss loving myself too
Bhawna Jul 31
Not today
I just can't relate
With whatever you say

Not today
I can't hear
All your emotional blackmail

Not today
I can't see
Honesty in your play

Not today
I can't pretend
That fake smile of everyday

Not today
Just don't pass by
Those feelings slayed
Sometimes your dearest soul makes you feel so weak that you start questioning your existence....
  Jul 19 Bhawna
it's a beautiful thing to know
you'll miss me when I'm gone
  Jun 24 Bhawna
the devil has my soul
I can feel it now
Bhawna Jun 21
Maybe its not about understanding
But about realizing
That who always pearched
"Never leave me"
Doesn't even bother
To leave you
Sometimes you just feel and keep silent even you have thousands thoughts
Bhawna May 30
Silence is sword
But I'm slayed by a word
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