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Bhawna Jan 2023
how's this feeling?
I wish I knew
My everything is fine with you

Let's leave all the crazy talk..
Looks, attraction and attachment
Just be mine for this moment

Weird isn't it?
I Won't repeat this line again
"You are my Paris in Rain"

Hope you get this
Coz I'm not outgoing girl
So handle this pearl.
I wonder how..
My everything ends up onto you.
Bhawna Apr 2022
It's terrible
No words said
Yet your eyes yell
Pinching aroma embed
Oh, well
I wanna be more innocent
To make your heart discontent
.....lack of words
Bhawna Jul 2020
Is it the matter of priorities
Cause I guess they change

Is it the matter  of time
Cause I guess it flows

Is it about the people
Well I guess maybe
Bhawna Jun 2020
Hey! I see you through this glass wall
And yes you are truly amazin ;)
Bhawna May 2020
Life was great
When I was immature
It turned gloomy and dark
With maturity's spark

I didn't had questions back then
Now I have millions
No one bothered me much
Now everyone *****

I was in my own world
Ans now I'm lost in emotional spur
I had no friends to call mine
When I had, they lost with time

It was just one thing that never changed
My bond with pen and diary
That very thing which stayed
Neither hurt me nor played....
It always that beautiful pages stack we call by name diary which is always present as a bright optimism n supports u....
Bhawna Feb 2020
I have lost the hold of me
Wanna shout so so so high...

It's been really long when I heard my voice
Now it feels so chocked...

Wanna cuddle coz I hate this feeling
Not able to make out or in...

Hope I get out of this mess quick
Cause it ****..
Hate to be lonely but what's worst is to be wid one you don't want to see...
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