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  Apr 5 Bhawna
Eleanor Sinclair
Life is strong and life is tough, but sweetheart so are you

Chin up. You will be happy soon
  Apr 5 Bhawna
A heart that gives never gets.
A heart that loves never gets the love it deserves .Even though the heart that loves doesn't expect it in return.
The love it deserves never really comes back.
Bhawna Mar 19
Holding a pen
And writing your fortune
Isn't a piece of cake
But not rocket science either

You get choices
You get opportunities
You grab some
Some are like missed trains
But you are
Accompanied by your soul
Which is waiting, wishing, and dying
For you to explore & explore & explore

So don't panic over failure
Step on it like a ladder
**** your fear
Kidnap your ego
****** your temptations
Just believe inner self
Bhawna Mar 11
               |@@@@   I believe I can, what
               |  ------      is hindering me then
              /                       is ego?,that I feel
            /                          myself so low
           /                          or is it fear?, that
           ===                     I won't able to
               /                      clear.  Or just an
               ==                       over thinking
               \                              that I am
                |                        sinking. I feel
                 =======          so gloomy that
                                |        everything
        ­                        |          appears
                      ­                   dark being
                                  Bloomy, evytime      
                             I stand I fall , criticizin
               Myself believing I am small
       I believe that ending will be fortunate, Coz what worst can occur in my fate. Maybe its just rough time and
Once again I will shine, maybe its just
My test,that will lead me to my success nest, maybe its just a blessing to complete me from what's lacking.
Do turn phone on the landscpe mode pictorial poetry deb.  Just feel and join the flow
Bhawna Mar 3
At times it do feels
That I have lost me...

I used to be a free bird
Always busy to improve me
and now I am just wondering...
Over and over and over
To get back that carefree attitude,

Pondering over others opinion
Nevva letting me shout
Maybe I have shut me up so much
That Now I have lost my voice!
  Feb 21 Bhawna
don't worry,
for flowers
will grow
in the cracks
of where
your beautiful
was once

the sunshine will come

-healing is beauty
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